The Greyfalcon would like to congratulate you, concerned citizens.  Because of you we have yet to see  any of this disastrous agenda become law.  Keep up the pressure.  We can come out of this better than we went into it if we follow this movement through with passion and conviction.  IF the economy improves, we must be ready to show that it is you, not Obama who is responsible.

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  1. January 20, 2010 at 7:35 am

    I belong to Callaway Citizens for FairTax, Fulton, MO. We are dedicated toe educating Missourians about the FairTax at the national level and the MO Tax Reform Bill HJR56 (inspired by the FairTax).We are about as grassroots as you will find. None of us have ever worked for party politics much less political movements-grassroots or otherwise. What we have in common is what every slick, good-ole-boy politician fears: determination and anger. We will not be ridiculed into silence. We might be out-spent but never outworked. Never. We are furious at what is happening to our country as we see ‘czars’ undermine the political structure established to safeguard our rights, politicians rape our children’s economic future, and men and women in Washington who approach politics as a country club open only to the very few while the dues are paid by the sweat of hard working men and women. Our cause is tax code reform. Both the MO Tax Reform Bill HJR 56 and the national FairTax when passed will restore the power of taxation to the citizens. Both will require a vote by the people before taxes can be raised. When politicians can no longer game the tax code by promising friends and campaign doners sweet tax exemptions in exchange for votes and donations, they will become much better listeners to the voice of the people, the grassroots. Was tonight’s victory for Scott Brown important? Yes. Far, far beyond a Senate seat. His victory underscored the real power of the grassroots movement: dedication and determination based on an understanding of patriotism and Constitutional rights. Without money or a political party, we the people, the Grassroots Movement, focused on what needed to be done to protect our nation. We fought back, one person, one phone call at a time and we won. We will win again. We understand the beauty of our forefather’s gift: The Constitution.

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