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Conservatives have pounded Harry Reid for his 2008 comments about Barack Obama being a “light-skinned” candidate with no Negro dialect.  There have been a number of takes on it.  Some consider it an example of Democratic racism, while others are even calling for his resignation.  The conservative fellowship is brewing over this issue, and we have used it as an opportunity to engage the culture dimension of the citizenship movement.  Race, along with issues of faith, life, and traditional marriage are all relevant to our cause.  Yet there are many who say that we should ignore these concerns, so that we don’t get “caught up”  in the conflict.  But that would be a mistake, as we do not have the luxury do avoid the conflict.

We saw them denigrate Sarah Palin, specifically mentioning her gender as part the basis for their attack.  We saw them call Clarence Thomas a sell-out.  We saw them castigate Condoleezza Rice as being a traitor to her people for supporting George Bush.   Rosanne Barr said that Sarah Palin “shows that the only way for a woman to succeed in the conservative movement is for them to be against women.”   They have postured themselves as the arbiters of racial justice.

Today I have heard many Republicans say that we shouldn’t “worry about this”,  and that we are wining on health care and cap-and-trade.  But many of the Republicans who have said this are also the ones who want you stop talking about our Christian faith, stopping opposing Roe vs. Wade, and to never mention crime because it is a racial buzz word.  And many of these are Republican women who said the Sarah Palin was a drag on the McCain ticket, and that she is getting them in trouble with the media establishment.

Obama and others called for Don Imus to be fired when he made his stupid remarks, and they forced Trent Lott to resign for his.  Sheldon Whitehouse called us “Aryans” because we are opposing “this young president”.  Several black callers on Sean Hannity said that he and others who oppose Obama have “ulterior motives”. 

And almost every negative piece about the Tea Party Movement includes something to the effect of “those white people can’t deal with this smart black president”.  And the Statist have consistently declared that our opposition to the health care bill is an affront to the well-being off black people.

Yet when it comes time to be held to account for their own bigotry, they are short on guts.

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