The Tea Party movement has changed the complexion of the debate over Health Care Reform, and offers hope to many that 2010 will bring a positive change in the House and the Senate.  Conservatives and Independents are gearing up for an election that may deliver significant losses to the Pelosi Reid majority, including the very possible unseating of Reid himself.   Concerned citizens should feel empowered by the amazing level of political engagement and involvement demonstrated by this grass-roots response.

But some of the very people who are identified as leaders in this campaign, and some who have benefitted greatly from those who are part of it, are suggesting that these promising signs no longer matter.

Mark Levin does believe that it matters, as we warns “if you Blanch Lincoln, if you Nelson vote for this you are done.  We are getting the troops and we are going to get rid of you.”  This is the kind of leadership that we need.

But others are nay-saying the hard work we are doing by overstating the administration’s ability to negate the 2010 results.  They are saying “The EPA are going to institute the cap-and-trade restrictions even if the bill does not go through. Congress is becoming irrelevant.”

How can you declare that Congress has been neutralized before the measure has even been addressed?  This statement implies that the gains we seek in 2010 will be insignificant even before we see what those gains will be.  This type of self-centered alarmism serves to dampen the enthusiasm of those who might decide to stay home if they think the whole thing is “rigged”.  It’s not “rigged” it’s just only works if the keepers of  the faith maintain their vigilance.

Just because some arrogant fools in the EPA claim they can bypass Congress doesn’t mean they can get away with it.  What the EPA threatened to do would be a violation of the separation of powers, and could be combatted by either the Supreme Court or Congressional defending of the department. 

In 1985 Congress passed the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act, a law that allowed for across the board cuts if spending exceeded designated levels.  The following year Democratic Representative Michael Synar challenged the law’s constitutionality in the Supreme Court and won.

If  a much-needed spending reduction law can be defeated during the age of Reagan, than why can’t an illegal maneuver by the EPA be defeated under Obama? 

It can especially if today’s congressional crusaders for justice are joined by 10-12 common sense citizen senators and +35 Constitutionally minded representatives next in 2011.  If Congress is irrelevant why are they spending so much time trying to pass these unpopular bills?

At Spencer’s Diner in Kirkwood, Missouri, we have our informal political discussion forums.  One day a person who overheard us talking said to me “I don’t vote because I think all that stuff is rigged.  I think a few of these powerful people sit in a room and decide everything that is going to happen. That is why I don’t get involved with all this animosity, Life’s too short.” 

I knew this was directed at our involvement in this movement  so I asked him “If you had the opportunity to take 3 hours a day for 2 months for a chance to make things the way you think they should be , would you invest that time?”  He got very annoyed, and immediately demonstrated the animosity that he said he was above.

This mentality plays into the hands of the Obama Statist agenda.  Most of the people who support him say that he knows what he is doing, he is so smart, and that he should just be allowed to do what he wants.  They almost never try to explain the merits of his policies, because they are not aware of any.

But it isn’t any better if conservative talk show hosts feed into that notion.  Telling millions of people that Congress is powerless facilitates this struggling administration with the illusion of invincibility.  This is why former athletes are an asset to our movement.

I have often been fascinated by how often the underdog outplayed the favorite through the entire game, only to make some critical error at crunch time allowing the favorite an opportunity to win.   It seems as though the underdog loses because he expected to lose, and managed to find a way to fullfil its belief that they were not going to win in the first place.

High-profile defeatism have the same effect.  People vote because they think it will lead to a better situation.  If  big money hosts convince them that the Statist can ignore the people they elect, then they will feel silly wasting their time going to the polls.

People do not want to feel like they are being played for fools, or that they are being naive or unrealistic.  The cynicism that permeates Generation X can be used to convince them that the should be above caring about changing the government.

Mark Levin asks “Why do we want to surrender our liberty to these creeps?”  Is this code language? 

Allow us to decode; Creep= progressive authoritarian, anti-freedom, anti-capitalist, anti American aspiring  tyrant.

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