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Andrea Mitchel said “we must start giving up for the greater good” and that we might have to start “rationing”.  So when she isn’t harassing Sarah Palin at her book signing she is must be working on her Marxist economics.  But before this health care reform bill was moving through Congress, Obama supporters were not so openly willing to acknowledge that they wanted to redistribute health care.  Mitchel’s prediction points to the real reason why the town hall protesters were outraged, not the “ethnic considerations” Chris Mathews consistently refers to.

Andrea Mitchel, who is usually very good at demonstrating that she  an irrelevant pop-culture wanna be, has finally gotten something right.  This bill is not going to reduce the deficit on its own.  It’s designed to force a transfer of services from older people who have worked all their life to earn their benefits.  The recipients are going to be those whose representatives offer votes in exchange for subsidies and payoffs for their state. 

People’s health care will be bargained and traded for political favor.  We have already seen this with Mary Landrieaux, Bob Nelson, The Congressional Black Caucus, and the $1.2 billion given to members of the Senate in order to get this wonderful piece of legislation passed.

Still tens of millions of people are going to remain on covered, but this time the capacity to serve those with health care insurance will be reduced.  There is no guarantee that just because someone is covered that they will get the help they need.  If there are not enough doctors and health staff, there will not be enough service.

And they have not discussed measures to increase the number of doctors in the nation, because all of their proposals involve reducing compensation, which  obviously does not bring more  people into a profession.  In fact, just about every economic issue they discuss involves reducing compensation to those who malcontents claim “make too much  money”

But then they want card-check to increase wages for union workers.  And many of us have seen road crews of a dozen people where one guy is drilling while everyone else is standing around looking at him.  This is why we are angry at them, not the color of the half-black president’s skin. 

So Andrea and Chris may be the ones who need to take a cultural sensitivity class.

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