Barack Obama started his presidency telling us to “get a mop” and “don’t do a lot of talking”.  This insolent and unprofessional attitude reflected the idea that he and the Statists were in complete control.  Well we got a mop alright, and we are using it to wipe the floor with his sorry ……..  And we are certainly talking, and we are also acting.   One year later, Obama has almost nothing to show for al this bravado.  He has been beaten back on Gitmo, health control, cap and tax, and has not even gotten started on his card check union pay off. 

“The people waving tea bags”, as Obama calls us, are out thinking, out speaking, and out performing this sanctimonious poser.  But instead of  acknowledging that he must change course, he issued another speech attempting to exonerate himself from his failures.

” It’s not about me” insisted the embattled president pausing to hear the crowd give their approval.  In fact, it is obvious that the entire speech was structured to induce applause and give him the chance to bloviate.  He didn’t give one solution throughout, only telling the crowd that “I don’t care about my poll numbers”.  Then why are you talking about them in the first place?  Can you recall the last time a president spent this much time discussing his own popularity?

Obama demonstrated his utter lack of respect for the office when he said “the best way to be popular in Washington is to do nothing. they’ll be saying ‘what a genius!”  Being so arrogant about ones own failure is not only unbecoming, it is also unwise.  He remarked that “Washington is  in a tissy” about the Scott Brown victory.  He is in the most powerful position in the world, and he is worrying about his political competition. 

Pundits whined about the Tea Parties as being “racially motivated”, when we rejected his agenda.  Obama’s supporters claimed we had no legitimate reason to oppose him.  Since then Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Howard Dean, Marc Lamont Hill, The Black Caucus, the anti-war groups, the gay rights groups, Paul Kruegman, and dozens of other high-profile left-wing figures have vigorously denounced him. 

These are all people who adamantly denied our right to question Barack Obama.

 Now with all of his Cabal preparing to jump ship, he is looking to his adoring fans to bail him out.  Obama railed on about how “they” are saying that these recent elections are going to bring him down. “It’s not about me” He repeated. He then once again went to his stock talking points about how he wouldn’t support policies that “help the fortunate few”.

This statement  about “the fortunate few” is reflection of this man’s distorted view of  our nation.  He has no evidence that the people he is referring to are  more fortunate than the  people he claims to be helping.  In fact, the evidence is to the contrary.  Most millionaires are former welders, pipe fitters, bakers, and any number of other trade professionals that saved up the money the earned from years of hard work, using it to start their own business.

Look it up Barry!

This statement alone is reason not to respect this president.  He is a millionaire, did the conditions that allowed him to become wealthy hurt this nation?  The people who have succeeded financially are not criminals. Are he and his wife criminals?  Are the dozens of wealthy celebrities who  stumped for him criminals?

He claims to want to make the banks “pay their fair share” but he doesn’t endorse the Toomey amendment that would stop the remaining $350 billion  from being given to them. That money would have gone to paying off the $1.4 trillion that he signed off on.  And now he wants to tax the banks to get back $120 billion, but wants to authorize them to receive $350 billion.

And he is supposed to be “too smart for America”?   The fact is that he doesn’t care about reducing the deficit. He just wants to be able to punish the banks when he needs a boost in his ratings.  History has a special place for leaders who do things like this.  It’s called the “ash heap” [Ronald Reagan on the Soviet Union].

He is not a brilliant speaker, or a bright young transformative president,  He is just another progressive authoritarian politician who threatens to punish people for making too much money.


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