We all know about Louis Farrakhan’s raving lunacy about how the “white man” and “the Jews” are oppressing black people.  And we also know about the Neo Nazis’s and the Ku Klux Klan’s hate for Jew and blacks.  But what many people do not know is that Louis’s mentors, Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad  had arranged and alliance between the Nation of Islam and the Neo Nazis’s.  And their has never been any account that this alliance has ever been broken.

Elijah Muhammad instructed his then obedient servant Malcolm X,  to work with the Neo-Nazi’s to keep the races separate.  And the violence that the Neo-Nazis threatened against blacks would make them more favorable to the militant Nation of Islam.  Elijah Mohammed also agreed with the Neo Nazis founder George Lincoln Rockwell that Jews were the root of the nation’s problems. 

George Lincoln Rockwell was actually a key-note speaker at a Nation of Islam convention.  Rockwell applauded the Black Muslims for trying to keep the races seperate.  When the MC asked the audience for money, Rockwell was the first person to offer.  There is even a picture of Rockwell and some of his security posing with a sea of black clothed Nation of Islam brothers.

Malcolm X also set up a peace treaty with the Klu Klux Klan.  The understanding was that as long as none of the Klan messed with the Nation, the Nation would not mess with the Klan.  That meant that the great protectors of the black race were giving the hooded creation of the Democratic Party a free pass to attack other black people.  They were actually happy about Klansman who attacked blacks in interracial relationships, and blacks who wanted to integrate.

Spike Lee’s movie Malcolm X, he shows that the Nation was trying to kill Malcolm for revealing that Elijah Muhammad was fathering children by the sisters.  What Lee does not discuss that a major motivation for them to assassinate Malcolm X was that he was telling the world about these vile alliances.

So next time someone tells you that the Tea Party is part of the white power movement, ask them why Obama’s buddy Louis has not openly renounced these contracts of hate.

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