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Barrack Obama’s Lackluster Address Represents the Collapse of the “Change” Colalition

On December 1, Barrack Obama gave an address on the status of the Afghanistan War.  Although he pledged the deployment of 30,000 troops, he also set a withdrawal time of 18 months. This, one of the most ridiculous policy directives in modern history, reflects the president’s preoccupation with appeasing the fracturing elements of the coalition that elected him.  After Tuesday night, that coalition is now a thing of the past.

Barrack Obama was elected by receiving commanding voting block majorities from blacks, Hispanics, unions, gay rights activists, and anti-war groups.  The convocation was cemented by the overlying appeal to the “green jobs” movement, which interlocked redistribution of wealth and social justice. 

However, the night of Obama’s victory, the gay rights movement was excluded from the party with a rejection of their marriage initiative the state of California.  Bill O’Reilly pointed out that “Obama’s victory was a statement on the economy, not a mandate on social values”. 

Then, the Obama bank bailout alienated many of the social justice advocates, including many black political spokesman.  Michael Eric Dyson, a prominent black author, denounced the bailout as a program that favored the rich over those who truly needed the money.  Black leftist Marc Lamont Hill even called Barrack Obama an imperialist.  Another black speaker at a black agenda forum(a woman who said that she sees blacks as Africans in America) said that it was time to ask Obama to do something for black people exclusively.

And let’s not forget the 1700 black students whose school vouchers he took away, forcing them to go to dangerous and poorly run schools.  He did that to appease the teachers unions.  this is statism at its worst.

And those independents and moderates who voted for him because he was supposed to be so great on the economy are completely out of patience.  His taxes on cigarettes and the over 100% increase in the money supply has violated his promise not to tax anyone who made less than $250,000 a year.

The greatest loss in support for Obama has come due to overwhelming national rejection of healthcare reform, legislation he failed miserably in defending.  His inability in articulate clearly in town halls revealed his understanding of the reform to be limited, and evoked the anger of Democrats who helped him into office.

His camp responded by demonizing the concerned citizens, culminated by Obama coming here to St. Louis and accusing us of “waving tea bags around”.  This juvenile response to our movement has become a trademark of this president diminishing his credibility.  

 And now he has committed 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, angering the anti-war interest groups. He has also forced many of the black leaders who condemned Bushs militarism to struggle for a rationalization as to why  Obama is not just as bad.  

So he attempts to temper this anger by announcing that they are to be brought home beginning 18 months from now.  That doesn’t make any sense.  

Obviously this is an attempt to appease the left part of his base so that they will support health care even without the guarantee of a public option.  But what little political capital he had was lost with that decision.  

During the campaign, many spoke of this historic presidency.  Yet his performance has been a historic nightmare.  And if defending the first black president is so important then why didn’t they defend Connie Rice, Clarence Thomas, or Bill Cosby.

The generals asked for 40,000 months ago and he hestitated, while Pelosi, Oberman, and others deprecated the military staff for expressing their requests publicly.  Then he sends 30,000 after, “considering all other  options”.  

Hopefully these considerations didn’t cut into his 25+ golf outings, numerous parites, flights to Copenhagen to hook up his Chicago allies, 150+ interviews and appearences, and stumping for Deeds, Corzine, and a candidate that barely beat an independent accountant who ran because he was just fed up.

An one the issue of the “historic presidency”, we wish JC Watts would run, and we would vote for Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman over Obama.  So we are not as reactionary as they make us out to be.

The fact is Barrack Obama promised prioritze the Afghanistan War, and he hasn’t. The notion that he hesitated because the Karzai  government is corrupt doesn’t wash because he was  the chair of a committee that was supposed to investigate such matters, but he ws too busy campaigning and book signing to look into that problem.

Looks like Hannity’s case on his “thin resume” is relevant after all.

Their were many objections to George Bush’s handling of the Iraq War, but he never made a mistake like this.  Our fighting men and women deserve better than this.

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