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TARP Money Slated for Job Creation Statisism at its Most Abusive

Rachael Maddow glibly lauded the claim that the TARP bailout came in 200 billion under expected cost.  She then said “Think of it, a 200 billion dollar jobs program.”  After stumbling over her words like she always does, she concluded that this was an example of Obama’s prowess in economic matters. 

Maddow’s detachment from reality, as well as her inability to communicate clearly, is reflected in her station’s  abysmal ratings.   But her case also reveals the compounding crisis caused by this administration obsession with big government.

Obama has taken credit for stabilizing the financial sector, but how does he distinguish the contributions of his bill from the benefits from the Bush Administration TARP bill.  They both gave tax payer money to institutions that performed poorly.

Obama said that with the bail out he signed he “made sure that the banks behavior was accounted for”.  To establish that his cooperate welfare program was better than Bush’s, he had to promise to be hard on the  banks.

This took the form of a totally unconstitutional attempt to retroactively tax citizens who received bonus with TARP money.  Really it wasn’t TARP money or bad money or blood money. The money was paid due to contractually binding arrangements that Obama, Geithner, and Frank were aware of during the fall  of 2008.

Obama appointed a “pay czar” (in the tradition of  Herman Goering) to limit executive pay at these institutions.  Yet nobody is limiting the amount of money he and Michelle and Oprah are spending on flying to Copenhagen, or all those neat little parties they throw, or their Christmas Special From the White House.

Hey Bill Cosby and Dave Mathews, maybe this has a little more to do with why so many people are mad at this guy than his race.  Funny, a couple of rich guys making assumptions of why you don’t like a president who is making people go broke.

Reminds me off um……well…..  France in the late 1780’s. 

Now that they have “saved” 200 billion, instead of paying down the 1.4 trillion he ran up this year, he wants to use it to create jobs that were supposed to be created by the 800 billion he signed for earlier this year.

That is one of the stupidest things that an administration has ever purposed.  If  $800 billion can’t keep unemployment under 8%, how is that extra  $200 billion going to do the same thing.

Oh, but a the Democrat governor of Michigan and Democratic mayor of Philadelphia said that this was a wonderful plan, because this time they are going to invest the money in “green technologies”, like the electric car.  You know, a car that will run on something that Obama says he intends to make a lot more expensive.

Democrats need to get rid of people like this.  You deserve bettter.

They do know that you’ll have to plug those cars in, and use coal to make the electricity they run on. 

But they can’t use that money to replace the income taxes purposed in these bills that they are pushing on us, because that would meaning letting the private sector take over the economy.

If he lets the private sector operate without intrusion, it will invalidate his campaign to control the economy with government.  So he keeps the deficit high and promises to “make jobs” with money that we really don’t have.

This is why he is the worst economic president in recent history. Yes even worse than Jimmy “I love Hamas” Carter.

But didn’t he just say that the government doesn’t create jobs, and that there were not enough government dollars to fix the economy by itself?  The administration’s answer “we’re so far in the hole we might as well spend that 200 billion on something that will create jobs”.

Jobs that the government doesn’t create.  And he is smarter than George Bush and Sarah Palin?  I think not. 

This is the very inconsistency that is contributing to the 10% unemployment figure.  Business owners have no idea what is going to happen next, because the administration isn’t using sound economic logic. 

Instead, it’s trying to rationalize maintaining a stronghold on our markets. 

But with a  47% approval rating, he is no longer even worthy of the fascist characterizations that are upsetting the 12 people who watch Rachael Maddow.  He is now relegating himself to being a monumental obstacle, as opposed to being a proverbial tyrant.

Unlike many melodramatic commentators, I’m looking forward to 2010, because I believe the correction of this will actually make our nation stronger in the long run.  And after we are done with these clowns we must vow:


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