When Obama proposed that his “spending freeze” would not go into effect until 2011, many in the chamber laughed out loud. Now, he is purposing a $3.8 trillion dollar budget to Congress.  This is after he accused the Bush Administration for leaving him with massive debt.  He then went to the Congressional Republican Retreat and told them that the 5.7% GDP  fourth quarter growth figure was proof that the Recovery Act is working. 

Yet the Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that 3.39%  of the quarter’s total growth was due to new  inventories.  This is not an indication of Obama’s contribution to long-term economic improvement.  And this “recovery” has been a  jobless one, with unemployment still at 10%. 

Obama claims that without the measures he took, unemployment would be double what it is now!  Unemployment might be twice as high now if the Tea Party Movement and town hall protests did not stop him from “fundamentally transforming” America.

This movement propelled Scott Brown to victory in Massachusetts, making him “Brown 41”.  Brown is more to the point when he says “every senator is the 41st senator. Now maybe we can have a fair and honest debate.”  Even if Pelosi is able to “parachute” into health care, other  moderate Democrats are already discussing removing the most anti-business aspects of the bill.

The Greyfalcon believes that the entire bill should  scrapped.  And we believe that the grassroots movement still has the power to do it! 

Neil Barofsky, the “TARP cop”, testifies to the fact that Obama’s agenda isn’t what saving the financial system, as Obama has claimed countless times.  Barofsky reports

“the $700 billion plan has met few of it’s goals.  The $700 billion failed to boost lending and prevent loan foreclosures, and has done nothing to correct the fundamental problems in the finacial system.  Banks still have an incentive to take on massive risks because they know the government will bail them out.” [From Fox and Friends, January 31].

This refutes Obama’s claim that the $3.5 trillion of 2009 was necessary to save the nation from another Great Depression.  It was necessary to bind our private sector to the whims of this Statist cabal, and to give him the right to punish CEO’s for being “rich fat-cats”.

Obama claimed that nationalizing the auto-industry was necessarry to save American jobs, but the one American car company that is actually doing well is Ford.  And Ford did not get the help that GM received.  And Ford is hiring.

One reason why Ford is doing well is that the Tea Party applauded Ford for not asking for a bailout.  And many in this citizenship movement made a point to purchase a Ford vehicle partly because of this.

St. Louis School member DJ Ford says “That’s why a bought a Ford!” 

So here we have proof that DJ has “created or saved” more jobs than Obama has.

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