Obama and his supporters want to tell you that the recovery is underway, and that it was his $1.6 trillion in TARP and Recovery packages that caused this recovery.  But in an unwelcome return visit to Wonderland, the facts show him to be, as he has been throughout his dreadful presidency, wrong.   And this time, it marks the end to his opportunity to ever truly earn the people’s trust in his economic agenda.

First of all, jobless claims for this month were up  to 486,000.  So if the Recovery Act caused the 5.7% GDP increase, then it was innately flawed because it must also be held accountable for the unemployment rate.  Second, the stock market tumbled 200 points, responding to the dramatically lower job figures.  This tumble is also caused by Team Obama previously announcing that they had ended the recession and that claims would decrease.

The market has no more confidence in this administration.

Next, the governor, mayor, US senator, and a state rep all said that Obama’s comments about Las Vegas cost the city economically.  How does a president that is chasdised for hurting the job market in a major city expect us to believe that he is saving the economy from a depression. What is saving the nation from recession are Mayor Goodman’s taking a stand against this insolent man in the White House, along with the various internet groups that are rallying to tell the public that Las Vegas offers great value for money.

Finally, we find that productivity was up 9.5%, despite the dismal employment figures.  The nation’s firms have managed to increase their production without hiring more workers. Why would firms which have much higher outputs not simply hire more workers to handle the load.  The answer is uncertainty. Obama’s constant threatening of punitive action against banks, CEO’s, and entire cities is making employers unwilling to hire.  Also his insistence on raising taxes, rationing energy, and devaluing the  currency is making expanding and loaning out of the question.

Yes Barack Obama, this economy is doing amazingly well to stay the best in the world. 

But it is not because of you. IT IS IN SPITE OF YOU!

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  1. Booth V.
    February 6, 2010 at 3:34 am

    Did you notice the job figures that were released today? Must have posted your ignorant, hate-mongering garbage prior to the release.

    Country First, right?

    • February 7, 2010 at 2:32 am

      Actually, as far as ignorance is concerned, the date of the post is listed, so it should be obvious to you whether I wrote this before those figures were released. And if you think that those figures reflect that wonderful job Team Obama is doing, well you should spend less time thinking of names to call those you disagree with and more time reading about how economic data works. Might I suggest Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics to start?

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