With popular support for health care, cap-and-trade, TARP, and the president himself plummeting rapidly, the carefully constructed facade of Obama’s infallibility has crumbled.  And with Nancy Pelosi’s name bringing boos throughout the country, the Statist control of the Legislative Branch is in jeopardy.  Harry Reid’s political ineptitude was evident in his miserable attempt to sell the “Medicare Buy in”. 

With the Statist cabal in control of the White House, as well as Congress, they have resorted to blaming their woeful performance on George Bush, Sarah Palin, and the grassroots citizenship movements.  And some in the mainstream media are even blaming the very people who voted for Obama.

When asked about the source of the Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell gubernatorial victories, many cited the “nets-roots-voter” frustration with the fact that things have gotten worse.  MSNBC’s Chris Matthews lamented “Someone should have told  them. Someone should have told them that change was harder than mommy can I have a pancake.”  When the young internet voter base disagreed with him he decided that they were spoiled ingrates, just like the way he described George Bush (“This is the guy who was driving daddy’s car.)

The breakdown in this coalition is due to the fact that most of the Obama Statist victory was rooted in its connection with the youth and young adult culture.  During the 2008 elections, they appealed to the youth angst and social trend sensitivity from the 18-25 group, as well as the disillusionment and cynicism of Generation X.  Seal that with the progressive self-adulation of the “pat yourself on the back for being so socially forward thinking” baby-boomers, and you have a winning formula for “hope and Change”.

But something went wrong.  The people were not supposed to pay attention to what the government was doing.  They were supposed to go to work, come home, play video games, watch 30 Rock, and get drunk on the weekends.  Many did that, but many other people picked up a copy of the Constitution and  said, “there isn’t anything written here that says you can do that!'”

Millions of people took time out of their busy schedules to challenge the abuses of government, and held both parties accountable.  Obama came to Missouri and disregarded these people as “a bunch of people waving tea bags.”

But judging from his change in tone, in the loss of his swagger, and the fact that he reads almost everything from a card now, he is taking these people a lot more seriously.

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