Barack Obama wants to spend $4.4 billion on schools and communities that have high school graduation rates under 60 percent.  Though this may sound like a noble gesture, when one considers Obama’s denigration of “the rich”, it reveals the Statist Cabal’s plans to punish success and reward failure.  His  use of TARP and  funds for job stimulus and  car company purchases, one can expect he will also use this spending to advance the Green Jobs for Cons program.  While Obama looks to implement Van Jones and Elaine Johnson’s vision to give jobs to people who want to rob us, others are taking measures to protect themselves from these very people.

The Greyfalcon does not believe that people in the “inner city” are naturally any less moral or any more prone to crime than anyone else.  Most of the people in these communities are hard-working people who are annoyed by lack of government responsiveness just like we are.  Every town has bad apples and outlaws and unruly people.  Up until recently, most places  would ultimately reject those who constitute the lowest common denominator.  But, in many of  these “low achievement” zones that Obama wants to subsidize, instead of  demonizing the thugs and criminals, their peers and  the Statists defend them as victims of America’s “unfairness”.

Basic gun licensing, as well as conceal carry and open carry are one of the few areas in our society where upstanding citizens still have the upper hand over the creeps.  In most high crime areas, the criminals are often glorified and socially rewarded for their behavior.  But, they still cannot get guns legally.  And when you see a middle aged woman exercising her second amendment rights through open carry, then we know she is one of the good guys.  They don’t give open carry permits to people with criminal records. 

But according to some of the proposals floated by the administration, the “high school revamp” spending will also be used to train ex-cons for “Green Jobs Training”.   All ex-cons are not dangerous, but the practice of giving money to them based on being ex-cons is contrasted by the gun licensing  board’s excluding of these people of the right to open carry or conceal carry.  And those with the most basic gun licenses necessarily have better background records than the thugs.

So Obama’s subsidies are actively working against the good sense reflected by the  gun license qualifications.  If it is so important to equalize everything, should we also give these ex-cons the same gun rights?  Off course not, and those who are planning to commit a gun offense have no intentions of going through legal channels to obtain a weapon. 

Michael Moore and others claim that America has the most violent crime of any industrialized nation, and that legal access to guns is the reason for high crime rates.  But this is not the case.   Jon Dougherty of the WorldNet Daily.com reports:

The International Crime Victims Survey, conducted by Leiden University in Holland, found that England and Wales ranked second overall in violent crime among industrialized nations.Twenty-six percent of English citizens — roughly one-quarter of the population — have been victimized by violent crime. Australia led the list with more than 30 percent of its population victimized.

England, the nation that has so many young people on THE DOLE, has the one of the highest rates of violent crime.  Our friend Katie, a grant writer for various North St. Louis, describes her experience and understanding of the English way. 

The young people in England are proud to be on the Dole.  The Dole is the government subsides they get for being unemployed.  It’ is their version of our welfare system, but the English do not even try to get them off of it.  And the squatters have more rights than the building owners.  It is illegal for the property owners to through them out, they have to apply for permission to do so, and that can take several months or more.  Also, they cannot turn off the utilities or they will be punished.  Once the squatters are there they must be taken care of by the owners.  And there was no shame in the people who were receiving The Dole.  They felt they were entitled.”

The Holland study showed the United States to have a victimization rate of about 21%.  England’s was higher, and as Katie pointed out, they have a welfare state that rewards the youth’s laziness.  Team Obama calls this new spending “jobs training” but we have personally witnessed how these blanket government boondoggles end up as just paychecks for “the experts”.   The justification for the spending is based on the idea that recipients people are “disadvantaged”.  So the program directors job security based on things staying bad for a long time. 

This is the story of massive government entitlement culture.

And remember, the $4.4 billion goes from the cities to other government contractors who have a stake in the economics of failure as well.  Along with these contractors, many anti-gun activists say the answer to reducing crime is giving the people who would be committing them more of the tax-payers money as a means of placating them.

A local version of appeasement. How did that work out in the past?

And the English ban on guns, combined with their state backed stealing of private property (under the guise of  squatter rights)  results in a higher crime rate.  And since Australia’s 2000 ban on guns their violent crime rate has skyrocketed.  This includes and 45% increase in armed robberies and a 300 percent increase in the rate of gun homicides in the Austrian state of Victoria. They also have seen a major increase in attacks on the elderly. 

 Wonder if they would embrace open carry right about now.

In the last year crime has gone down noticeably.  According to the FBI, their preliminary analysis indicated that overall violent crime dropped 4.4% in the first six months of 2009, with property crime dropping 6.1%.  While discussing this, some of those we talked to said “It is because Obama is giving poor people hope.” 

Before we could respond a man overheard this and said, “Nope, it is because the bad guys know we’ve got more guns, and they see us carrying them.” 






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