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Notice how the Obama Administration and the Democratic leadership never gives you the credit for the real improvements in the economy.  Notice how Obama has made hundreds of negative references to “the rich”, but has almost never thanked America’s business leaders for how they have helped the nation. 

Notice how Obama says that it was he who saved the nation from “a Second Great Depression”.   Notice how after all this massive spending and regulation, that unemployment is still at 10%.  And notice how Team Obama takes credit for saving the financial industry, even though most of the TARP money for the actual rescue was provided  under the Bush Administration.  Blame Bush if it’s bad. Credit him if it’s “good”.

And now we have confirmation from it’s administrators that TARP did not work.  So what is he taking credit for?

The Greyfalcon says that the economy is surviving IN SPITE OFF Obama’s agenda, not because of it.

After patting themselves on the back for the 5.7% GDP fourth quarter growth figure, Team Obama can’t figure out why no one is hiring. Chris Wallace said “the administration’s advisor’s are scratching their head about why it is not creating more jobs”.  Beside that this number is still only a projection, subject to be revised down on February 26, it is not a reflection of the Recovery Act’s impact.  The highest rate of new employment was in the public sector, and the government can just print up or borrow as much money as it wants to pay for those.

But these jobs  never  create the wealth to match their costs, so the spending ends up reducing the value everyone else’s currency.  And the borrowing that the government does for this crowds out private investment, as lending institutions only have so much money to lend.  And the new capital requirements are forcing banks to hold on to their cash, making it unavailable for small businesses.

The Heritage Foundation provides an example of how the Obama agenda is contributing to unemployment.  Hancock Lumber is a 180 year old company that’s existence is now being threatened by the death tax.  Kevin Hancock is a sixth generation business owner that will face a 55% tax on his company in 2011.   The Foundry reports:

“The death tax makes it difficult for Hancock Lumber to grow and create new jobs. Since death tax obligations increase with the whims of Congress, there is a great degree of unpredictability for a company when it looks to plan ahead. In Hancock Lumber’s case, any business decisions must take into consideration the unknown tax obligations it will face down the road.”

Because of the Obama’s and the Democratic Congress desire to tax success, Hancock is unable to hire as he normally would.  The Foundry adds,  “The death tax’s uncertainty discourages family owned businesses from growing and adding new jobs, especially when the nature of the business requires such long-term investment.”

Did the Stimulus Package help Kevin Hancock?  Is TARP providing him with any benefits?


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When Obama proposed that his “spending freeze” would not go into effect until 2011, many in the chamber laughed out loud. Now, he is purposing a $3.8 trillion dollar budget to Congress.  This is after he accused the Bush Administration for leaving him with massive debt.  He then went to the Congressional Republican Retreat and told them that the 5.7% GDP  fourth quarter growth figure was proof that the Recovery Act is working. 

Yet the Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that 3.39%  of the quarter’s total growth was due to new  inventories.  This is not an indication of Obama’s contribution to long-term economic improvement.  And this “recovery” has been a  jobless one, with unemployment still at 10%. 

Obama claims that without the measures he took, unemployment would be double what it is now!  Unemployment might be twice as high now if the Tea Party Movement and town hall protests did not stop him from “fundamentally transforming” America.

This movement propelled Scott Brown to victory in Massachusetts, making him “Brown 41”.  Brown is more to the point when he says “every senator is the 41st senator. Now maybe we can have a fair and honest debate.”  Even if Pelosi is able to “parachute” into health care, other  moderate Democrats are already discussing removing the most anti-business aspects of the bill.

The Greyfalcon believes that the entire bill should  scrapped.  And we believe that the grassroots movement still has the power to do it! 

Neil Barofsky, the “TARP cop”, testifies to the fact that Obama’s agenda isn’t what saving the financial system, as Obama has claimed countless times.  Barofsky reports

“the $700 billion plan has met few of it’s goals.  The $700 billion failed to boost lending and prevent loan foreclosures, and has done nothing to correct the fundamental problems in the finacial system.  Banks still have an incentive to take on massive risks because they know the government will bail them out.” [From Fox and Friends, January 31].

This refutes Obama’s claim that the $3.5 trillion of 2009 was necessary to save the nation from another Great Depression.  It was necessary to bind our private sector to the whims of this Statist cabal, and to give him the right to punish CEO’s for being “rich fat-cats”.

