Ronald Reagan had several goals; liberating the private sector, balancing the budget, limiting government,  and strengthening national defense.  He also represented several different political camps that were not always entirely compatible;  movement conservatives, evangelicals, secular fiscal conservatives, and “defense” Democrats.  This required Reagan to prioritize, allowing him resounding success on the great matters of the day while other goals were left less fulfilled.

Reagan unified these goals under the ultimate goal of defeating the oppressive influence of the Soviet Union.  National defense and capitalism were championed by this cause, while his moral opposition to communism endeared him to the Christian political awakening that had emerged in the mid to late 1970’s. 

Reagan was able to balance a possibly incompatible political coalition by identifying a common adversary- The USSR.

Barrack Obama, who loves to reference Ronald Reagan, has learned part of this lesson,  but a glaring difference in his application of it is making his first year in office one of the worst in American History.

Like Reagan, Obama is faced with the task of  dealing with many objectives that might not be politically compatible.  Most of these goals are burdened by the conflict between cleaning the environment, achieving “social justice”, dealing with international upheaval and improving a struggling economy.

Likewise,  Obama is the face of a ponderous liberal coalition that threatens to crumble under its own weight.  This was brought to light last November, when just as Obama was winning the presidency,  California voted in favor of traditional marriage.

Suddenly, the liberal Democratic identity political concert of blacks, Latino’s, gays, and pro-life women, along with the ideological camps of anti-war groups, unions, and secularists began to look like more of problem than an asset.

Obama needed an enemy, a frightening monster that would make these groups forget about what they were not going to get from him because he didn’t need them anymore. Ronald Reagan had the “evil empire”.  Who does Obama have?

In his campaign Obama made the “wealthy” the bad guy, which meant anyone wh made over $250,000 a year.   He also threw in a little denunciation of the rural American, but he was just getting started.

But now he has found a foe that will work for him the way the Marxist Soviet Union worked for The Gipper.  That foe is us. 

Obama’s crusade against the people is manifested primarily through his personalized combat against conservatives, small business, Fox News, the Tea Party movement, and the town hall protesters.

This new  president has made dozens more public references to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and the Republicans than he has against Al Queda, Hamas, or the Taliban.  

In one speech he emplores the audience to “get in their face” of those who disagree with the health care bill that he seems not to have read.

Though this strategy may be working to rally his political troops, it’s not doing a lot to help our troops in the field.

There’s another problem with Obama’s emulation of the Reagan unification approach;  Reagan knew he was right.  Reagan was opposing a regime that had killed at least 60 million of its own people and was based on the injustices of a political system that its  people were constantly trying to escape.   And the Soviet economic system was an absolute failure.

Obama, on the other hand, sees “the folks” as his great enemy.  The problem is that “the folks” have been an absolute success through history. Even though we are in an economic slow down, the industriousness and ingenuity of this “average  person” is keeping this nation the leader of the free world, in spite of the endless stream of punitive policies coming out of this new progressive authoritarian government.

Fox news and conservative talk radio might not be doing what he wants them to do, but they are reflecting the freedoms that have been a cornerstone of this great nation.  And the fact they are leaders in their respective fields indicates that  they represent “the folks”, and that he best learn to get along with us if he wants to salvage this so far failed presidency.

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