“We need a commander in chief not a professor of law.”  Sarah Palin spoke at the National Tea Party Convention this weekend. Her statements were in reference to the Obama’s unwillingness to assertively identify the Islamic fascist enemy.  And considering how easily Obama decries the “wealthy”, “fat-cat CEO’s”, and Fox News, she has reason to be “scared” when she looks at the direction that Washington has taken during his administration.

Sarah Palin’s strength is that she always cuts to the case.  When Chris Wallace asked her what she thought about Obama’s presidency Palin responded that it seemed like he wanted us to sit down and shut up. Wallace pressed her for an example as to when he specifically said that, and she said that it was just his general attitude.  

The Palin haters made a big deal about her not citing an example, but that was actually wise for her not to.  Her addressing the insolent things he has said this year would have been a distraction from what she was doing at the conference.

The Greyfalcon will offer some specific examples.

“I don’t want you to do a lot of talking.  Get a mop and help clean up the mess.”

He told those who supported his health care plan to “Get in their face”, if anyone opposed his plan.

“You’ve got people waving teabags around”.  an obvious and childish swipe at the Tea Party Movement.

Deprecated Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh directly, his czars tried to pressure Glenn Beck’s advertisers to pull commercials.

He recently exhorted people not to pay attention to the blogs. What is the impression made by a president that complains about how blogs  are treating him?  That is weak!    We treat the issues with scrutiny, and don’t really care how he feels about it.  Is he actually asking us to give him the same pampering that he got from his pals on the major networks?


Also, what he has failed to do reveals the veracity in Palin’s statement.  When the police arrested his buddy Professor Gates, he immediately denounced  the them, even though he admitted he did not have all the facts.  However, when Kenneth Gladney was assalted  by his allies in SEIU, he said nothing.  Eric Holder could have demanded the issue be taken care of, or  Obama could have at least condemned the union for not taking action against Gladney’s attackers.

 That is in effect an attempt to silence, by giving approval to your allies when they use violence to silence political dissension. 

We hate to make this comparison again, but the 1930’s saw a similar situation with Ernst  Brownshirts.  Whether it’s Rahm or Roehm. it still sucks.

Just something to think about.

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