Scott Brown defeated Marsha Coakely in the Massachusetts senate race.  Brown, who won with 52% of the vote, delivered a brilliant acceptance speech.  His words that night, as well as the oppositions immediate reaction reflected the stark  contrast that allow Brown to win this race.  And these differences moy bring us a lot more than electoral victory in November. 

Brown immediately thanked the people for his win. He explains “at first I thought it would be me against the machine”.  He then said that “I was wrong,I had all of you behind me, and now you are the machine.”  Brown understands the importance of empowering his voters.  Brown realizes that this is not just about making a staement, and that the ultimate goal is to have a significant impact. 

He also announced that he was going to drive to Washington in his truck so the president can see it.  Brown’s willingness to jokingly confront Obama’s ignorant comments demonstrates the charismatic new senator’s media savvy.  He captures the energy of the American Awakening while staying positive.  And Brown has a smooth speaking delivery and a quick wit.  He also has a great sense of humor, and can engage his opponents without being bitter.

Brown even challenged Obama to a game of two on two.  He has a tremendous sense of the moment, and unlike Obama he does not have resort to insults to make his supporter laugh.  Brown is attractive, smart, and funny.  He is also thinks quickly on his feet,and area where the president has been noticeably wanting. 

The Democratic leadership and their media allies responded to this situation with very approach that is causing their downfall.  Before the voting even began, members of the Obama adminstration began telling reporters that Coakely was not going to win.  Many other high-profile were joining in that prediction, seemingly trying to get out of the ship before it sank.  But if they really believed in her, than why wouldn’t they stick it out until the end? 

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, said that the main problem was with the Coakely campaign itself.  She refered to their performance as “malpractice” and that they had not taken the race seriously enough.  Instead of discussing whether or not this was a referendum on the Obama agenda, she counters “98% of the people in Massachusetts already have health care so this race was not about health care.” 

That is ridiculous.  Off course people who already have health insurance are going to oppose this health control bill,because it is going to reduce the quality of their care and bankrupt the nation.  And how does she know why the people voted for Brown?  Did she ask them?  No, she just made something up.

And that’s what it seems like they are doing all the time, making up stuff as they go along and hoping we don’t notice.

But America took notice tonight as Scott Brown brought us one step closer to taking back our country.

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