“We want you to be more than the party of no.”  This has been the rationalization for Team Obama throughout this process.  But this mentality is a reflection of the poor me attitude that has been Obama’s calling card.  There has been discussion amongst conservatives as to whether the Republicans should even go to this health care summit at all.  But it is possible that the conservative movement can be advanced if our representatives speak the language of the people’s power, not convenient compromise.

 Before the election of Scott Brown, the Republicans did not have enough votes to stop any bill on their own.  The “obstructionism”  was not initiated by the GOP, it was  started by US!   The Tea Party “finger in the chest” of  the Pelosi Frank Cabal helped others who they counted on to stand against them.

The first real push against the Democratic leadership’s health care reform was in the form of  the town hall protests at the Democratic meetings, and by all reasonable accounts most of the first objectors were people who were Democrat voters.  Many of those who were rejecting faux care said “we voted for Obama, we voted for hope and change, we didn’t vote for any of this.”

Among the proposals coming out of the Obama camp are to extend the range of a 2.9% on those making over $200,000, having it apply to more items than on previous bills.  This appears to be a round about way to increase taxes on “the wealthy” without coming out and say that he is doing it.  this is the kind of thing that makes us just want our representatives to reject the whole thing.  The notion seems to be raising taxes on families through a health care bill so you are not held accountable.  This is dealing from the bottom of the deck. 

The Wall Street Journal Today also reports that Team Obama is looking for a $2000 penalty per person levied to small businesses for each person that is not covered.  That is up significantly from previous figures. That hardly goes toward helping to “save or create” jobs.

What those that call us unreasonable do not understand is that we are concerned that even a scaled down bill will be a gateway to socialized medicine and a redistribution of income and healthcare.   St. Louis School Member Kirby Karl says:

The word “politics” is comprised of two words. These two words sound very similar to two other words with very similar meanings. The words “poly”, meaning “many” and “ticks”, meaning “bloodsuckers”. The nature of most politicians is to suck their victims dry. You let them bite and they won’t quit sucking. If “We The People” decide to concede one iota, in regards to healthcare, we’re just going to get gangbanged by these lying crooks. There’s virtually no trusting them, nowadays, unfortunately.

 Obama says” do not oppose good ideas because it is good politics.”  This is where he misses the point. It is the president’s responsibility to convince the people that his ideas are good.  Telling people not to oppose something he wants is the very tactic that is PISSING PEOPLE OFF! We are not doing to for fun, we REALLY THINK THIS STUFF IS BAD!

The Republicans should listen, and GO READY TO SAY NO! The class warfare end before we are prepared to even discuss working with Team Obama’s agenda. I vote SCRAP THE WHOLE THING AND START OVER! IT IS DAMAGED GOODS! Work on bills that address the problems of those who are getting a bad deal, not on giving Pelosi dominion over the private sector.

Sometimes, it is more productive to JUST SAY NO!

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