One year ago Team Obama was ready to “Fundamentally Transform America”.  They took a 52-53% win in the popular vote as a mandate for structural and permanent change in the nations economic system.  This was not the case.  The America people were looking for a fundamental change not in our private sector freedoms but in the responsiveness from the government.  Now, Obama’s approval numbers in the mid 40’s and members of the Democratic Congress are dropping out of races in increasing numbers.  The stature of this administration is in free fall, and Obama is still touting the success of a stimulus that has not worked.  Republicans are speaking of retaking Congress and grassroots conservatives are speaking of taking the nation back.  But it is important to understand why Obama’s agenda has failed, and not to make the same mistake

  Barack Obama came into office with very good personal approval ratings, sometimes as high as the low 70’s.  But he took this as meaning more than it did, going after the Republicans with “Get a mop”, and going after the folks with “they are waving tea bags”.  He was patently wrong on at least a half-dozen major issues, including the police case with his professor buddy Gates. 

During the first year of his presidency the national deficit was increased 1.4 trillion in one year and unemployment went from 7.6 to 10.0.  And instead of changing course, Obama blamed Bush.  But the collapse in his program was not simply because things have gone poorly.  The real problem is that he has gone too far into academic Statist la la land, and when he tries to come back a bit the left of his base rejects him as an opportunists. 

The Obama coalition was a ponderous collection of basically incompatible factions, such as the unions, environmentalists, anti-war crowd, black issue groups, feminists, and the “modern socialists”.  Surprising to many, the modern socialists were among the first to abandon the health care reform, because the Congress was more into get something passed than getting the “public option.” 

But Obama is also very much responsible for his demise, denigrating “the rich” in hundreds if not thousands of references in his 415 + speeches.  He made small business, bank CEO’s, and individuals as sure he was going to punish them in the name of “social justice”.

The Tea Party stopped this Statist train in it’s tracks. But it is important to understand that it was not about us making people “more like us”.  Commentators are touting the poll that showed 40% of America is conservative, but some are missing the point on this.  That is a sample of people that reflect the values and basic belief that American people have in this great nation. 

It is not a mandate for self-indulgent grandstanding.  Though we want conservative principles executed, those who voted for Obama are not the enemy.  They are fellow Americans.  And the whole “you are either a Refounder or you are a Progressive” thing is no better than Obama’s partisan ideological nonsense. 

And saying “I don’t care how you vote, can I trust you” is problematic.    People are really not that concerned about candidates saying “I’m not one of them.  I am different”  That is becoming a fad.  What they want is answers.  And they want their freedom preserved, not handed to a new cult of personality.

The Tea Party worked because many people who voted for Obama or didn’t vote at all said “wait a minute this isn’t right.” 

The same thing can happen in the other direction if we are not careful!

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