Today Barrack Obama Gallup Poll Approval Rating stands at 46%,  the lowest ever for a first term president.  Sarah Palin, who endured the worst media smear campaign in history, has pulled even with him.  And 44% of those polled said that they would prefer George Bush to Obama.  The “Historic Presidency” has become “The Historic Disappointment”.

Now this  camp is attempting to minimize this collapse by evoking the president whose legacy Obama was supposed to reverse.  On the Sean Hannity Show, political analyst Kristin Powers posed “Ronald Reagan’s numbers were exactly the same, does that mean he wasn’t a good president?”  (Actually Reagan was at 49%, but considering the  administration’s track record with figures, Powers being off by 3% isn’t a big deal!)   The idea is that if we conservatives like Reagan so much then we should not consider Obama’s low approval rating an indication of his demise.

And here lies the difference between our cause and theirs.

Powers, who is not a Statist, nevertheless defends Obama on the grounds that if Reagan was able to recover from his apparent unpopularity, then Obama can also.  But our embrace of Reagan and our rejection of Obama is not a matter of their success or failure.  It is a matter of what they stood for, and what we want the nation to be.

The Greyfalcon sees Ronald Reagan as the first non-partisan conservative president.  Some will say “Hey, he was a Republican”.  Actually the Republican establishment opposed  him until he clearly defeated George Bush in the 1980 primary, and many envisioned as heading a conservative third party.  Reagan decided against this not because he was a mainstream party candidate, but because he wanted conservatism to imbue the Republican Party. 

The left-leaning media pundits see our commendation of him as being about his political success.  They think that if the “economy turns around” then Obama can be “another Reagan”.  That is ridiculous.

We love Reagan because he manifested what America was about, and dedicated himself  to practices and values that made this nation better.  It wasn’t about who he was as a political figure, it was about his committment to lower taxes, less government, and strong national defense.  And it was also about who he was as a person, and having a  level of character that commands the people’s respect.

He unified the economic, social, and moral elements of his philosophy under an oppositon to Communism and Soviet domination.

Reagan’s success as a president wasn’t about poll numbers, it was about what he did and what he stood for.

Barrack Obama’s success is based almost entirely on his personal popularity.  He won the 2008 election with the support of celebrities, billionaires, and foreign leaders(including Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Hamas), none of whom can help him govern now.   The source of his victory was his image, not his content of his platform.

Obama’s message, which he was rarely specific about, was  that the Bush Administration’s economic policies unfairly favored the “rich” and had caused the economic downturn.  But he never explained how the Bush policies had done this, only that they had.  And he claimed that Bush had been “careless” in invading Iraq, even though Clinton, Edwards, Kerry, and many other leading Democrats voted for the war. 

And of course, he would improve America’s standing in the world community.  That begins by apologizing to the world for “torturing” Al Qaeda (which we didn’t do), and by bringing the nation into a Cap and Trade system maintained by global regulation.  This is the same system drove many European companies into the USA to avoid the masive eco-taxing.

The fact is people hate all of this.

From the beginning,  the American people have rejected all of his agenda.  The  people opposed the bank bailouts, Omnibus Bill, and the Stimulus Package.  And people also clearly opposed the prosecution of intelligence personnel for interrogating the savages who killed our people.

Currently, 57% oppose the Health Care Reform Bill, 5% more than Obama received in the election.  Also only 44% approval of his handling of the economy and 76% prefer a free market approach to solving those problems.

Obama’s vision is not resonating with the people.  Comparing his one year approval ratings to Reagan’s is meaningless.  Reagan’s revolution was a return to what America is about,  Obama’s revolution would be an indictment of what America is about.

Many commentators say that if the economy and unemployment situation improves then Obama’s popularity will recovery.  This assumption is based on an outdated media model.

The American Awakening has created a level of  citizen political participation and education that will defy this prediction.  This new citizenship revival will not be fooled into giving this self-absorbed malcontent credit for our hard work.

The Greyfalcon calls on all of us the be prepared to demonstrate that when we do get out of  this hole, it will not be because of Barrack Obama, it will be in spite of him.

And by the way, Jefferson stretched the powers of the presidency desginated by the Constituion to make the Louisiana Purchase. Was he a progressive? By the way, we are glad he did!

  1. December 26, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    I am so admiring of Sarah Palin for what she is doing and saying. Her support for our brave men and women in war is refreshing. Did you see what that idiot Chris Matthews said about her? So stupid. Do you think she will run for President? I hope so, I would definitely vote for her. Visit my site if you’d like to read more. Thank you again for a very informative site. Keep up the great work!

    • December 28, 2009 at 8:55 pm

      I am not sure if she is going to run, but I believe that she will if there are no inspirational conservatives that emerge by early 2011. If I would vote for her, and I think she has been right on every major issue since starting the “Real Sarah” campaign. As for Mathews, his idocy is going to be a major asset in our disconstructing this facade that the pro-Statist media has constructed for Obama and the other progressive authoritarian usurpers. Your site is excellent, I will visit it regularly.

    • December 28, 2009 at 10:19 pm

      I hope so.

      —– Original Message —– From: “comment-reply@wordpress.com” To: jaysunright@rock.com Subject: [Thegreyfalcon’s Blog] Comment: “OBAMA SUPPORTER’S DESPERATE ATTEMPT TO COMPARE HIM TO RONALD REAGAN REFLECTS THEIR CONFUSION ABOUT WHAT IS IMPORTANT”

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