Obama claimed that nationalizing the auto-industry was necessarry to save American jobs, but the one American car company that is actually doing well is Ford.  And Ford did not get the help that GM received.  And Ford is hiring.

One reason why Ford is doing well is that the Tea Party applauded Ford for not asking for a bailout.  And many in this citizenship movement made a point to purchase a Ford vehicle partly because of this.

St. Louis School member DJ Ford says “That’s why a bought a Ford!” 

So here we have proof that DJ has “created or saved” more jobs than Obama has.

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January 30, 2010 3 comments

While most conservatives saw Obama’s State of the Union Speech as a disaster, some found it to be just fine.  In fact, once again Chris Matthews was moved to the point of stupidity.  He declared “I forgot he was black for about an hour”.  And once again we marvelled at his idiocy.  By first exclaiming how brilliant Obama was, then saying that he forgot he was black, he revealed his true feeling about black intelligence.  But he is also holding on to an image created in eighties cinema folklore.

In the early 1980’s a movie called Revenge of the Nerds established the idea of the “typical” nerd.  The movie was about a fraternity of geeky, uncool college students who were being pushed around by the jocks.  At the end of the movie, a chapter of their national group Lamda Lamda Lamda, composed of really big black guys, comes in to punk out the white jocks.

Apparently many liberals think this was a documentary.  They see angry tough black people as a fifth column against you evil, pro-Constitutional conservatives.  And many of them have bad memories of being thrown in lockers when they were young. Obama and ACORN give them their chance to get you evil Christian conservatives back for what happened to them.

The “hard” black image has also been romanticized as a commercially acceptable form of anti-establishment behavior. And the consequences that most black people face for this behavior gives liberals someone to save.  It is a fundamental part of the liberal identity.

But once in a while, they find a black person on their side who rises above this stereotype.  And then they see this person as being almost as being white, just like them.  They forget Obama is black because they do not associate intelligence with blackness.  They buy into the notion of cultural blackness because it fits their anti-Western world view.  They want to be “relativistic”. 

We only see liberals talking about  “you’re the white black guy”.  If you speak clearly and listen to rock, and if your conservative, to the multi-cultural liberal, you are white.

Chris Matthews statement was an exercise in pure bigotry. His “look at all the white people” remark about Sarah Palin’s book signing, along with this and other statements make him every bit as racist as Bull Connor and George Wallace.  Laura Ingraham said “they are obsessed with race”.

Finally, Matthews leaves no doubt that Ingraham was right.

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The Republican Congressional members invited President Obama to their retreat to air their differences.  Representative Marshal Blackburn gave Obama credit for at least meeting with them observing “Nancy Pelosi has shut us out for a year!”  But his message was still the same, and he showed even more of his disconnect with reality, and his preoccupation with self-exoneration.

Obama listed the months where job losses were +700,000 and said,  “you can’t say that was my fault”.  This is the kind of attitude that parents teach their kids to get rid off.  The issue is not whether or not the job losses are his fault, we will get into that later.  Obama claims that the  $1.4 trillion in deficit spending was necessary to prevent the unemployment rate from exceeding 10%, and it failed. 

And by the way, much of the unemployment is his fault!  Employers are testifying that they cannot hire until they know what this president is going to do, and they fear that he is going to punish their success.

Also he said that the Republicans were accusing him of hatching “a Bolshevik plot!”. But he has made hundreds of negative statements on the wealthy, and has presided of unprecedented nationalization. He insisted on giving the banks TARP money, and now he wants to tax their profits, even after many of them  have paid the money back. 

JP Morgan Chase did not even want the $25 billion. Now we see why.

When Jim Dement asked him if he was planning to pursue another set of policies that would create another trillion dollar deficit for 2010, Obama snapped “that sounds like something from campaign mode.”  Yet he just hired David Plouffe back, who was his campaign manager from the 2008 election!  And his constant references to “campaign mode” sounds like something his campaign manager would have him say.

The  Greyfalcon struggles to give Obama credit for this “outreach” but we cannot.

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The St. Louis School, a citizenship movement think tank that unifies free market economic principles with conservative social concerns,  predicts that the administration will claim credit for the fourth quarter 5.7% growth figure released at 8:35 am est.  Chris Wallace said “It’s good news for the administration, as well as for the everybody.” However, the unemployment figure is still holding at around 10%.  Obama will likely cite this growth number as evidence to the merits of his policy.   Wallace says “the administration cannot understand why companies are not hiring.”  We can. Uncertainty.

