These “teabaggers” are protesting Barack Obama.  We heard that throughout 2009, as if no other president has ever been protested.  Obviously, these protests were racially motivated since Obama was doing everything right!  Well, that doesn’t wash anymore.  Obama’s approval is in free fall, and he is wasting his time and your money trying to convince his adoring fans that he is still cool.  But the real story is  how the media and his high-profile supporters may have damaged his presidency by allowing him to rely on them to use his race to protect him.

We call this the Vile Politic, where a political faction attempts to attribute racial and cultural stigmatization to those who have logical arguments against them.  When you cite evidence to support your claim, that evidence is automatically considered to be part of the conspiracy. It creates hesitation in the minds of those who disagree with them.  Then it justifies aggressive and even violent responses to their opponents, using past injustices as the grounds for the behavior.   It is a form of social intimidation. 

The Tea Party has answered the Vile Politc with faith and resolve, stopping it in it’s tracks.

When Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh spoke their minds about Obama Andrea Mitchel suggested that they were being racist claiming “we still have a long way to go” .  Joan Walsh, editor and chief of Salon.com accused them of:

 projecting racially suspect feelings [What the heck is a racially suspect feeling?] on to a president that had a white mother, was raised by white grandparents.  There is absolutely no evidence at all that he anything but loves white people. Obama got to where he is in my opinion largely because he makes white people feel like he knows are trying really hard and we really like it when black people make us feel that way”

Rush Limbaugh, who played that clip, pushed away from his desks and threw  his hands in the air objecting “Oh my goodness gracious, who is it that has the race pouring out of their mind and bloodstream”.  Walsh, Reverend Wright, the Democratic leadership and others have joined in an awkward alliance to elevate Obama as an untouchable symbol of the world they want to create.  This world is one in which any of us can be silenced if we oppose their favorite candidate or a policy such as health control.

Remember Barbra Boxer trying to tell  the head of the Black Chamber of Commerce that he should not oppose Cap-and-Tax because other black groups supported it. She said “they would be proud of you”, suggesting that all successful black people shoulld agree.  He was not intimidated by her, exposing her comparison as “racial”and” openly telling her “I don’t like it!”

So those big tough black commentators and leaders that railed against Bill Cosby for deprecating black pathologies are now going along with Joan Walsh and others who like Obama because he “like it when black people make us feel that way”. 

Walsh says there is no evidence that Obama anything but loves white people, but that is not entirely true.  Obama referred to his grandmother as “a typical white person” who “said things that made me cringe”.  In his books he wrote “the way you have to deal with white people os show them you are not a threat”, and “that’s just how white folks will do ya.”   He also spoke of  “what makes white people afraid, their demons.”

Glenn Beck said that this means he hates white people, but that’s not quite it.  Establishment liberalism needs a scapegoat, and that scapegoat is “the white man” not as a racial paradigm but as an American symbol.  Actually, his policies have put black people in a worse position than they would have been under John McCain or John Edwards.  Dissing white people is part of the academic justification for social control and the redisrtibution of wealth.

Obama likes  Statist white people just fine.

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  1. margaret
    January 26, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    I read Obama’s books. The thing that made me cringe was the complete lack of love and compassion for not only his mother, grandparents and the poor of Chicago whom he organized, but his detachment from other’s plight. He also lacked a strong male figure in his life, which as a teenager he filled with a mentor who was the Chicago Communist party leader. This told me that this was a man who was emotionally dysfunctional, and did not share my values. His harsh judgments of the white people who raised him told me that he was trapped in adolescent emotions and his emotional immaturity leaves him incapable of developing anything but a sense of righteous vengence that fuels his political ideology. I knew without question that he hates white people, and that it is a defining characteristic of his persona, and that is the way he sees Americans. His ‘organizing experience’ which resembles my own ‘constitutent relations’ experience told me that his ability to address community issues was tragically one dimensional, trapped in organizing, but not experienced in job creation, business management or economic development.

    I compared and contrasted the content of his memoir with the autobiography [ title: What Color is a Conservative?] of JC Watts,another black political figure, and the comparison was striking. JC grew up with a grandmother who was Native American. He had a strong father and mother who held him accountable . He expressed love, compassion, shame, guilt and remorse for his own actions, and a sophisticated, intelligent approach to confronting racism. His ethics include responsibility, accountability, commitment, hard work, and humility. His talents include communication, leadership, planning, development, commitment and completion.

    The differences of these two political figures in their upbringing, values and ethics define their political convictions. I am relieved to hear that JC Watts is re-entering the political arena — we desperately need honorable men like JC to lead us.

  2. January 28, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    I absolutely agree. I don’t think JC wanted to come back at first, but he sees his nation needs him. He is a strong and wise man,and the GOP could really use some people of his stature to return!

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