The Statist Cabal won the 2008 Presidential and Congressional elections with a message of “Hope and Change”.  They insisted that their big government, pro-abortion platform represented women better than the conservatives.  But this past year has shown them to be wrong beyond their wildest conceptions.  Conservative women have been at the forefront of the Conservative Revival.

Conservative women have always been part of the game, as Physis Schlaffly and Bay Buchanan were very active during the Reagan Revolution of 1980.  And during the 2008 election, Michelle Bachman emerged as a powerful voice speaking directly about the dangers of electing Barrack Obama. 

Aw, just one right-wing woman, MSNBC and Move-On.org can take care of her right. WRONG!

Bachman did not back down, and she was joined by Marsha Blackburn in “betraying their gender” by opposing the NOW endorsed pro-choice candidate.  And these women never hedged in their rejection of this ridiculous notion that women have an obligation to support the liberal social agenda.

Then, on August 29, Sarah Palin achieved the impossible. She took the spotlight away from the Chosen One, delivering an electrifying speech.  The crowd reaction reminded me of the keynote speech given by Ronald Reagan, where thousands of conservatives called for an amendment change to allow him to serve four more years.

Palin resurrected the doomed campaign, actually pushing McCain ahead of Obama in the opinion poles for a few weeks.  Even though she was viciously attacked and poorly supported by Team McCain, she emerged has emerged as the most dynamic woman is political history.

And now, it seems more Americans would want her as president than Obama.  Black people could learn a lot more from her transcendence over her obstacles than they can from Obama’s reliance on media help and his constant blaming of George Bush for his failures.

Palin not only represents women better than Obama, she represents Americans better than Obama. 

Star Parker, a black woman conservative a director of CURE, has been challenging the Statist program for lower-income blacks.  Parker points out that by, September Barrack Obama support from the black community has dropped from 95 to 92%.  Parker explains “This is not insignificant, as it represents over 500,000 people”. 

Parker has been one of the most active conservative speakers this year, giving a riveting address at last years Values Voters Summit.

Michelle Malkin has joined Ann Coulter as a  dominate conservative author a columnist.  Coulter, who is known for her bruising commentary on liberal pathologies, has been more intimidating to the Left than Lawrence Taylor was to opposing quarterbacks.  And Malkin is conducting one of the most in-depth ongoing political exposes ever, revealing to viewers and readers the materialist and corrupt nature of the Obama associations.

Malkin even has the “audacity” to deprecate Michelle Obama,  calling  her to task for her role in patient dump schemes and political paybacks for Desiree Rogers and slum lord millionaire Valerie Jarrett. 

No fist bumps here, just cold hard facts and a foot in the……..

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