But Obama will once again be 100% incorrect.  This growth occurred in spite of Obama, not because of him.  The positive momentum has come from the people doing more with less, paying more attention to costs, and being more selective in their hiring practices.  The rest of this 5.7% is the reflection of the bloated government spending packages and changes in inventory. 

The St. Louis School uses examples from everyday life to explain the larger economic context.  During tough financial times, service firms tend to become more focused on customer satisfaction and reputation.  ABC moving, a local agent in Chesterfield, Missouri, had nearly 60 employees in 2003.  At this time unemployment was normally around 5%, which is very close to real full employment.  The agent booked as many jobs as possible, while also servicing cooperate accounts with large firms such as Magellan and Southern Illionios University.

Among these 60 employees, over half of them were on probation, and a quarter of them had some outstanding cases pending against them.  The firm had people to do these jobs they booked, work quality suffered because they had many workers who did not care about the  company.  And because their were so many places hiring, ABC’s dispatchers were afraid of letting too many workers go.  Many these employees brought their pathologies to the job, offending or even scaring some of the shippers. 

Though the revenues were high between 2003 and 2005, damage claims cut deeply into the profits.  The operations department was not concerned with reducing expenses.  They would often send the wrong size truck to a job site, which would cost the company hundreds of dollars in fuel and working hours.  Also, they had a $250,000 contract with an in-house mechanic, who also used the company facility to work on other companies’ trucks.

Finally, the strong economy of the mid 2000’s put pressure on the firm to hold to people.  Many who were terminated for disciplinary or performance reasons were quick to claim favoritism or discrimination.  But many of these people are the same ones who cost the agent on going accounts such as Magellan for the very behavior that led to their being fired.  In 2003, background checks were performed, but the results were ignored.

When the economy began to struggle in 2006, many of these people left because they were not high on the work list.  Also the ABC, as well as the national parent company ATLAS, began to have higher standards for background assessments.  This weeded out most of the people who were hurting the firm’s reputation.  More importantly, employees of that firm began to demand that the undesirable element be removed from the company.

Jay, who has been with the agent since 2003, was among many of the firms top employees who change its personal standards.  Jay says “In 2006, I told the dispatcher that I would go to another company unless they stopped having me work with these bad people. Several other of us did the same, and now in 2009, this is a great place to work. And the quality has gone up to. It has taken us three slow years to build up ABC’s name, and we are seeing that many saw us in the light of the criminals they used to send out”.

However, in 2010, ABC was given it’s first performance award from ATLAS. This award was a reflection of low claims, customer satisfaction, and contribution to the national firms public image.  The agents owner said “several agents have closed throughout the nation, but this one is not going anywhere.”  Also, the accounts going in  from the three years of good service, as well as the award notoriety is allowing ABC to hire more people in the winter than in earlier years.

 Jay and his co-workers “created and saved” over thirteen jobs through their performance.  These jobs were not saved by the Recovery Act, they were saved by the people at the firm, dealing with the realities of a slow economy.

Barack Obama had nothing to do with  that!

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January 28, 2010 1 comment

Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address was a vivid example of his failed presidency. Though he identified everything that was going wrong in the nation, he demonstrated the same unprofessional, punitive, and hypocritical tendencies that have defined Obama over the last year.  Instead of being a means of expressing his understanding of the people’s expectations, his address was an exercise in self-exoneration and self-absorbtion.

The cornerstone of the administration is its massive spending and overbearing regulation.  This is the  source of much of the people’s anger toward Obama.  He answered this with:

 “Starting in 2011, we are prepared to freeze government spending for three years. Spending related to our national security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security will not be affected. But all other discretionary government programs will. Like any cash-strapped family, we will work within a budget to invest in what we need and sacrifice what we don’t.”

Without these entitlements and national defense including, only one percent of government spending would be covered.  This  insignificant proposal to allows it to be heard that he is willing to “freeze” spending.  And it is the kind of  PR stunt that has become par for the course with Team Obama! 

Well, at least he created a job for David Plouffe.  Looks like he has been hard at work.

Obama’s cosmetic attempt to make himself out to be fiscally responsible demonstrated his preoccupation with appearances, and his nack for insulting the people’s intelligence.

When he says “I know there are those of you who disagree with the overhelming scientific evidence” on global warming, he was actually laughed at!  This “president” no longer commands the basic reprect that comes with the office.  That is because he has not conducted himself in manner that commands respect.  We do not owe it to him.

