The Greyfalcon considers Obama/Statist Cabal’s imposition of this authoritarian program the end to the black white racial paradigm, as it is being driven by a black president, progressive Congressional leadership, and a left leaning media.  Therefore, the blackness as being defined as a lack of institutional power is no long tenable.  What’s more is that the majority of black voters have been denied the benefits of this coup, as their condition has not improved anymore than anyone else’s.

Charlie Rangel is above the law, Maxine Waters is free to channel millions to her husbands bank, Diane Watson can call on people to agree with  the president simply based on the color of his skin.  And Sheldon can use his position to confuse voters into thinking the Tea Party practices an ancient religion.

Barrack Obama can declare he willing legislation that two-thirds of the nation does not want, and he can control the salaries of bank CEO’s he doesn’t like while allowing the CEO’s of Fannie and Freddie make as much as they can.

One can no longer suggest that black people can not be to be racist, simply because they do no have institutional power.  Bad black leaders can deny us our rights just as well as bad white leaders.

But what is the notion of black “disenfranchisement” based on?  Slavery did not stop Oprah Winfrey, Beatrice Co., Russel Simmons, Madam C. J. Walker, and countless other blacks from becoming extremely wealthy in this society, wealthier than they could have in the Congo, Liberia, or Algeria.  Therefore the slavery explanation does not hold up. 

Jim Crow laws could not did not stop millions of blacks from achieving education and enlightenment.  They were not brought down by the opportunistic former segregationist Lyndon Johnson, but by Martin Luther King and other Christian leaders who led movements that forced the communities to provide justice.  The Southern communities that finally capitulated not out of compassion, but because of the economic impact of the boycotts. 

After the Civil Rights Act was passed, their was an ideological synthesis between the ideas of the black militants and the anti-American, anti-establishment, radical politics of the hard Left.  Groups like the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers began to work together, and many university professors were embracing their subversive doctrines.

Together, the radical white Left and the Black Power Movement added new destructive elements to the mental construct known as race.  Radical white socialists joined black separatists in denouncing blacks they saw as being too middle class, too American.  How terrible.

Stokely Charmichael, a particularly loathsome character, described his approach to us racial sellouts.  “As for the Uncle Toms, when they slap us we’re going to kneel, when they slap us we’re going to kneel, and if they don’t come with us we’re going to off them.”  He also said “We should not be killing each other, we should be killing those cracker cops out there.”  Al Sharpton also declared that he in believed in killing cops, and was willing to do so.  That’s was about twenty years ago, before he became a Fox regular, and good friends with Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly.

The modern concept of the black identity is still dominated by this monstrous fusion of these deleterious movements. 

 Richard Brookshire of the National Review best explains the problem with “The worst thing that could have happened to the black community was when they joined the “Tune in and Drop Out” movement of the radical hippies.

Mr. Brookshire, as we can see, it may be far worse than we expected.  Now a protegé of the William Ayers Reverend Wright version of this union is putting into practice the theories of late 1960’s university politics.


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      thank you I update daily if possible.

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