The American Awakening is punishing the Obama Administration and the Statist authoritarian Congressional leadership.  His approval rating is at an all time low for first term presidents. Even the Democrats are predicting that they will lose seats in 2010.  And the Ny-23 race proved that we have the capacity to eliminate establishment Republicans who do not represent their constituents.

However, there are some high-profile “conservative” commentators who think that this is more about them than the people.  First David Brooks a “New York Times” conservative tried to reconcile our movements success with his pseudo-intellectual peers.  He suggested we are against everything that the intellectuals are against, but we himself demonstrated to inability to understand what is really driving the discord.  He made it about himself, and he showed that what he thought was true about us was really true about him. 

Sarah Palin recently refuted Barrack Obama on his response to the Detroit Bomber, further proving that she is a better leader than he is.  Her 2008 campaign played a role in starting this Citizenship Revival, as the attacks against her reflected their true intentions for us.  And instead of getting down, she actually lifted the people’s moral my keeping a smile a driving forward on the issues.

Scott Brown is following up on the Sarah Palin/Tea Party revolution, as he is making a great run at beating Coakly in Massachusetts.  Senator Chris Dodd has announced he will not seek relection.  And the Tea Party has forced both political parties to deal with it as a voice of the grass-roots conservative voter.  This is all because of the people.

However, there is someone who is telling people who this doesn’t mean that much.  As far as he is concerned, there is no difference between any of the people running for office.  He says that he “doesn’t see any difference between them”.  He seems to suggest that nothing has been accomplished, because he has it all figured out.

This commentator also told you not to do the Tea Parties, and to wait for his little project in September. Wow that’s convenient.  Good thing you were smarter than he was.

And this host also calls anyone he does not like a progressive.  He recently used the  word progressive about ten times in a two-minute segment.  Everyone you do not like is not a progressive.  In fact most liberals are not progressives, they are simply left on the political spectrum.   That destroys the power of the term.  Linsey Graham may have not been on point with us 100% of the time, but he is not a Marxist and he is not a progressive. 

Linsey Graham is not going to vote yes on faux care, so unless you have a great alternative, we are not going to vote for someone who is going to send us into a USSR economy just to help him sell a book. 

As St. Louis radio talk show host Dana Loesch points out “No candidate is perfect.”  And she is among the conservative sphere’s most accomplished “Rhino hunters”.  Maybe Mr. Moral Killer should pay attention to Dana and some of the local hosts around the country. 

The fact is that throughout history the American people have voted for people that were not their ideal person for the job.  Many people who voted for Ronald Reagan said that they would have perfered Barry Goldwater.  But we have to look at the impact of the election.  Dede was rejected because the voters new she would support the Obama Administration agenda. 

With our outrage at both parties being felt, through unpaid citizen participation, we have the right to send a senator or representative to vote against faux care and card check, then go back to our  lives and fix the economy with our hard work.  So we are not going to keep these clowns in office to pad some hosts bank account.

 Yeah that’s right, we  think what you are saying about McCain and Graham is more true about you DUDE!  If they mess up we will handle it, but so far they are not voting for this garbage! And we don’t need someone who the people made successful deciding he is going to figure it out us.

Isn’t that what we are rejecting them for?

We have work to do.  We have to stop this Statist agenda in 2010.  Today it was announced that government jobs have surpassed many of the wealth producing private sector jobs.  We don’t have time to help network ideologues make philosophical statements.

And we all know that John McCain is not a principled conservative, and he sponsored a lot of stuff that we don’t like.  But he is not a progressive!  In fact, most liberals are not progressives, they are just left of the political spectrum.  And distorting McCain’s record is not cool.  He did not call for universal health care during the election, yet this guy has several times said that he did.  He even accused McCain of being in favor of the Fairness Doctrine, when is fact he always opposed it.

And Duncan Hunter was the most complete conservative in the 2008 field, but this host implied that he didn’t have enough of something to be competitve. [Not  exactly sure what that something was, his producer kept interupting him].  He didn’t advocate any candidate for professional reasons.  That’s fine, but he sure did attack Obama and McCain with a great deal of vigor.  And now he says that “you may not save my life, but you may be able to save the Republc”.

If it is that serious, maybe he should have forgone is professional correctness and taken a stand for Duncan Hunter during the primary.  And apparently their was a difference between having McCain and Obama as president. McCain would not be worse for the country. 

But maybe he would be worse for this hosts career.

He says that he doesn’t see anything different on the other side.  So what about Jeff Sessions, Martha Blackburn, Steve King, Michelle Bachman, Mike Prince, Todd Akin, and candidates Allan West, Carly Fiorina, and Scott Brown.  I think Allan West is more of what being a conservative is about than this self-absorbed nay-saying “conservative” commentator.   And as a Democrat Peter Griffin voted solidly against the health care bill, cap and trade, and the stimulous.  So his switch to the Republican Party is in line with his performance.   

We appreciate the great work this host has during the past few years, but he is not keeping up with what is going on now. 

Mark Levin captured it best when he said of his listeners “You are winning, you are driving Dodd and these jerks out of office.  It’s not because of me, it’s because of you!”

Mark Levin gets it,  Mr. Your All Progressive Moral Killer doesn’t.

 Mr. Progressive Moral Killer thinks it’s about him and his chalkboard, Levin knows it’s about you.

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