Of course there was a lot of his trademark “blame Bush” nonsense.  Obama once again gave himself credit for “averting The Second Great Depression”, and that “the unemployment would be doubled”, if he had not enacted the Recovery Act and TARP.  So the unemployment rate would have been over 20%?  He comes to this based on what?  He never said anything about this 20% figure, when he took office the figure was at 7.8%, and the spending was supposed to keep it from going above 8%.

And for him to claim that this is true, he would have to prove that he “created or saved” over four million jobs, not the fabricated 2 million he is using now. Even when you assume he is telling the truth, the numbers do not add up.  Last year the administration originally credited itself with saving or creating 650,000 jobs.  But The Associated Press reports “The number was based on self-reporting by recipients and some of the calculations were shown to be in error.”

 Obama refered to “a deficit of trust”. This bogus   “jobs created or saved” notion is a big part of that.  Throughout the address he spoke of  ending practices that Obama has engaged in all year-long.   We claimed that he was not interested in “re-litigating the past”, but he also lamented that “before I walked in the door” he was handed  trillions of dollars of debt from the previous administration. 

Just to fill in Mr. Hope and Change, every president inherits the problems of the previous administration.  You were elected to fix these problems, not create more of them.

Obama tried to rise above his own political failures with “What frustrates the American people is a Washington where everyday is election day.  We can’t be in perpetual campaign mode.”  Yet it is Obama himself who has been in perpetual campaign mode.  During this first year he has given 411 speeches, 158 interviews, and 23 town halls.  He gave 23 speeches on health care alone.  He stumped for Corzine, Deeds, and Coakley, praised them supporting his agenda, watched them all lose, and then said that it had nothing to do with him or his agenda. 

Deficit of trust.

He consistently spoke of being “bi-partisan”, then he pointed out that “we” meaning the Democrats, have the largest majority in a generation.  When a president refers to the party he belongs to as using it’s superior numbers to pass his agenda, that is being partisan.

Just words. Yes Barry, they are just words!

Finally, in one of the most repulsive displays of  in presidential history, Obama directly attacked the United States Supreme court.  He charged  “with all deference to separation of powers, last week’ saw a reversal of  a century old law that will open the flood gates for special interests”.  The Supreme Court Justices sat quietly as disrespectful members of Congress jumped up to applaud this insult. 

The Justices never stand up for that phony display of approval. 

They were acting like the audience at a Jerry Springer taping.  We might as well throw in a couple of “baby-mamas” fist fighting over their unemployed lover.  Maybe he can testify on how well the Recovery Act is working.

Obama said that the ruling would allow foreign companies to control  American elections.  Justice Alito shook his head and quietly mouthed “not true”, the sequel to Joe Wilson’s “You Lie”. Yet there are  federal statutes that prohibit foriegn contributions.

Bert, a frequent caller to 97.1 Talk Radio, sums it up with “It is disgusting to see this man on TV”. 

Mr. Obama this is how the people really feel about you.

He even asked the “pundits” to lay of f of him.  Barry it is their job to call you to tasks and expose your deceptions. 

Maybe you should spend less time worrying about Rush and Glenn Beck, less time trying to streamline your message, and spend more time figuring out how you are going to salvage this failed presidency.

Barack Obama, the Greyfalcon sees you as an embarrassment.

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Barack Obama smugly described us as “clinging to guns and religion” and told us “don’t do a lot of talking and get a mop”. 

He was we we’d up, and he knew the police acted stupidly before he had all the facts. 

He didn’t know a lot about Scott Brown’s record, but he knew that he didn’t like his truck.

 Obama deprecated the wealthy, the oil companies, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and those people “waving tea bags” hundreds or even thousands of times, while hardly ever denouncing Al Qaeda, sparsely mentioning Hamas or Hezbollah, and never calling our enemies terrorists.

He has made countless threats against the banks and their CEO’s, but not one time speaking on how he was going to make the streets safer for Americans.

He declared that he would not allow policies to help the fortunate few, then took vouchers away from low-income black students in Washington DC.

Obama said that he understood the economy better than John McCain, then he instituted an agenda that sent the nation to 10% unemployment, then he blamed George Bush for that 10% unemployment, after he said the stimulus would hold us at 8%.

He stumped for three Democratic candidates who all lost, and whose approval went down because he showed up.

