“Companies have learned not to keep so many clothes on the rack, not to keep so much inventory, and unfortnaley have had to lay off a lot of people.”  She adds that through cutting costs they are now in a position to start showing profitibilty.  Sandra Smith Fox Business reporter.  So it s this process, not the Recovery Act, that is what accounts for whatever stabilization that has occurred.  The GOP has yet to get this message out clearly, maybe because they want to posit themselves as saviors.  No matter who is in office, it will also be the people who make or break our economy and our society.  There may be more hard times on the horizon, but so far the hardworking people of America have put us in a position to handle them.

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  1. Jim Means
    July 19, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    When are we going to face the reality that the only reason for a profit oriented company to build manufacturing facilities in the United States is a belief that the “Made in USA” label is worth more than the high cost of labor and environmental, occupational safety, and potential further government interference. Not many corporations buy that.

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