April 4, 2010 2 comments

On FOX Sunday, Arlen Specter and Kevin McCarthy showed what they were about.   Specter, who recently switched parties because to was apparent he would not win the 2010Pennsylvania  Republican Primary, advocated the Obama Administration’s agenda, while McCarthy spoke on the prospects of the Republicans retaking the House in November.  This is the kind of contrast that will work for the GOP this fall.

Chris Wallace asked Spector about how the Obama Administration asserted that the Stimulus Package would keep unemployment below 7.7%, and that it would have been 9% without it.  Spector replied that it hadn’t worked work out quite as well as they wanted it too, but that “most would agree that it saved the nation from a 1920’s style depression.”  This statement is a media ready sound bite, and does not stand up to strong economic examination.  They have never established the cause and effect relationship between this $800 billion dollar boondoggle, and the fact that the nation’s economy has not collapsed.  The people worked harder and cut costs to make their businesses and household’s work, and they are trying to give the credit to themselves. 

This is why the people are angry, because of the disconnect with reality that people like Spector demonstrate on a regular basis.

Republican California Congressman Kevin McCarthy shows the kind of understanding that will serve the GOP cause well.  McCarthy recognized that the falling poll numbers of Congress “do not mean that the people are happy with the Republicans”.  McCarthy is leading the operation to hep Republicans win in November, but says that he wants the priority to be on helping America and not just helping the party.  He believes that Republicans can win the House next year, and that their margin of advantage over the Democrats with likely voters is “probably four points higher” than the 47% to 44% advantage they have now.

If GOP speaks the language of the American Experience instead of the langauge of party opportunism, they have a chance to be very successful in not only winning the Congress back, but in creating a situation where they can bring some Democrats on board with them to provide a better direction for our government.

But they must stay away from promoting candidates that represent the corruption and failures of the 2006 Republican defeat.  This includes those who were defeated themselves in 2006 because of doing the very things that the people rejected the Republicans for in the first place.

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April 4, 2010 3 comments

“You listen to Black Sabbath?”  “You must be a Satin worshipper!”  How many times did we hear that, back  in the seventies and eighties?  Many assumed because of the name that the boys from Birmingham were celebrating the joys of selling ones soul to the devil.  But if one listens and reads the lyrics, you find that the opposite is true.  Upon closer examination, Black Sabbath is actually condemning the very things that they are accused of  promoting.

In the late 1960’s, vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Bulter, and drummer Bill Ward made a fateful decision.  They changed their name from Earth to Black Sabbath, and they decided to play dark music.  Ozzy Osbourne says that they used to rehearse near a movie theatre where Boris Karloff’s horror movie “Black Sabbath”, was playing.  Ozzy explains “Isn’t it weird that people pay money to get the crap scared out of them.  That’s when we decided to play scary music.”  

At that time Geezer Butler was big into magic and the new age mystical thing. He had been given a book that was about the occult, and he kept it in a book-case near his bed.  Geezer says that one night he was awakened to the sight of a hooded man in a black cloak at the foot of the bed.  “I couldn’t see  his face.”  He said that he watched the man take the occult book out of his bookcase and then he left.  Geezer thought it was a dream but “when I got up the next morning, only that book was gone!”

Geezer told Ozzy about the encounter, and Ozzy wrote the lyrics to “Black Sabbath”, the first song on their debut album by the same name.   As far music supposedly getting people to worship the devil, Black Sabbath had the opposite effect.   When I first heard this song on headphones, IT SACRED THE HELL OUT OF ME! 

Geezer reveals “The way I saw it, as far as this occult thing goes, I saw it as a sign that I needed to either get in all the way or get out completely.  I choose to get out!”   

The song ends with “Satan’s coming round the bend, people running cause they’re scared, the people better go and beware.  Oh no, please no!”   The song is not about how cool Satan is, but about how it sucks when he comes for you.

Geezer actually wrote most of the lyrics, but on this one Ozzy set the tone for Black Sabbath as a band that guides the listener through the world’ battle between good and evil.

From the same album, “The Wizard” describes a magical stranger that comes to save the people from harm.  “Evil power, disappears, everyone’s happy when the Wizard is near” and “all th people give a happy sigh” demonstrate Black Sabbath’s perspective.  There are powerfully bad forces at work in the universe, and it takes even stronger forces to dispel that evil, and that the evil must always be confronted. 

The next song “Behind the Wall of Sleep” also frames this struggle, ending with “Now from darkness there comes light, Wall of Sleep is cool and bright.  Wall of Sleep is lying broken.”  Once again, the people are delivered from suffering in the world of Sabbath.

