Last Tuesday March 2, we saw a good indication of where things may be going in the near future.  Rick Perry, JD Hayworth, and Charlie Rangel’s careers all saw major turning points occur on this day.  They Greyfalcon believes that this is a barometer of the people’s desire to have a spirited yet balanced response to reversing the Obama agenda, and that candidates and commentators best pay close attention to how the futures of all three played out on this day.

Governor Perry defeated Kay Baily Hutchinson and Debra Medina, receiving 51 percent of the vote.  Apparently, Medina did not expect to win, but hoped to force a run off between Hutchinson and Perry, so she could have her people vote against Perry.  Why?   If “purity” is such an issue, then Hutchinson is not a reasonable transfer for the Medina camp.  Perry called her on voting for bailouts for financial institutions. 

So the idea was for Medina to make a statement by losing, then causing Perry “the Progressive”, who is pro-life,  strong on gun rights and state rights to lose to someone whose record is far worse when it comes to the grassroots concerns?  That does not make any sense unless the purpose is to draw attention to Medina herself. 

What’s more striking is that people of Texas see Perry as their grassroots governor.  When asked why they voted for him, many said that it was because unlike Hutchinson, Perry was going against the big government insider baseball.  You see, the people who vote are not limited to the world created by a few talk show hosts who create alternate realities.  They know who they want to vote for.

Perry described his victory with “Texas voters said no to Washington bureaucrats … and yes to leadership that controls spending, fights for individual freedoms and the United States Constitution.”  He even spoke at the April 15 tax day Tea Party. 

Medina found herself “in trouble” when she said that “there are some good arguments” for the charge that the 9/11 attacks were sponsored by the government.  This makes her unelectable anyway, so her running was just to show that she could stop Perry.   That’s a lot of the people’s money to play the role of spoiler and to make yourself a celebrity.

Grandstanding is less becoming than pandering.

Perry won because he communicated a solid message based on himself, not a bunch a abstractions that require a very selective historical focus.  The people are not voting for Thomas Jefferson, they are voting for their next governor.

The same day the Arizona Tea Party announced that it is not endorsing anyone in the Arizona senate race.  This is a disappointment to J. D. Hayworth, who seemed to expect to have their support.  Many believe that Sarah Palin’s endorsement of McCain was a major factor.  Also, Hayworth’s shaking position on the issue of Obama’s citizenship, and his poor reputation on spending issues are also a probable cause for his losing the Tea Party support. 

Also he used a lot of cliques “John has been in Washington to long,” and “he wants to be a conservative when it’s election time”.  Much of his campaigned seemed to be that he was not John McCain.  He simply ran a poor pre-primary campaign.

Finally, Charlie Rangel will step down as Ways and Means Committee Chairman(actually he is taking an extended leave of absence until a final verdict is rendered.).  This after pressure on his failure to pay taxes on millions of dollars of income and property.  Rangel’s  being forced out of the position likely means he will not seek reelection.  Though investigations brought him to this decision, no one can deny that strength of the citizenship movement forced the aggressive action.

On ethics investigation of other Congressional member you happen to be black, Al Sharpton said “there are those groups who are pressuring the ethics committee to investigate these members.”  When O’Reilly pointed out that most of the people on those committees were liberal, he said that they did not want to investigate, but that “some groups, you know who they are” have been making them do it.  He refused to name the groups.

What he seemed to be referring to is the overall impact of the Tea Party and town hall movement toward corruption and government irresponsibility.  The Congress is afraid of the consequences of not pursuing this because the nation is moving in a very different direction, and if Congress a negligent on disciplining Rangel, they will be punished even harder in November.

March 2 was the beginning of the NEW DAY in American.



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