Saturday, March 6, Senator Jim Talent spoke at Pillar in the Valley in Chesterfield Missouri.  Jim Talent served as United States senator from 2002-2006.  Talent’s speech was on the importance of maintaining America’s strong military posture.  He covered a variety of different issues regarding nation defense, and he answered a number of questions from those in attendance.  Senator Talent addressed this very important issue at a time when the current political focus is on health care and the economy.  Revisiting these concerns is vital for the conservative movement to maintain the balance it needs to provide a comprehensive and functional agenda for the nation in the November elections.

Talent started his presentation by emphasizing that according to the  Constitution, the federal government is required to provide the nation’s defense.  He pointed out roles such as regulating interstate commerce was a voluntary power, but that national defense is a mandated power.   This is very important, as in past elections presidents have been campaigning on economic policy, which is not really a primary executive function.  Presidents do not write economic bills, they only declare that they will veto or sign them.  The president’s role as executive makes him the enforcer of those laws once passed, but he is supposed to do so not based on his personal views but on his role as executive. 

But, as Talent explains, the president is specifically identified as the commander-in-chief.  When the choice came down between Barack Obama and John McCain,  the debate was primarily about the economy.  

The Greyfalcon believed this was a mistake.  The reason why we choose John McCain over Barack Obama was McCain would be a far better commander-in-chief.   That was the overwhelming consideration, because it is the most important power that the president has. 

As we have seen this past year, the president’s power over the economy has once again been over stated.  And his campaign promise to have the troops out by the end of 2009 was also not kept. 

Talent advocated maintaining our previous policy of coercive interrogation asking “how many people would oppose it if they knew it would stop an attack against America”.  He also addressed a question on why we cannot do anything about the money coming from Saudi Arabia to supply the jihadists.  Talent tied this funding in to the problem that our new enemies are not tied to nations, but to complicated networks.  He added that if we had spent a third of the money from the stimulus package on upgrading the nation defense and intelligence capacities, we could have been able to eliminate many of the threatens that are  looming today. 

Senator Talent also questioned Obama’s removing missile defense systems from Europe, and warned that China’s intention to project power in the region was a major problem for the future.  Quoting Reagan observation that “America has never gotten into a war because it was too strong”, he exhorted the administration to reconsider its apology and disarmament rhetoric.

The Greyfalcon also sees the problem as one of defining the enemy.  The War against Terror was the mantra of the Bush years, and even that was not specific enough.  Serge Trifkovic writes “If during WWII we had declared war against blitzkrieg, then Germany would have won that war.”   

This is not a war against generally angry terrorists, but a concerted effort on the part of our enemies for a very clear purpose.  This enemy is a stable coordinated operation by a very real entity.  This entity is The Union of the Caliphate.   Both Osama Bin Laden and the Muslim Brotherhood have been very clear on what they want.    Former Brotherhood member Al-Zawari, the number two-man in al-Qaeda, joined Bin Laden to form al-Qaeda.  al-Qaeda, or “the base”, was formed for the expressed purpose of ridding the Middle East of the political governments in nations like Saudi Arabi, Egypt, and Turkey, so that they can unify the region under a singular Wahabi Islamic regime with strict sharia law. 

Al-Quaeda sees the United States as the main force that is keeping these  nations in power.  Talent explained that it is not practical to demobilize around the world and not expect to  be attacked.  He contented “In the end, they will still see us as a obsticle to they ends.”

If we begin to identify The Union of the Caliphate more directly, we can more clearly confront them at the source.  But the politcal and ideological persuasions that Team Obama enjoy will make that very difficult at this time.

Jim Talent understands that the need for change in 2010 is not just on the economic front, but in the foreign policy realm as well.  And the movement must embrace this understanding if it hopes to effect real change this fall.

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  1. March 28, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    You are right on. I so enjoy your posts. Thanks for your great insight and patriotism. This is not, like so many, a black/white issue. This is about the safety and future of our country. I agree, Jim has a good handle on this issue, and therefore, was a great resource for our township meeting.

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