Geezer wrote N.I.B. is about Satan falling in love with a human woman and changing, becoming a good person.  That may sound weird to many, but it is a nice thought.

“Wicked World” a song that laments the blight of the less fortunate with “People where on earth are dying of all these diseases”, rounds out an album that throughout engage the subject of  morality and humanity’s value with their driving flowing dark brew of  well-played music. 

Their second album Paranoid continues this theme, with the  song “”War Pigs” denouncing the horrors of war with “Hand of God has struck the hour.” and “on their knees the War Pigs crawling, begging mercy for their sins, Satan laughing spreads his wings. O Lord Yeah!”  Electric Funeral issues a similar warning to the despots with “Evil souls fall to Hell, ever trapped in burning cells.”

Off course I don’t think Black Sabbath is a Christian rock band in the conventional sense of the word.  But most who decried them as a group that promoted Satan obviously didn’t actually listen or read these lyrics. 

And that is a problem that applies to many situations today.

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April 3, 2010 9 comments

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu gained notoriety last year for year her decision to support the healthcare reform bill in exchange for a $300 million dollar earmark for her state.  Many who are outraged by this dubbed it the “Louisiana Purchase”.  Mary Landrieu objects to this, claiming that she did not do a deal in “a smoke-filled room”, and that she was merely correcting a mistake made by the federal government.  But her defense of this unpopular manuever demonstrates the real problem with agenda that is being forced upon this nation.

When asked about if she dislikes the term “Louisiana Purchase” for the deal, she replied:

 “Not only do I dislike it, it’s really a mischaracterization of what happened, it is not a special deal for me, it’s a fair deal for the people of Louisiana.  I’ll tell you what happened, the levees broke, and the hurricane hit and the levees broke.  Our personal income went up 40%, not down, according to the federal government.  It’s never happened in the history of the country and it’s false.  All the extra money, that poured into the state, the federal government claims we are 40% richer.  It’s laughable, it’s a joke.  So we fixed it. When the income goes up by 40%, our Medicare reimbursement drops.”

So let’s get this straight.  Because your state received billions in federal aid, you deserve millions more in federal aid because the federal aid you received was so much that it reduced the amount of aid that you are entitled too.  What is frightening is that a senator expects that to make sense to the people listening. 

She continues: “It’s because of the insurance money that poured in, and the federal funding that poured in, and it arbitrarily and artificially increased our per capita income.  The federal government is saying we are 40% richer, it’s a joke.”

Hold on.  Landrieu is actually claiming that Louisiana has been victimized by all of the federal aid and insurance money that has come to the state to help it rebuild.  This is important on many levels.  First if Louisiana is getting the money from the insurance companies, one would think that would be preferable to them being denied that money.  Second, she is basically saying that if you make more money, the government penalizes you, so it is better to make less so you can get the government to do more for you. 

She is saying this. Mary Landrieu, not Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.  So, Obama should spend less time complaining about talk show hosts.  This time it is a Democrat that voted for the bill he signed that is calling him into question.

Also Landrieu insisted that the federal funding and insurance money “arbitrarily and artificially increased our per capita income.”

Federal spending doesn’t do that …..wait a minute IT DOES!  She is now saying that public sector spending distorts the income figures, making it look like things are improving when they are not.

Where have we heard that before. Oh yeah. THE RECOVERY ACT.  Mary Landrieu is attacking the entire foundation of the Team Obama approach to this economy!

And throughout the interview, she continued to say “it’s a joke”.  Senator Landrieu informed “The governor (R-Bobby Jindal) and I stood shoulder to shoulder to tell the federal government that it is incorrect.  We have always paid 70 cents on every dollar for Medicaid”.  She says with the upper income adjustment, they will have to pay more. 

So the federal government, led by Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Frank IS WRONG?  And she is standing with Bobby Jindal, a staunch conservative, against them?  Hmmm….

That is much better campaign material than any Republican member of Congress will get from going on a talk show.

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March 28, 2010 14 comments

Right after Team Obama got their “historic” healthcare legislation,the media, went back to their stock “the GOP and the Tea Party is racist” thing again.  Though they have not produced a single piece of hard evidence that anyone used racial epithets at the Washington protest last weekend, they are playing the “it has been said” game to plant the idea in the heads of the less observant.  We believe this is a tactic to divert attention from the fact that even Democratic voters are angry about how this went down.  But this time, we are ready for them.

