Scott Brown’s amazing run in Massachusetts is capturing the entire nation’s attention.  Brown outclassed his opponent Martha Coakely.  He has out debated her, out campaigned her, and out hustled her.  Brown has kept his focus on issues, and the grass-roots conservative movement has embraced him as their own.  The Democratic leadership is in a state of shock over his overtaking Coakely in the pre-election polls, and called in several big name party members to endorse her.  Even Barack Obama himself was stumping for the Democratic candidate.  But instead of helping Coakley’s cause, it revealed what may really be scaring Obama about Scott Brown.

Although he was there to endorse Coakely, the president spent the first five minutes thanking his allies and giving shout outs to his friends.  When he finally got around to getting into what he was there for, he opened with “You have the unique responsibility to fill a senate seat held by Ted Kennedy for 47 years, and the person to fill that seat is Marsha Coakely.”  This shows how out of touch Obama is.  The people may have  loved Ted Kennedy,  but they do not love the idea of officials serving for nearly half of a century!  Notice how he said responsibility, not opportunity.

He follows with “She became a lawyer not to cash in, but to give hard-working families a fair shake.”  This is the same tired, pat yourself on the back rhetoric that is wearing thin with those who see through it.  Didn’t the Obama’s through over a dozen wildly expensive parties and spend over a million dollars to fly to Copenhagen?

Hey Axelrod, you need to write your client better material, if you can.

Obama exhorts the audience to “forget the ads, anyone can run slick ads, forget the truck, anyone can buy a truck.”  What the heck is that about?  His entire presidential campaign was based on slick ads and image marketing.  He almost never gave anyone a straight answer when it came to policy specifics.  And that ignorant remark about Brown’s truck is yet another example of this vile tactic of stigmatizing the culture of his political opponents.  “This is rambling nonsense”, decries conservative host Mark Levin.   Once again my friend, you are correct.

Later Obama admitted “I don’t know much about Brown but…..”  He is the president of the United States of America, and he is speaking to people that he is trying to convince that they should vote for one candidate over another.  Yet he hasn’t taken the time of his golfing or basketball playing to study the man who may put the stops on his entire agenda.  That is just plain stupid, and it is OK for you to say that it is stupid.

Once again, we do not want to hear anymore about how much smarter Obama and Statists are than everybody else. It simply is not true.

And his choppy, contrived speaking style is getting on everybody’s nerves,so he should probably stay off  the television for a while.  He is not a good speaker, he just had a good ad team for the 2008 election.  I imagine most of them most have moved on to the private sector by now.

This president is unprofessional and disrespectful.  When authority figures behave in this way, it is natural that they invite anger and ridicule.  And Obama deserves everyone once of ridicule that you concerned citizens have directed toward him.

Scott Brown has commanded a great deal of respect by keeping the focus on his voting, ideas, and plans for the future.  His response to David Gergen that it was “the people’s seat” has become a slogan for the November 2010 elections.  During his debate with Coakely, Brown made a point to remind the voters that JFK favored tax cuts.  Many have compared the handsome young Republican to John Kennedy, which certainly wont hurt him in Massachusetts.

But that might also be bothering Barack Obama, who benefitted from those same comparisons when he began running for president.  Obama’s ego was  display throughout this event.  Is it possible that Brown’s threat to Obama’s title as coolest young politician is more troubling to him than Brown’s threat to his agenda?

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