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Barrack Obama has done a lot on his own to bring about the collapse of his approval ratings.  His sanctimonious disregard for the will of the people, his punitive approach to those who disagree with him, and his apparent contempt for the American  experience are among these.  But the people he has surrounded himself with  in his administration have also contributed to his unpopularity.

By now most people know about the Van Jones debacle. Jones, this black nationalist, radical, Communist ex-con openly stated that he wanted to sabotage American capitalism, redistribute the people’s wealth and land, and ultimately give Green Jobs to convicts.  His motto was “you have to give Pookie a job”.  Pookie is the street term for a black person “in the hood” who act in a way that might get him screened out of most job positions. 

Van Jones  SUCKS.

Then there’s Kevin Jennings who wants to teach pre-teens that adults who have sex with children are not deviant, and there’s former spokeswoman Anita Dunn who says she is inspired by Chairman Mao.

Throughout  team Obama there are Communistst abound.

Others include a communication and diversity czar who says that the “free press” almost interrupted the Chavez revolution, stating that he would like to remove conservatives from the American air waves.  Also there is a czar who said the Chinese were not severe enough in their repression of the protesters at Tiananmen Square.

His actual administration appointees are not much better.  Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner sheepishly defends one of the worst economic platforms in world history  like the dweeb who got picked to hang with the cool kids so he will do their homework. 

Eric Holder is even more insipid than Obama, trying to promote the cause of “Pookie” by calling us “a nation of cowards” in an uninspired, monotone statement.  This  from a guy who in his private practice defended a company that paid  Colmbian drug lords protection money.  He was also involved in calling off a CIA backed attack on Bin Laden during the Clinton Administration.

Say what you want about the Bush Adminstration, but he had people who had much stronger presence than any of these Obama stooges.  John Ashcroft and Condoleezza Rice had their critics, but they carried themselves with respect and projected confidence and strength.

There is no one in Obama’s camp that has the credibility of Colin Powell.  The best they can do is Hillary Clinton, and she is where she is to protect Obama is his lousy wife from a person who is a threat to his power. 

Obama’s crew looks like a bunch of substitute teachers getting petled by spit balls and paper airplanes  from  clasroom of rowdy students.   They command no respect.

And that’s probably the way Obama wants it, so that no one looks like they know what they are doing more than he does. 

And his stock in that area as dropped significantly in the last several months.

Barry has done something good, he has proven that all those stupid acedemics socialist theories belong in the universtiy, and that they have no place in governing the greatest nation on earth.

America will survive, their cabal will not.

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