After the Scott Brown victory, many people thought that the healthcare reform issue was over.  The incompatibility of the Senate and House bills made reconciliation seem unlikely to work to many.  But with the unscrupulous use of the Slaughter rule, and the Stupak block taking the payoff for a yes vote, we have this lousy bill.  So before people can learn more about what is being done to their personal realities by this garbage, we are getting hear say stories of threats, insults, and ethnic slurs from the conservative opposition.  Though they have not been able to prove that this has been prevalent, it is enough to give hate mongers like Keith Olbermann enough to go on.  He said that racial hatred is a strand part of the Tea Party movement. 

But still no evidence to that.  Not one piece.

But we have evidence of their racial animus.  Howard Dean called the GOP “the white party”, and said that the only black people at the Republican national convention were members of the wait staff.  However, the 2008 Republican presidential primary had just as many black people in it as the Democratic one.  And Alan Keyes was a person with TWO black parents, not to say there is anything wrong with only having one or  none.  The point is the case he  was making against the Republicans about not having black people in their committee was false.  Michael Steele and Ken Blackwell candidacies for RNC chair also contradict Dean’s idiocy.

John Lewis, one of the black Democratic leaders who claims that racial attacks were made once did a commercial referring to the prospect of Southern Republican victories as “crosses burning all over again”.  So his credibility on this issue is shot.

Reverend Wright demonstrates the real source of this notion that the GOP is against black people.  When asked abut the anger toward the  legislation, he said that it “was all about the hate in this country for people of color and poor people”. 

Wait a minute.  How do people of color automatically become just like poor people?  There are not any rich black people who would like lower taxes and a government that doesn’t punish success?  Oh that’s right, if some white person calls a black person a name then that makes him or her a victim of this nasty, evil bigoted nation.  Even if he or she  wealthy, successful, intelligent strong and happy.    How convenient.   You get to have the edginess” of being disadvantaged and the resources of the people you accusing of being the oppressor.

Jeremiah “broke down George Jefferson” has it all figured out.

I went to his church July 17, 2008, and the pastor Rena Wright (his sister?), made several backhanded stabs at Obama for abandoning Wright.  But the church was this beautiful multi-million dollar building in the middle of this very poor run down neighborhood.  If the GOP had taken cameras and discussed the community around 95 and State where this church is, Obama probably would not have won.

But they didn’t. 

The Greyfalcon encourages the GOP to challenge the Democrats to name five policy initiatives, laws, or Congressional actions that have earned them 85-95% of the black vote in presidential elections. 

We can’t name one.  Maybe it is the stigma, smearing, and GOP lack of aggressiveness in confronting these charges.

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March 23, 2010 2 comments

Fox new analyst Marc Lamont Hill,  MSNBC hosts Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, Congressman Sheldon Whitehouse, and many others specifically accused the Tea Party and town hall protests of being racially and ethnically motivated.  Nancy Pelosi cried saying that the citizenship participation movement reminded her of the “anger” she saw in the past.  Jeanine Garofalo called th Tea Parties a manifestation of the “white power movement” and “about hating a black man in the Whitehouse”.  And how many called Rush Limbaugh a racsist for saying that he wanted Obama to fail?  For almost a year, this was the primary mode of attack against the grassroots effort.  But now, Al Sharpton, one of the original race mercenaries for the Democratic Party, is now admitting that Obama is a socialist.

On Geraldo Rivera last night, Sharpton gave Obama and Pelosi credit for the passage of the House bill.  He lauded it with “I think that this is the, began the transforming of the country to the way the president had promised, this is what he ran on.”  Geraldo interjected “some would argue to socialism”.  Sharpton responded:

well first of all, you would have to say the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they voted for Barack Obama.  Let’s not act as though the president didn’t tell the American people, the president promised the American people health reform, when he ran he was overwhelmingly elected, and he has delivered what he promised.” 


But did he?  Sharpton continues “I don’t understand Republicans who say this is against the will of the American people, this is not some concept that the president introduced after he won.”  Actually it is. Even though he did say he wanted universal healthcare in his  primary debates against Hillary Clinton . .  he said that he opposed fining people for not having health insurance. 

Maybe Al should used some of that money he gets for the National Action Network to hire someone to do some internet research.

 I thought socialism was a code word for “black” and was racist to use. So it’s OK for the race mongers to use it when they get what they want.  When Erik Rush identified Reverend Wright a Marxist, these people said that it didn’t reflect Obama’s views, and that making a connection between them ideologically was unfair.  Everything they said about the Tea Party opposing Obama because he was black was a premeditated rouse to defend an undefendable agenda. 

Those of you in the media who called the Tea Protesters racially motivated when you had no proof, YOU ARE COWARDS.  If you had said that you thought Obama was a socialist in April of 2009, then there would have been no grounds to demonize the grassroots movement. 

