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Every major poll has Barrack Obama’s approval rating below 50%.  He has signed off on spending that has added 1.4 trillion to the national deficit. And he is being mocked by world leaders as being weak, indecisive, and naive.  The best defense his supporters have offered has been to either blame George Bush or accuse his detractors of being racist.  This administration is in serious trouble.

Jamie Allman, host of the morning show on 97.1 St. Louis Talk Radio, predicts that  “Obama will not run again in 2012, and that Sarah Palin will be the next president.”   Allmon feels that Obama’s best asset, his star-power, is no longer useful to him because he is greatly overexposed. 

Allmon asks ,”Why won’t he just leave us alone!”  “Everywhere I look there he is.  He needs to just get out of our face!”  

Some may wonder how this man who uses the word “I” more than Poppa Smurf used the word “smurfy”, how he would possibly decide not to seek reelection.  He obviously likes being in power, and he is probably a true believer.

However, self-preservation may be what drives  him out of the 2012 race.  During his primary battle with Hillary Clinton, Obama told an audience in San Francisco that rural Americans “often cling to their guns and religion” when the economy gets bad, and suggested that this made these people intolerant of immigrants and minorities.

This coming from someone who sat in the church the bigoted, blasphemous Jeremiah “broke down George Jefferson” Wright.  Hillary Clinton’s sputtering campaign took flight when she confronted this statement and his associations, energizing “middle” American Democratic voters to embrace her cause.

Then, “the folks” rallied behind Sarah Palin, who embodied everything that the Obama progressive authoritarian machine despises. 

If Hillary Clinton decides to challenge Obama in a primary, he will have a very difficult choice to make.  If he does have to conduct a campaign against Clinton, it will be devastating to the Democratic Party, as well as his personal appeal to rank and file Democrats.  Also, Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State, and she can expose the world’s real opinion of Obama [Actually the notion of a unified world opinion is ridiculous, but for the sake of argument we’ll just go with it.]

Finally, a Palin  Clinton presidential race would make the 2008 election look like an episode of the Waltons.  The media might abandon Obama to push for the epic woman verse woman showdown.  This would result in the marginalization of the Obama brand, something he does not want to see happen.

Bill Clinton has made a fortune on his post office speaking career.  Some media analysts say that Obama may actually be able to make a billion dollars as a public speaker and writer after he leaves office. 

But not if he is tarnished as a would be despot or the man who destroyed the Democratic Party.  And he would have two women, Palin and Clinton, both whose stock is now much higher than  his,  hammering him for two years.

Under these circumstances, we think it would be advisable for him to follow in Lyndon Johnson’s footsteps and call it a day.

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