Bill O’Reilly asked Newt Gingrich why people who don’t like President Obama dislike him so much.  O’Reilly said “there’s something about him that inspires genuine dislike for this man.”  Gingrich wisely and diplomatically associated his unpopularity with the failures of Pelosi and Reid.  Smooth Newt, but we both know it’s more than that.

Of course, the prevailing notion amongst the lamebrained mass media is that the opposition is motivated by unsophisticated white Americans resentment of having a black president.  Most of these people took every opportunity to deride President Bush when he was in office.

But that was different.  A friend of mine, a very intelligent woman,  said about the Joe Wilson incident, “think he thought he could get away with it because Obama is black.”  When I pointed out that Bush was booed and interrupted, she said “that’s different, Bush is an idiot!”

And that brings us to one of the reasons why Obama is so strongly disliked by so many.  We get annoyed when we see mainstream driven unfairness of this sort.  No one I know denies Obama’s academic aptitude, or his ability to deliver a pre-written speech. 

Obama is widely regarded as vastly more intelligent than Bush because of how they speak, yet when Obama is not reciting a speech he often stammers, studders, equivocates, and generally avoids specific responses.  He also often looks down and uses spinning hand motions that almost appear to be rehearsed.

At least when Bush pissed people off it was from the heart!

What is infuriating to many who oppose him is the way Obama is protected from criticism while Bush’s intellect is quickly dismissed.  Both men have Ivy League graduate and undergraduate pedigrees, both men’s basic intelligence should be respected.

However, Bush’s detractors act as if there is a cultural imperative in defining Obama as being extremely intelligent, while they seeming  feel justified in denigrating Bush for being a hick.

The problem is that a lot of people culturally identify with Bush, and it’s not because they are racist white people.  Many people voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004 because they trusted him;  they saw him as simple in nature and solid in values, not stupid.

And many of these people are watching a political and media agreement that those who are like George Bush are backward and irrelevant.  And Obama consistently feeds into this.  His statement about small town Americans “clinging to their guns and religion”, cannot be explained in any way as other than an absolute agreement with this sentiment.

What if  Jeff Sessions said that people in Detroit cling to their guns and religion because so many of them are out of work.  He would have been asked to resign, especially if someone could construe this as a slight against minorities.

On that note, Obama sent nearly half a billion dollars to the failing Detroit School District, then sent several million dollars in hand outs in the great “Obama’s Stash” bonanza.  How much of “Obama’s Stash” went to towns like Wasilla?

It would make sense for people from small towns to consider this Obama’s prejudice against them.  Why would Detroit deserve that which Cuba Missouri does not.  Some would say he is more interested in the Castro’s Cuba.

A more important factor in the rejection of Obama is his unprofessional, insolent, and sophomoric demeanor.  He simply does not exemplify the conduct we expect from a president.

It’s great for leaders to have a sense of humor.  But Obama has long ago breached the line of good taste.  As a leader, we just do not take him seriously. And then we watch his supporters lialbe , denigrate, or even physically attack  people who feel this way.

In his first year he has been the following comments

I don’t want to hear from the people who made the mess, I want you to grab a broom and clean up the mess….. I don’t want you to do a lot of talking.

“I want you to argue with them, get in their face.”

“I don’t have all the facts, but it seems that the police acted stupidly.”

“Punch back twice as hard.”

“We We’d Up”

“The fact that you had to look up the definition of the word tax shows that you have to reach”

“Fox News has a perspective”

“You’ve got people here waving teabags around

Along with these comments, he appeared to make a obscene gesture while referencing a person who supported Hillary Clinton during the primary.   Whether or not this was conscious, it is something that with these statements, added to the perception of him as a thin-skinned egocentric.

He has also made numerous derisive references to talk show host Sean Hannity, and told Republicans that they should not listen to Rush Limbaugh.  It is completely irresponsible for the president to engage in the denunciation of private citizens.

And when he is constantly defended by Elijah Mohammad,  Jessie Jackson, George Soros, William Ayers, Ariana Huffington, Diana Watson, and Martha Stewart, it looks really bad for people who may question the character of these people.  We sure do.

During his retreat on the Gates issue he ended with “Whether or not I were a black person, race is still a big problem in America today.”

Yeah it is, because of people like Obama!  He abused his power as the president, the police(several of them were moniorities)  stood their ground, and he backed down.  That incident was a turning point in how those who oppose the president dealt with him. 

And he basically admitted that he was responding to pressure to use his office to intimidate law enforcement for their infamous practice of “racial profiling”.  Laura Ingham refuted a black talk show host who said that a black president has the responsibility to the million black men in jail.  It is terribly unimpressive that Obama responded to such nonsense.

And that’s just it.  He seems to respond to every special interest call for action that he receives.  He seems to adjust every foreign policy and security decision when the hard-left threaten to abandon him. 

But the town hall protesters and the black students who lost their school vouchers are expendable to this modern-day Louis the 16th.

And remember he was elected primarily on the idea that he would fix the economy, and that hasn’t worked out at all.

Combine all of this with the terrible treatment that Sarah Palin received during the election, and his obvious complicity to it, and you can easily explain why his negatives are so high.

Finally, what is really bothersome to his opponents is that fact that those who use race to defend him haven’t been able to provide solid, valid economic justifications for this draconian anti-growth program he so ardently embraces.

The common defenses are:

George Bush caused him to have to spend so much, he got us in this hole.

Obama’s only been in office a year and so many people are jumping on him

Just let him clean up Bush’s mess.

Just let him do what he is going to do.

People can’t handle a black man in charge.

You know what all this is about.

When this is the dominant mode of the pro-Obama discourse, it will naturally anger those who have  taken the time to examine the history and science of his methodology.  If you know that the economics of an inflated money supply and high taxation don’t work, then you don’t want to hear that you should accept these untenable policies because they are promoted by a black president.

It is a bad idea to insult the intelligence of people who have put in more intellectual leg work on the subject you’re debating.  The Tea Party/Town Hall citizens have put in that leg work.

And when you’ve gone through  trouble of reading the bill or referencing the facts and watching the votes, you don’t want listen to a president who is on televison all the time but refuses to answer any questions simply, or apparently hasn’t read the health care bill he is pushing down ourr throughts.

People ask me, “Why don’t you support him anyway, you’re a black person, at least we have a black president?”  Beside the fact that I don’t believe that this has any significant benefits for the “black community”, I also think that this reasoning discredits those who have black leaders they really would support as president.

If I back Boondoggle Barrack even though I think he is no good, then it doesn’t mean anything when I advocate JC Watts if he runs for president.  If someone goes after him, when I defend him it is far more powerful if I am not defending him because I have an obligation to do so because I am black too.

This entire MSNBC pop-culture defense of Barrack Obama for being a black president has lowered the standards that are expected for polical conversation in this nation.  Racist statements like the ones made by P. Diddy, Andrew Young, and Diane Watson are brushed aside because of “past oppression”, endlessly tying black people to the idea that they were once denied equal rights.

However, the Tea Party movement, and particularly the St. Louis School, has restored the integrity of this conversation by rejecting this archaic, reactionary mentality. 

On November 28, we asserted that “There is no reason why anyone should make you out to be a racist or a radical because you want better government, limited government, and more freedom.  As long as you know between you and God that you are not racist, then it doesn’t matter what these cowards say about you.”

And  that is why Sarah Palin, who demonstrates this idea, has more to offer black people than Barrack Obama.

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