On Wednesday conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham interviewed  Hillary Sheldon of the NAACP about their mild reaction to Reid’s comments about Obama.  Ingraham, maybe the best one on one debaters in talk radio,  challenged Sheldon on a number of issues on the controversy.  Ingraham showed that the real story was not what Reid had said, but that  the “civil rights” community is defending him.  And the manner in which she probed Sheldon’s rationalizations offers insight into the unholy alliance between the Democratic leadership and their race mercenaries.

Ingraham took a different angle than most on this debate.  Instead of the usual “Trent Lott” comparison, she asked the NAACP spokesman about how the organization would react if Republicans such as John Coryn or Jim Dement.  Sheldon’s responded by saying that Reid’s comments were upsetting, but that “was not the Harry Reid I knew”.  He suggested that Reid’s backing of Obama’s decision to run for president was the real indication of  the senate leaders standing with the black community.  Sheldon stated that Reid told Obama “If you run, you have my support.”

So here he is exonerating  Reid because the senator favored  one exceptional, well-educated black person.  Remember this.

When Laura asked if he would have been so understanding with Dement or John Boener, Sheldon added that Reid had advocated a candidate that the NAACP supported.  When she identified this as political opportunism, he clumsily revised “if they(Republicans) had called me then it would have been OK”.

This is a clear manifestation of Statism’s appeal to the race merchants.  Progressive authoritarians want the private sector to be subordinated  to the public sector, and the race mongers want private political discussion to be subordinated to their approval.  And these race hustlers make a lot of money off of this arrangement. 

The first person Reid called was Al Sharpton, a man whose standing among black Democrats actually is not very high at all.  But the symbolism of this gesture is still appealing to many who don’t respect Sharpton himself.    Sharpton gave the “I judge him by his deeds, not by his words” excuse similar to Sheldon’s response.  The fix is in.

And as far as deeds, they obviously haven’t spoken with the inner city blacks who report to us how hard it is to find an affordable used car, and how that is making it very difficult for them to find work.  The urban impact of Cash for Clunkers.  (Is urban code language?).

Hey Harry, if you call us, The Greyfalcon will talk to them for you!

This is why the town hall and Tea Party movement is so important.  Unlike mainstream politicians from both parties, these people are not intimidated by this race baiting nonsense.  They already know who they are, and between them and God they already know they are not racists.  They can’t be pushed into working things out with these so-called spokesmen.


The NAACP leader said that they gave high marks to Congressmen for advocating spending for projects that his organization support because he believes that “cultural differences are the cause of the problems we have.”  He is referring to the cultural differences between black and white people, as if they have different cultures because of the color of their skin, not because of the choices they make.

This is a bunch of  garbage.

Ingraham brought to light the real importance of this issue  with her next question.  She asked  Sheldon “why are you not standing  with Washington kids to go to the same schools that  Congressmen send their children?”   He responded with “Well, the vouchers are only for $6000, and most fancy smancy schools private schools cost $22,000.”  He insisted that the amount provided by the vouchers was not enough to help poor black students.

Ingraham retorted “Catholic schools average $8-10 thousand.  And they do a great job in educating.  I didn’t go to a fancy pants school, my mother was a waitress.” 

Off course, the anti-Christian factions of the Democratic Party don’t like hearing that.  This partly explains the awkward collaboration between atheistic Marxists and black religious leaders like Jessie Jackson and  Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  

Ingraham then zeroed in on the ideological fissure in the fragile Statist coalition.  Ingraham pointed out that Michael Eric Dyson, black author, speaker, and ordained Baptist minister actually agreed that if a Republican had said this than the reaction would have been far more severe.  Dyson, one of the left’s best speakers, was “being short-sided” according to Sheldon.  Ingraham lauded Dyson as a “liberal with a capital L” for standing for his principles.

Ingraham and Dyson would probably disagree on most issues, but  they agree on the hypocrisy of the Democratic leadership’s position on racial politics. And her forcing Sheldon to deprecate Dyson will help discredit future attempts to stigmatize our disagreement with Obama as being racially motivated.

Sheldon continues, “Vouchers take money out of public schools for the benefit of a select few. 90% of African-Americans go to public schools.”  He also gave the Washington public school system a C+.  “You grade on a curve!” Replied Ingraham. 

Sheldon answered “Well, you have Key School and those on the upper Northwest side”, using these examples to bring up the score.  “Ingraham countered  “Those are mostly white schools!” Sheldon conceded “You’re right.”

Sheldon’s position on “helping a select few” reveals much about the union between mainstream black politics, the socialists, and the Statists.  The educated wealthy black leaders such as the leaders of the  NAACP are against anything that helps the best black students go beyond “the rest of the race”.  These rich black political leaders regard themselves the special protectors of the disenfranchised, even if the disenfranchised are personally responsible for their own failings.  If a few blacks leave the community, go to a Catholic school, then succeed academically, then it might convince Democratic voters that the problem is individual and community based.   Then they would not feel compelled to vote for people like Reid,  Nancy Pelosi, or Dick Durbin.

They have even tagged references to personal responsibility as “code language” directed against black people. 

This is a threat to the Marxist wing of the liberal movement, who hold that capitalism and economic disparity is the source of the world’s problems.  The black leader’s conspiracy against the best black students accommodates the socialist’s wish to keep everyone at the same level, even if that level is a lower one. 

And they both need the Statist to make it happen.

Ingraham blew up Sheldon’s case with “It just takes one Obama to become a leader. One of those 1300 voucher students,  not an insignificant number, could be president”.  Sheldon agreed.

Earlier in the interview, Sheldon defended Reid on the basis that he helped Barack Obama, one exceptional black person.  However, Reid’s reference to “a Negro dialect” was insulting to people like many of the students Sheldon claim are being excluded by the voucher program.   And Reid’s endorsement of Obama leaves excludes at lot more black people than the voucher program does.

Guess it is only convenient to look for a racist under every rock when it’s not a rock that one of your buddies just climbed out of.

Ingraham’s toughness and uncompromising conservative candor makes her the best in the business when it comes to confronting those who are used to intimidating their opponents. Ingraham’s focus on Sheldon’s  “ulterior motives” for protecting Reid shows why this issue should not be ignored by the American Awakening.


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