Last year after Barack Obama’s was elected president, Newsweek’s cover title  was”We are all Socialists Now”.  After Obama’s victory the nation seemed to have shifted toward  big government and higher taxes.  But now in 2010 things have changed dramatically.  The Tea Party and town hall movements have shaken the foundations of  both political parties, causing the Obama Administration to recoil from its transformational rhetoric.  Democrats have changed their tune from late 2008, promoting themselves as budget hawks.  This was clearly demonstrated by 97.1 talk show host Jamie Allman’s interview with United States Senate candidate Robin Carnahan. 

Robin Carnahan is the Missouri  Secretary of State.

Early in the discussion Allman asked Carnahan if she would have voted for Cap and Trade.  She responded by saying that she would have not voted for this bill, because “the proposals were all over the place”.  She added “I will not vote for anything that will stick it to the consumers,” and that she also recognized that coal production was important to the Missouri Economy.  Jamie advanced the inquiry by trying to get a definite answer on whether she supported the idea of the bill, or if she just didn’t like it based on the particular details of the current version. 

Here Carnahan introduced the bipartisan theme that Obama has gone to increasingly since the Scott Brown victory.  She contended that the Republicans have used Cap and Trade is a “proxy fight” for their opposition to high taxes.  Allman followed up with “you criticize the administration” for the massive government spending. Carnahan stated that she did in fact disagree with the president on this matter, but was careful to add that “both  sides” were responsible for the problem.

Here she took her first chance to go after her opponent Congressmen Roy Blunt’s record.   Blount who was House Minority Whip until 2008, and briefly House Majority Leader, has been the target of several aggressive attack ads suggesting that he has contributed to strengthening the nation’s enemies.  Veterans for Roy Blount have countered this with their own campaign declaring:

The ad makes an offensive claim that Roy Blunt is somehow supportive of terrorism and attempts to associate him with the Christmas Day Bomber. The ad goes further by superimposing Roy Blunt’s image over footage of the horrible terrorist attack on the USS Cole which killed 17 American sailors.

Carnahan insisted that she had no control over the anti-Blount spot, and that she thought that independent political ads such as this go to far.  But she also said that the issue was a legitimate concern.  She followed by saying that under  Blount’s  congressional leadership the nation went from a 128 billion dollar surplus to a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit.  Allman reminded her that we had also entered into two wars.  She agreed that this fact had to be taken into consideration.

Carnahan used this opportunity to echo another Obama mantra.  On the causes for the deficit, she charged “it was tax cuts for the wealthy”.   On her stance on using permanent tax cuts to generate jobs  she repeated that notion stating she was in all for reducing rates for the middle class but that “I’m not in favor for extending tax cuts for the wealthy.” 

Allman makes his first clear challenge with “Aren’t they the ones who create jobs?”  Carnahan pivoted away from that with “We’ve taken on big financial interests” and that the people want someone like her “not someone who is in bed with them.”  Here Carnahan tempers her disagreement with Obama’s spending with a lockstep agreement with his ideology!  The financial industry is the scapegoat, and a means for the Democrats to make themselves the keepers of social and economic justice.

At this point the dialogue between the two was very civil and professional, but Carnahan soon changed that. 

JA: Did you vote for him

RC: Yes

JA: (calmly) What surprised you?  Everything he did he said he was going do.”

RC: (snapping, rude) Come on Jamie.

At this point Carnahan’s tone changed noticeably.  Before she was framing herself as a centrist, she now went into Team Obama mode.  She claimed that she was surprised, but did not answer Jamie’s question as to what surprised her.  Instead she reiterated the all to common administration defense that the financial crisis and deficit “was not a mess that he got the nation into.” 

The Greyfalcon has interviewed several non-partisan observers who said that this response was a real turn off to them.    The American people are ready for Obama and the Democrats to stop blaming George Bush and starting taking responsibility for the year he has been in office, and the three years that the Democrats have had the Congressional majority.

She also deprecated Blount for voting against Pay as You Go.  What she omitted was that the Republican opposition to this was based on the fact that they believe that it doesn’t sufficiently cut spending, and just gives the Congress license to raise taxes dramatically.

It probably should be called Tax as You Go.

Carnahan continued down the path of condescension.  “I love your show, you talk abut common sense.  I want you to add credible. Look at their record. Ask him about the past.”  So Jamie should rebrand Allman in the Morning to make it better to grill Roy Blount and others the disagree with. 

Allman tested her with “you would have voted against it (TARP).”  Carnahan spoke with authority but dodged giving a real answer.  “I would have demanded accountability. It need accountability.”  It took Jamie asking her three times before she stated clearly that she would have voted against it, after making the lack of “accountability the main reason.  

 But she never objected to the premise of spending tax payer money to bail out large financial institutions, and she never objected to its impact to the debt, or the fact that the TARP inspector Barosky flat out said that it did not work.

That’s like when someone asks who if you dislike a person you hang out with, you say “I would like him to be more polite” instead of “yes I like him” or “no I don’t like him”.


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