The Greyfalcon would like to congratulate you, the American citizen, for defeating the corrupt media’s campaign to impose its will on this nation.  Today’s Rasmussen Poll had President Barrack Obama’s approval rating at 44%.  Polls have had Palin at a 47% rating, and last week 44% said that they would prefer George Bush to Obama.  Despite all of the slander, ridicule, negativity, and bias directed against these two individuals your vigilance has brought them to surpass the popularity of the most protected and media favored president in history.

This proves that the people are still stronger than the system.   But how did this happen?   Does it have something to do with the people who have been defending the administration?

With 10% unemployment, $1.4 trillion increase in  the deficit, discredited cap-and-trade legislation, and a dozen major wrong statements and figures would sink any administration’s approval rating.  However, the president’s inability to clearly defend his agenda has been matched by the lack of effective defense coming from his supporters.

Last week, Obama insisted that we had to “spend our way ” out of the recession.  But during the campaign he said that the Republican tax cuts were bad because they increased the national debt.  If  the tax cut’s impact on the debt is unacceptable, why is the Recovery Act , TARP II, and Health Care Reform combination not unacceptable on the same grounds.

The summer town hall protests and Tea Party movements have energized and organized public response to this government affront to personal freedom.  And though it’s  members have been vilified, stigmatized, and even assaulted they have been successful in stopping the media and the administration from silencing opposition.

Obama’s advocates have been equally inept in justifying his program.

On Sean  Hannity’s radio show two callers have demonstrated the typical direction of these conversations.  One caller, a black woman, suggested that Hannity was being too hard on Obama.  When Hannity cited Obama’s fiscal irresponsibility, the caller said “Warren Buffet agreed with TARP, and last I checked he was a billionaire.”   She then suggested that Hannity knew he did not have a legitimate case,and that  it must have been something about  Obama that Hannity didn’t like.”

We have heard the “Warren Buffet” endorsement argument before, but there are several problems with it.  First, Warren Buffet invested 5 billion dollars into Goldman Sachs, and the terms of the agreement allowed Buffet to make an enormous profit on the federal money that went to that company.  “Last I checked Warren Buffet is a billionaire”.  Right and that is the reason why, he knows how to play the game, and he had 60 billion to do it.  Off course he was going to back TARP.  It made him richer.

This is the kind of big money government manipulation that the Left was known to crusade against, and now because it’s a president who “represents them” they’re OK with it. 

I hope he gave Obama a box of cigars.

When Hannity pointed out that later Buffet criticized Obama’s spending she said that she wasn’t worried about that.  Well we are. And that’s one of the reasons why he is so much trouble with the American people.  Lack of credibility.

Another caller, a black man, cited the 5th and 6th Amendments as a basis for Holder’s decision to try KSM in New York.  The caller said that Hannity and any others who disagreed with Obama must have  “ulterior motives that they do not want to admit to”.

Hannity responded with a long list of examples of how Obama is projecting weakness.

This call clearly suggested that those who don’t approve of this failing president must be against him because he is black.

 Those who make this make this accusation are the true racists.

Unless they can make the case that the economy and the Afghanistan War have improved immensely in this last year, then you can’t say the only reason why people disapproval of the president is the color of his skin. 

This is the same nation that elected him with a 52% majority in 2008, even though he had the least experience of any candidate that has ever run.

So now that many of those people who voted for him are unhappy with his performance, all of the sudden they are racist.  That is a disgraceful, dishonorable, and disingenuous charge.  

The Tea Party movement has also been labeled “a white supremacist movement”, “the New Confederacy”,  and the “White Power Congregation”.  Yet there has not been one cited official declaration of racial intolerance. 

And moreover, it might also mean that Obama’s 44% approval might be overly generous.  If with all the denigration and intimidation directed toward people who don’t agree with Obama, you have to wonder how many of those people are backing him because they are afraid of getting done to them what they are doing to other people.

Maybe it is the Obama followers who have ulterior motives.



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