Many people ask “why do so many black people vote for the Democrats”.  The “black communities” social conservative nature has got considerably more coverage in the last few years.  But their is an ideological collaboration between the progressive authoritarians and the anti-Republican black political establishment.  This collaboration is rooted in the academic radicalism of the late 1960’s, and developed into a commercially promoted, mainstream political perspective.  They have been able to drive blacks away from the Republican Party and Constituional conservatism associating it with racial oppresion.

The primary mechanism of control used to maintain this is what we call the Dominion Consciousness.  The Dominion Consciousness is the notion that being black gives you authority over other black people’s behavior.  Those with this mentality believe that they have the right to impose themselves on other blacks to protect the “race”.   Common example of this is when a black person makes a really big deal about the way another black person looks or acts, justifying by “I can’t let you make us look like that”, or “that’s not what black people do”.   A glaring example of this is the countless “house slave references” you see on the black affairs web site “The Root”.  They use this to denigrate black conservatives and other black that they disagree with. 

Kind of makes them a hate site, doesn’t it?

In effect, these people assume dominion over your “blackness”.  Blackness becomes the ultimate yardstick for self affirmation, not personal beliefs or  philosophy.  In this world, the ex-con who did ten-years for hurting other black people still gets to be more right than the young student with all A’s, if that kid does not acknowledge that they are both victims of the white man.    You can see how this will lead to the higher rates of crime and lower academic performance  in these communities.

The second principle is the idea that there is an “invisible hand” that is preventing black people from succeeding.  This invisible hand keeps them from achieving academically and economically.  The promoters of this doctrine insist that this is the creation of the lingering impact of slavery and Jim Crow. The invisible hand’ is supposed to take effect regardless of ones choices or individuality.  No matter how good or smart you are, this invisible hand will hold you back because you are black.   To people who believe in this, their B in a class or promotion to a vice president position means more than the same achievement for a white person because the blacks were contending with this enemy.

This phantom obstacle is the partner of the third villain, the Mind Control Machine.  The Mind Control Machine is what the “The Man” uses to make black black people do things that hurt themselves and each other, to protect their privilege. The race merchants hold this to be the reason why such a higher percentage of black men are in prison.  The Mind Control Machine is blamed for  the basic pathologies and counter productive behavior that causes the social and financial problems in the “black community”.   It was all by design,to keep the black race behind the white race. 

The Mind Reader Machine is the last part of the equation.  The device allows the user to know that whatever a white person says or does is motivated by racial hatred.  If a white person say something good about a black person, he really didn’t mean it.  If a black person hangs out with white people, then they must be making fun of her behind her back when she is gone.   If a white person doesn’t like an individual black person, then it is because they don’t like any black people. 

The Mind Control Machine was demonstrated in the advent of the “code word” hysteria, were words like socialist and community organizer were defined as another way of saying something bad about black people.  

And as we have seen throughout this last year, if people, who happen to be white, object to the punitive, authoritarian agenda of a Statist black president, then they are protesting him only because he is black. Even stupid white soicalist zealots have access to the Mind Control Machine.  Jeanine Garofalo on MSNBC said of the Tea Parties “this is about hating a black man in The White House.”  And of us black people who agree with the these white people she adjusts “They must have Stockholm Syndrome”.   

Never mind that Obama is a punitive authoritarian Statist. We obviously would have been just fine with Howard Dean or Dick Durbin running 2 trillion dollar annual deficits and subordinating the private sector to the public sector.

The appeal that these four ideas have to Statists is that it allows their anti-individualism to flow through 13% of the population with an amplified racial animus.  Then, the  practitioners of this inimical doctrine i.e Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah “broke down George Jefferson” Wright, Maxine Waters, can exchange their willingness to handcuff the psyche of “their people” for the right to share in the spoils of spending.

The best way to get away with selling someone out is to accuse someone else of selling them out!

Statists, race mongers, we do not discriminate, THEY AE ALL COWARDS TO US!

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  1. Dr B Leland Baker
    February 11, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    Concur on Statism … and I addressed their racism in my book as well.

    GreyFalcon, please write to my email … I’d like to send you a copy of my book.

    Dr Baker

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