Progressive pro-abortion groups formed a coalition to ban from the Super Bowl a commercial featuring Florida Gator’s quarterback Tim Tebow.  They have been pressuring CBS to pull the ad for weeks, citing that the ad is divisive and politically polarizing.  Then the Mancruch dating service cried foul when CBS refused to run their ad showing two men making out.  But the attempts by these factions to make a statement against the Tebow ad has given the pro-life movement exposure that would have cost 20 times the 2.5 million that Focus on Family paid for the 30 minute spot.

Three major “women’s” interest groups, The National Organization for Women, The Feminist Majority Foundation, and the Women’s Media Center, filed a joint complaint to the NFL and CBS.  They called the ad “offensive” adding

By offering one of the most coveted advertising spots of the year to an anti-equality, anti-choice, homophobic organization, CBS is aligning itself with a political stance that will damage its reputation, alienate viewers, and discourage consumers from supporting its shows and advertisers.”

We don’t remember this kind of public outrage to the dozen’s of sexually explicit Super Bowl ads that could have easily deemed “offensive” to many.  And we would have not agreed with that outrage.  If any of those commercials turned some viewers off, then that means that they were also ineffective in selling to those viewers (though not always the case). 

In any event that is part of life, seeing and hearing things you do not agree with.  In fact, it is a very regular part of life for the Christian conservative. For the movies, network programming, and newspapers overwhelming tend to oppose the conservative perspective.

But that’s how it goes, it is a better world that we all have the “choice”.  However, the Mancruch ad has a different problem than just being “offensive” to Christian conservatives. It is wrong for the Super Bowl market itself.  If the CBS executives thought it was good for selling to the Super bowl audience, they could have made it work.  They are the same network that allows Kaite Couric to use her position as new anchor to openly advocate for Barack Obama’s agenda.

Jemhu Greene president of The Women’s Media Center said that the Tebow add had no place in  “an event designed to bring Americans together.”  

But if they think the pro-life movement is so divisive, why are they trying to get it pulled?  Wouldn’t that serve their pro-abortion agenda, people complaining about how evil those Focus on Family Christians are showing how a woman decided on life for her son who  grew up to be an All-American quarterback and Heisman trophy winner.

Oh, wait, people will actually be encouraged by that.  And now after weeks of trying to censor the Tebow ad, this discussion has revealed the intolerance and bitterness of these “feminist” organizations.

The fact is the Tebow ad is perfect for the Super Bowl demographic, and therefore good for CBS.

The Mancruch ad is not, and other gay organizations agree.  Queerly, a gay lifestyle website contends that:

gays should thank CBS for rejecting the Mancrunch ad, noting that the commercial was poorly composed, made a mockery of gay sexual practices, and was full of over-used gay clichés.”

The website representative also adds that the rejection will probably drive traffic to their website and YouTube posts to see what “was all the fuss”. While secular progressive groups accused CBS of discrimination, many marketing analysts believe it may have been a publicity stunt to get attention from people who may have not even planned the Superbowl.

“I’m not quite sure the Super market would encourage me to spend 2.5 million on a gay dating service ad” a St. Louis interactive media consultant observed.  “They got a lot more bang for their buck by being rejected by CBS, and CBS does not have to deal with the possible negative impact on its other adverting accounts”. 

So the controversy about the Tebow ad is not just a celebration of life, values, and freedom of speech, it is about business.


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