His supporters called us racist radical reactionaries for objecting to the radical agenda of  this “young president”, then almost all of them criticized him for the very same reasons why we oppose him.

He called the bank CEO’s “fat-cats” after throwing several high price parties during what he called “the worse economic crisis since the Great Depression”.

He allowed his Attorney General persecute our navy seals, threaten our security operatives, and arrange for the criminal trial of the 9/11 terrorists in the very city that they attacked.

And he placed dozens of Communists, racists, and moral degenerates to czar and cabinet positions, where they can attempt to push their vile politic unto our nation.

He said “let me be clear” way way too much, and failed to be clear, even though we let him.

And through all this, we remain a great nation.  Through all this, we stopped him from “fundamentally changing” this great nation.

 And even though with less money and less political power, thus far the people have still been able to stop them.


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The Obama Administration continues to both claim that they have saved the economy from collapse, while also continuously threatening to punish the banks and their CEOs.  His supporters insist that if the economy improves then it means that his policies actually worked, and that independents will return to Obama’s side. This is an insult to intelligence of the independent voter, assuming that they can be so easily fooled.  As has been the case through every recession, people making sound decisions have been the starting point of real recovery.  St. Louis provides a vivid example of this.

The St. Louis Business Journal reports that “two-thirds of St. Louis’ public companies bulked up their cash on hand this year, with a combined $21.8 billion available as a buffer to the volatile economy or to bolster holdings for acquisitions.”   In a weak economy, many firms reduce costs and become more conscious on increasing efficiency.  Companies revamped their business models in the early 1980’s, allowing them to benefit from the Reagan tax cuts.

Huntleigh Securities executive vice president John Snowden explains “when business slows down, companies generate an enormous amount of cash”.   The Austrian School of economics address this phenomenon, holding that during economic downturns people are best to borrow less and pay down debt so they can have the ability to make purchases in the future.  With people not buying as much, firms hold off on starting new projects. 

The natural cycle will allow firms to begin investment in time to sell to a consumer market that can afford the products because they have saved.  But Obama opposes this process.  During his presidential campaign, when asked about his desire to raise taxes on those who make over $250 thousand a year he said “I want to give the tax cuts to the people who actually spend the money.”  This is in reference to the fact that those who are at the higher wealth levels tend to spend a much lower percentage of their income. 

But Barry’s snide response reveals his true objective.  This tendency of “the wealthy” to hold on to their earnings translates into a benefit for the nation.  These savings go into banks who can loan or invest the money. It goes into stocks and bonds which provides capital for industries.  It goes into treasuries for government projects. It goes into venture capital to help entrepeneurs.  It goes into acquisitions or small business.  Even if they stick it under a mattress it strengthens the value of our money  by reducing the currency’s velocity.

The fact is their wealth is our wealth.  The “wealthy” making more money does not cause us to have less.  That is the childish notion that is consistently promoted by Boondoggle Barack and his band of  Statists.  He suggests that if  he taxes these “rich people” more heavily then the money goes back to the people. 

It doesn’t go back to the people. It goes to another coöperation, one that does not care about being cost efficient.  And what’s more, Obama’s massive spending simply takes money from cost competitive firms and gives it to government contractors. These contractors are chosen more by political favor than their ability to satisfy the people.

So in effect, Obama is actually causing more income inequality through his policies.  When times are tough, private companies have to tighten their belt, the government does not. 

And Barry’ answer to this unsound fiscal behavior is to attack those who are doing their job better than he is.  Monsanto increased its cash holdings by $650,000 to $1.95 billion,  up over  45%.   At the Global Industries Conference, CEO Hugh Grant told investors that the firms seeds and genomics divisions are expected to give Monsanto a 100% increase in their gross profit by 2012.

Of course, the Obama Administration is threatening to hit the St. Louis based company with a law suit, claiming that their seeds division is violating anti-trust laws.  

Way to save the economy from collapse.

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January 24, 2010 2 comments

These “teabaggers” are protesting Barack Obama.  We heard that throughout 2009, as if no other president has ever been protested.  Obviously, these protests were racially motivated since Obama was doing everything right!  Well, that doesn’t wash anymore.  Obama’s approval is in free fall, and he is wasting his time and your money trying to convince his adoring fans that he is still cool.  But the real story is  how the media and his high-profile supporters may have damaged his presidency by allowing him to rely on them to use his race to protect him.

