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On Saturday Harry Reid apologized for private remarks he made during the 2008 presidential election that Barack Obama could win because he was light-skinned and that he “did not have a Negro-dialect, unless he wanted one.”  Obama promptly accepted the apology, giving Reid credit on his work for “social justice”.   So it seems that everything is well in Statistville.

Then, on cue, Al Sharpton took it upon himself to accept Reid’s apology too.  Sharpton was in St. Louis for a speaking engagement (people still pay to hear this guy!), and during an interview he said “we will judge him more for his deeds than his words”.


If  high-profile members of the Republican Party had said this, Sharpton would have called for one of his stupid rallies.  Late last year Reid compared himself to the law makers that ended slavery.  Now he is using the term “Negro” to refer to the people he claims to understand so well.

Honestly, we don’t care that much what Dirty Harry calls us, but the term Negro hasn’t been in vogue since the late 1950’s early 1960’s. 

Didn’t he get the memo.  The university academic community has decreed that we be called African-American. 

We didn’t get the memo either, so we still call ourselves black.  And we urge conservatives to drop the politically correct term “African-American”, because it is a means for ethnocentric malcontents to try to separate black people from te American identity.

Ethnocentric malcontents like those who accuse the Tea Party movement of being racial motivated for opposing Obama’s disastrous agenda.  St. Louis conservative Kirby Kral’s slogan that “the problem with the Hope and Change is the Scope and Range” reflects the people’s true concerns.  It’s not just the nature of these terrible policies, but the sheer volume of waste and punishment that was the source of our anger.

But the Democratic leadership and the media insisted on protecting Obama by accusing us of being racists.  They had no evidence other than a few signs that they claimed implied racism.  And at McCaskill’s town hall meeting last summer a black woman who supported the president claimed she saw a sign that racially denigrated Obama, but she was proved to be a liar.

And Sharpton says that he will “judge Reid by his deeds”.  Did he judge Don Imus by the millions he donated to charity. No. And he didn’t really accept his apology either. Instead, he brought in his  daughter and asked Imus if she “looked like a nappy headed ho.” 

The Greyfalcon question’s the character of Sharpton for using his daughter to attack Imus, and question’s his daughter’s judgement in allowing herself to be used as a prop, as she looked old enough to make her own decisions.

And didn’t Jessie Jackson use the N word and threaten to castrate Obama for supporting faith-based initiatives.  I think that would make you, Mr. Jackson a big fake opportunist. 

Sharpton and his race monger buddy Ballentine are a couple of cowards for blowing off Reid’s comments while vigorously objecting to Rush Limbaugh’s participation in the ownership of the St. Louis Rams.  Their “exhibit A” for this was a statement the Limbaugh did not even make, and one that nobody was able to specifically verify.

But Sharpton has a vested interest in excusing Reid.  Many years ago he announced a Democrat convention that blacks were going to “ride this Donkey for all it’s worth”. 

It is Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Ballentine who are the sell-outs, not black conservatives.

These fake civil rights activists have made millions of dollars for their efforts to keep the black vote firmly in the Democratic bucket.  A caller on 97.1 talk show Allman in the Morning accused black conservative Kevin Jackson of “saying what the conservatives want to hear”.

It appears that it is the black anti-conservatives who are appeasing their white Democratic leaders.  And appeasing them for money to boot! 

Looks they have betrayed “their people” for fame and fortune.  THAT SUCKS!

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