Oliver Stone will release a movie that is going to portray the human side of Hitler.  Stone stated that he is going to depict the murderous dictators not as evil, but “as products of historical reality” as he puts it. Though there is some academic value in this approach, Stone’s then goes on to say that Hitler was a “scapegoat”.  Why would Stone, a conspiracy theory advocate and buddy to Hugo Chavez choose to do this?  The answer is the same as why so many on the left are defending Harry Reid. 

Stone’s attempt to mollify the evil of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler actually plays into the progressive authoritarian world view.  Stone says that we must get out of “seeing people as good or evil”.  His intension is to show that their actions were the product of social and historical forces.  As historians, we actually have to at times engage in a somewhat dispassionate frame to when examine this monsters.  We have to consider their abilities and even some of their virtues to fully understand the conditions that they operated under. 

However, when Stone discusses Hitler as a “scapegoat” a reveals an essential difference between us and them.  We can discuss Hitler’s tremendous political instinct and his brilliant speaking ability, but we still see him, the man, as an evil monstrous person.  We still believe that regardless of the situation, the person still has the responsibility to choose between right and wrong.  Stone adheres, to the notion that right and wrong are more social constructs.  This is the appeal that atheists and anti-Christians have with his perspective.  There is no higher power, then there is no ultimate truth beyond man and biology.

St. Louis Radio host Dana Loesch addressed this at the November 28 Tea Party, when she asserted that “our rights are not granted to us by man, they are granted to us by God”.  Were many anti-Christians see religion as a control mechanism, here Dana shows the power of Christianity to liberate people from the grips of man made government.  And that is actually the history of the Church’s movement, to liberate the spirits of people from the grips of the pagan and Roman rule.

We however, believe that history, science, and spiritually are compatible. In fact we believe science only makes sense with the understanding that there must be something beyond us.  This actually liberates us, making us and our actions more  than just the impetus from some explosion that happened at the beginning of time. (By the way where did the stuff that exploded come from, and what made it explode).

Why is this relevant?  Oliver Stone’s wish to “put murderous dictators in context” is appealing to groups like the Nation of Islam, the American Socialist Party, and countless other anti-American groups.  The USA defeated the Nazis in WWII, and defeated the USSR in the Cold War.  This is a source of national pride for us conservatives, as well as many Americans of all political positions.  Except for the Statists.  That’s because it is indisputable that our victories over these regimes was due to the character of our nation, as well as to our free market economic system. 

These are things that both the anti-American radical groups and the authoritarians in the Democratic leadership want to do away with.  The academic radical community try to show that the world’s problems are America’s fault.  They insist that Al Qaeda, Iran, and the despotic African warlords are products of American coöperate greed.  The Latin American socialist  dictators blamed European colonialism for their nation’s poverty, giving them cover while they exploited their people. 

Progressive authoritarians are different from principled liberals in that the latter emphasizing the less fortunate while the  former uses that ruse to punish and control those who oppose them.  How many more times have we heard Obama deprecate the “wealthy” than we have heard him discuss how is going to help the poor.  That’s because as a Statists, he Reid and Pelosi are more concerned with punitive measures than with helpful ones. 

And that is why it is so important for the Black Caucus and Al Sharpton to defend Reid.  Their respective interests depend on Reid and the other hard left Democrats to maintain their standing as the defenders of the lees fortunate.  This cabal suggests that crime and terrorism is caused by economic inequality.  They use “social justice” to justify taking from the people who disagree with them and giving it to people who don’t deserve it but will do their bidding.

For example, during Hitler’s rise to power he was helped by an organization called the SA. Better known as the Brownshirts, these were 3  million Nazis lead by a  military man named Ernst Rohm. They called for a  moratorium on farm debts, nationalization of business, inclusion into the regular army, and government jobs for all of them.  They beat up political opponents in the street and intimidated shop owners.  One of their favorite tactics was to go into a company’s board meeting and take it over, appointing Nazi’s labor group leaders in the firm.

Hey wait a minute, isn’t there a group who does stuff like that now? 

ACORN.  They have called for the end to foreclosures and government jobs for all of them as well.  They and SEIU have beaten people up on the street, and they have broken into homes that were claimed by the bank, declaring that they now own them.  And they have walked into bank board meetings to intimidate company officers into giving in to them.

But if their is no good and evil, then what ACORN is doing isn’t so bad, if it is going to help the poor (who do want they want them do to).

So that’s why modern-day socialists defend Mao who killed over 77 million people. and Stalin who killed 62 million people, and Hitler who tried to exterminate all of the Jews.  It suggests that if the ends are justified, then means are justified, even if it brings misery and horror to the people.   Then you can just blame that horror on “historical forces” and “social injustice”.  You can say the world made them that way, and that any of you would have done the same thing if the conditions were such.

And of course, all of those deaths were the results of poverty, which is the result of the capitalist system.  No more capitalism, no more Hitlers, no more Bashirs. Right? 

And now it is up to them to control everything so that those  conditions don’t arise. 

Defending Hitler is an important step in defending their right to take away your rights. And your property, And your source of information. And your right to good health care.  And your right to oppose the light skinned black president with no Negro accent.

Defend Hitler all you want.  Defend Harry Reid all you want. 


  1. Cindy
    January 15, 2010 at 2:15 am

    You are right on with this, there is no other way any one could ever see Hitler, he was pure evil. Oliver Stone has turned into Michael Moore.

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