We call this the Vile Politic, where a political faction attempts to attribute racial and cultural stigmatization to those who have logical arguments against them.  When you cite evidence to support your claim, that evidence is automatically considered to be part of the conspiracy. It creates hesitation in the minds of those who disagree with them.  Then it justifies aggressive and even violent responses to their opponents, using past injustices as the grounds for the behavior.   It is a form of social intimidation. 

The Tea Party has answered the Vile Politc with faith and resolve, stopping it in it’s tracks.

When Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh spoke their minds about Obama Andrea Mitchel suggested that they were being racist claiming “we still have a long way to go” .  Joan Walsh, editor and chief of accused them of:

 projecting racially suspect feelings [What the heck is a racially suspect feeling?] on to a president that had a white mother, was raised by white grandparents.  There is absolutely no evidence at all that he anything but loves white people. Obama got to where he is in my opinion largely because he makes white people feel like he knows are trying really hard and we really like it when black people make us feel that way”

Rush Limbaugh, who played that clip, pushed away from his desks and threw  his hands in the air objecting “Oh my goodness gracious, who is it that has the race pouring out of their mind and bloodstream”.  Walsh, Reverend Wright, the Democratic leadership and others have joined in an awkward alliance to elevate Obama as an untouchable symbol of the world they want to create.  This world is one in which any of us can be silenced if we oppose their favorite candidate or a policy such as health control.

Remember Barbra Boxer trying to tell  the head of the Black Chamber of Commerce that he should not oppose Cap-and-Tax because other black groups supported it. She said “they would be proud of you”, suggesting that all successful black people shoulld agree.  He was not intimidated by her, exposing her comparison as “racial”and” openly telling her “I don’t like it!”

So those big tough black commentators and leaders that railed against Bill Cosby for deprecating black pathologies are now going along with Joan Walsh and others who like Obama because he “like it when black people make us feel that way”. 

Walsh says there is no evidence that Obama anything but loves white people, but that is not entirely true.  Obama referred to his grandmother as “a typical white person” who “said things that made me cringe”.  In his books he wrote “the way you have to deal with white people os show them you are not a threat”, and “that’s just how white folks will do ya.”   He also spoke of  “what makes white people afraid, their demons.”

Glenn Beck said that this means he hates white people, but that’s not quite it.  Establishment liberalism needs a scapegoat, and that scapegoat is “the white man” not as a racial paradigm but as an American symbol.  Actually, his policies have put black people in a worse position than they would have been under John McCain or John Edwards.  Dissing white people is part of the academic justification for social control and the redisrtibution of wealth.

Obama likes  Statist white people just fine.

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The Tea Party Movement has been  a “finger in the chest” of the progressive authoritarian movement since the beginning.  Because of that, it has drawn the scorn of many who have tried to characterize us as a socially backward, racist movement.  Our movement is based on the principles of  limited government, strong defense, individual freedom, and observing the Constitution.  But because President Barack Obama is black, and because the movement rejected his agenda, the media establishment assumed that our concerns were a front to reject his race. 

After a year long battle, many have had a change of heart.  Most of the high-profile commentators who denounced the Tea Party have admitted that we were right abut various parts of our platform.  Even our most aggressive opponent, Chris Matthews, is speaking the language of common sense conservatism. 

 Matthews said things like “look at all the white people at Sarah Palin’s book signing”.  Of conservatives he said about Obama “what do they want, he’s educated he’s smart, he’s everything they are always talking about they like.”  During his year in review panel he said “I think they town hall protests  and Tea Parties were driven in part by ethnic considerations”.

But now, Matthews seems to have figured out that their is something wrong with the Obama’s policies.  In his MSNBC coverage of the Scott Brown victory, Matthews told Rahael Maddow that Brown had won because he the voters realize that this growth of government was unsustainable, and that he agreed with them.  Maddow shocked, asked him when Obama has raised taxes. Matthews replied “we see it coming”. 

Maddow outraged railed “the CBO says that the health care bill will reduce costs”. Matthews countered “Do you think people of Massachusetts  believe that these cost figures are reliable, there’s always an overrrun.  The government always underestimates the cost of  programs”.

The Greyfalcon has always been very critical of Matthews, but we must give him credit for this revelation.  Whether it was ratings driven, or he  is actually jumping ship does not concern us.  What matters is that he put a final end to the notion that the only reason why you opposed Obama was that you didn’t want a black president.

The real credit goes to all of you! You Made this possible, from the national call ins to the Facebook chats to the Tea Party rallies.

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