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Barack Obama’s presidency is obviously not going according to Axelrod’s design, and the American people are losing confidence in him by the day.  One of the most common reasons given for electing him is that his being president will lift the spirits and confidence of black people.  However, we do not believe that he is setting a good example in that regard.

First Obama has blamed every problem he has had on either the Bush Administration or the wealthy.  When confronted on why the unemployment rate was so high he says “I inherited this recession from The Previous Administration”.  [We capitalize this phrase now because he uses it so much it should be  considered in the proper].

Every president inherits problems from the previous administration.  This kind of excuse making reflects the mentality that leads many blacks to believe that it is not worth it to try to transcend their immediate situation.  “Look what they did to us” is an attitude that is often associated with rationalizations for black pathologies and low academic achievement. 

Also, all presidents get protested and ridiculed.  But Obama, instead of addressing the concerns of his critics, many of whom had just voted for him, he began to attack those who dissented from him.  He told those who objected to the spending to “get a mop” and to “not do a lot of talking” as if he was hanging out with his Chicago buddies on 95  and State. 

 That crap might fly with Wright and Ayers, But it doesn’t fly with us BRA!

He also denigrated the Tea Party protesters by saying “you have these people  waving tea bags around”,  and tried to get Fox moved of the White House information stream.  Him mentioned his dislike for talk show hosts Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh at least a dozen times.

He played the victim, and hoped the media and the entertainment industry would protect him. They cannot.

Sarah Palin, paid her way through school, and overcame gender prejudice in politics to become mayor of Wassilla.  And when she was viciously attacked by the  media she responded by reestablishing herself with renewed vigor.  She has dominated the debate between her and Obama on health care and national defense using her Facebook page.

When they said she was stupid, she did not hide behind the news establishment, and  she couldn’t have anyway because they were against her.  Instead, she used the technology and innovation that allows people to circumvent these idiots. 

And if young black people in crime ridden neighborhoods can somehow phase out race monger indoctrination, they may be able to draw inspiration from the player in this game who has triumphed in spite of the cards being stacked against them.

That person is not Barrack Obama.

Sarah Palin is the person who better reflects the kind of character that is necessary to transcend bad situations.

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