They Greyfalcon must once again congratulate you, the concerned American citizen for yet  another amazing feat.  Your resolve has created the single greatest one year turnaround in political momentum this nation has ever seen,  One year ago, millions of us watched a  media protected Barrack Obama win the 2008 presidential election.   Many feared it was the end of America as we knew it, as Obama and the Pelosi Democratic majority promised turn America into a European or even Soviet style socialist “utopia”.

But then we got to work.

Now, everything looks very different, and from our standpoint far more promising. 

Polls now show that the Tea Party movement is significantly more popular than either the Democratic and the Republican Party.  And 61% oppose The Obama Pelosi Health Care Reform.  Now, Democratic up for election in 2010 are caught in a gauntlet, if they vote for this draconian anti-freedom bill then they will definitely be voted out, but then they may be voted out anyway.

The Statist cabal has resorted to buying off members who might oppose the bill, which has opened the floodgates as dozens of Democrats are holding their hands out for their cut.  This does not bode well for the Democratis in an economy that is at 10% (17% in reality) unemployment and 14 trillion dollars in debt.

Barrack Obama’s approval rating is  hovering around 44%, trailing their  number one target Sarah Palin.  The power of the ever friendly news media is waning, as more people are getting their news from citizen bloggers than from the discredited biased newspapers. Even the print industry is getting their news from us.

Palin 3  Obama 0.

At  Laura Ingham’s April 16 St. Louis event we discussed with Emmis vice president John Beck the notion that Obama liberal coalition would collapse under its own weight.  And now it’s happening even faster than even we predicted.  That’s because of all of you.  They tried to marginalize, demonize and intimidate you, and you stood your ground. 

You knew that you were right.  So they tried to label all organized opposition to Obama as being motivated by his race, but now the MSNBC, nets-roots liberals, and even the Black Caucus is mounting organized opposition against him.  Are they now being labelled racists?

Keith Olbermann told President Obama, the nations first “black” president, “Sign this bill at your own risk”.  Did Big Keith just threaten the “symbol of hope and change”?   Just a couple months ago he called the protests against health care “pro-apartheid rallies”  that needed to hire some black people to conceal their intolerance for the historic situation.  Who is he going to hire?

Van Jones still needs a job.

And his blithering cohort Chris Mathews obviously disagrees with him, calling the nets-roots liberals “back seat whiners” for demanding health care reform have a public option.  He also said that their opinion was not valid because they were not people who ran for office or worked professionally on any political campaign.  Chris, you just don’t get, it do you? 

The Tea Party you malign is driven by full-time mothers, movers, bakers, plumbers, and small business owners.  The movement that is stopping your guy’s agenda is made of people with no professional political experience.


You see, we are guided by a passionate belief in something, the United States of America.  And we are bound by faith, love, and respect for the Constitution.  You are guided by bitterness, envy(look at your ratings), and the need to punish those who remind you of people who were “better than you” before you got rich spewing hate and misinformation.

The problem with you is you don’t know that your right.  In fact, you must know that you are wrong.

And when you malign us we know it is because you are afraid, because you are weak, and because there is something wrong with you.

And Chris, look at all the white peole on MSNBC!  You racist IDIOT!

Earlier this year Joe Wilson yelled “you lie”, and members of the Black Caucus conjured visions of slaves running from white men with guns and dogs.   But instead off backing down, we told them that they were out of line, and the race card Golden Ticket had been punched one time to many.

In December, the  Black Caucus, many of whose members  accused “smokin Joe” of being a bigot, walked out on an important vote involving Obama’s agenda.  Then they threatened to “boycott Obama’s “punish the fat-cat greedy bank CEO’s” TARP reform until they got more money. 

I guess if it worked for the Canadian guy on South Park, it should work for them.

 Leading the charge was Maxine Waters, who will undoubtedly steer some of the 6 billion into her own pockets, like she has done before.  This is one of the most disgraceful acts of political hypocrisy in history, AND WE MUST HAMMER THEM ONE THIS!

And the Rob Emanuel Show isn’t going very well either.  He has been involved in several nasty confrontations with Ms. Waters, with many of her cohorts suggesting that he was favoring Blue Dog and conservative Democrats over the honorable CBC, as they are willing to hold out at least two weeks for their people’s well-being.  In the mean time 140 banks have failed this year. 

Didn’t Obama take credit for stabilizing the finacial industry.

If Obama doesn’t have the Black Caucus, who does he have?  Other than Chris “tingling leg” Mathews.  

And now the dead fish negotiator is at odds with the sultan of socialism Howard Dean.  They actually called Dean “irrelevant”.  Did they find Dean irrelevant when he called the Republican Party “the white party”, or when he said that the only blacks at their convention were on the wait staff.  By the way, all of the servers I hang out with are a lot smarter than Howard Dean.

The progressive authoritarian movement is also being vanquished at the state level. Republicans have won 33 of the 50 special elections held since Obama’s election.  In Pennsylvania alone conservative Republicans won 6 out of 7 seats.

Was this George Bush’s fault too?  Well kind off.  Say what you want about the man he had a committment to this country and he spoke from the heart.  Something Boondoggle Barrack seems unable to do.

Locally, The St. Louis School openly confronted the Chicago Style Politics, declaring that we will not be scared into accepting the behavior of this administration and the Reid Pelosi Congressional majority.  Here, the pro-Obama concerns have not been able match the energy and education of our citizenship movement.

Hey Barrack, instead of fundamentally transforming this nation, you may have fundamentally destroyed the American Left.

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