“The Republicans are racist”. “The conservatives are religious fanatics”. “The Libertarians are extremists” We have heard this nonsense for over a generation. But why has it gotten this far.  Until the Tea Parties, town hall, Great Awakening, or whatever you want to call it, it worked.  It even worked moderate Republicans who were afraid of “further alienating the black vote”.  But now, this new citizenship movement has made history’s the first real rejection of this very effective mechanism of cultural control.  And it might just leave the nation better than it was before “Hope and Change” began”.

The reason Obama’s supporters so often use race to defend him is that it  is impossible to disprove.  That is because it is possible to prove.  Scientists normally discount theories that  have a conclusion that cannot be disproven. 

It works because when they say you are a racist because you believe in the Constitution, you can’t really prove that you are not!  And you should not have to.  We recommend not even trying to convince these people that you are not racist. 

When someone is called a racist, it is like they have been hit with a substance that will not come of.  It is like being “slimed”.  Once a black person calls you a racist, even with no foundation, it ends the rational quality of the discourse.  If you say no I’m not, they just accuse you of being dishonest with yourself and them.  Any facts you present become mired in their notions of  “the man ” manipulating them.

But this new citizenship movement has changed all that. You all are not trying to get a higher percentage of the black vote.  You are simply trying to get your country back!  At the November 28 Tea Party we said

there is no reason why anyone should call you a racist for wanting  smaller government, better government, and lower taxes.  If you know that between you and God that you are not a racist, you have nothing to answer to them for.  Those who say that if  you are opposing Obama, you must racist, that is a bunch of garbage. In fact if you say that, then you are the bigot“.

You have a finger in the chest of Statist Contract of Hate, and The Greyfalcon thanks you!   You are the realization of “The Dream”.

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  1. Bruce Shell
    February 6, 2010 at 3:43 am

    Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, etc means zilch to God. How can God bless a people, a country who insults His very method of putting on flesh thru the womb of woman, then insults His image by tormenting and torturing these little children to death! “Choose you this day, blessing or cursing, choose life or death”. I guess our problems in our country stem from thinking we can mock God. “Whatsoever a man or men sow, so shall reap” Our country has sown over 50,000,000 lives since Roe. We should pray for crop failure! A song goes “Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow…”.

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