You who were in a position report on this great gathering of concerned citizen fairly, but choose to play into the Reverend Wright? Al Sharpton racial narrative, YOU HAVE DISHONORED YOUR NATION, AND WE WILL NOT FORGET THIS!

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March 20, 2010 6 comments

“We can’t have people gaming the system”, claims Obama when asked about the health care bills requirement that everyone purchase insurance.  The fine and possible imprisonment for tax evasion is one of the many odious features of this draconian policy being imposed on this great nation’s people.  But it was Hillary Clinton, not  Barack Obama who promised to do this during the election. In fact, he was able to convince many voters that he was the more centrist candidate by opposing Clinton’s demand that everyone be mandatory enrolled.  Yet this statement has yet to be brought up during this healthcare controversy.

This debate occurred after John Edwards had fissled out,  and it was their “sitdown ” event where they spent much time discussing healthcare reform.  Hillary Clinton had actually been the candidate that had been pushing for the windfall profits tax, stating “I would take those profits and use them for creating green energy jobs”. 

Even though Obama favored heavy taxes on energy companies as well, the focus was on Clinton who made it an early staple of her campaign.  Even though her original 2001 appeal was stronger among of the traditional centrist  demographic, she seemed determined to outdo Obama on the hard left front as well.  This was a dreadful mistake, as the polarizing comments by her husband (though not really racist) and the media’s embracing of Obama made her the establishment candidate, and therefore not cool.  Even Fox news was often siding with Obama when it appeared that Hillary was in control of the contest.  Sean Hannity railed against Clinton for trying to change the rules in the “beauty contest” primaries in order to get those delegates seated for her.  Glenn Beck called him “a nice guy” frequently during the beginning of his run.  “I don’t know much about him, but I like him”, and “can we get out of this pattern of Bush Clinton Bush Clinton” showed that even Beck was a little soft on him early on. 

During the Clinton Obama debate, Clinton asked Obama why his plan would leave off 15 million people.  Obama responded by saying that he wanted to make sure that every child was enrolled, because children did not have a choice in the matter.  That was actually a fairly reasonable and interesting point, and most of us preferred this position to hers.  She countered with “If you don’t go in to it going for universal coverage, than you’ll get nickeled and dimed to death on the bill”. 

Here Obama snapped back “What do you want me to do, fine them?”  We agreed with him, it was absurd to make people buy health insurance.  Many of the people who voted for him said things like “Obama is right, you can’t make people buy health insurance.”  One Obama supporter who watched the debate said “Look at those lines in Britain to see a doctor, we don’t want that here.” 

How did people forget this?  Well, the Republican leadership, instead of trying to prove their edginess to the Tea Party by saying dopey things like “this will break him” and yelling “you lie”, could have done a little research on things like and built a media savy case on this debate.  How could his backers defend healthcare mandates based on ethnic or moral grounds when their beloved  Obama spoke against it? 

Oh we know, “the media is protecting Obama, the media would ignore it”.  Those excuses are tired.  They had enough media exposure to get elected, they should have found a way.  We don’t elect conservatives to play the victim!

The reason may have been that they were more into the dramatic effect of framing of  Obama as a socialist, something that though makes sense, is hard to really nail him on to those who are on the fence.  Instead of looking for soundbites on talk shows, maybe a little elbow grease on this stuff would have dislodged some of the moderate support for the bill.  Much of the support for this monstrous policy is for based in the people’s liking Obama and the idea of him succeeding, not the policy itself.

The Tea Party and town halls handled the energy, emotion, and organization, the senators and congressman need t be creative, constuctive and PROFRESSIONAL.  They are not talk show hosts.  Their job is to govern and lead.

In order to beat Hillary Clinton, Obama said that he would not fine people for being without health-insurance. Now that he is the president, he is benefitting from collective national amnesia.

Here is the Febuary 26, 2008 debate in question. .


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March 14, 2010 2 comments

There has been some buzz about the national movement called “The Coffee Party”.  Some in the national media who dislike the Tea Party movement framed it as a direct challenge to grassroots phenomenon.   Many in the Tea Party felt assured that they were gearing up to attack conservatives, and with Truth Squads and White House snitch sites we had reason to be weary.  But one person who attended the meeting at Mokabe’s Coffee in St. Louis has a different take on the group.  Mark insists that The Coffee Party is not intending to oppose the Tea Party, but to simply provide another means to achieve some of the same goals in a somewhat different way.  He and I discussed many assumptions and concerns that people had about both sides of the political spectrum.

Upon arriving to Mokabe’s, one could see a sign in the window announcing the meeting.   Once  inside, though the meeting was already over,  there was a residual debate gong on between a man and a couple.  This was a friendly but spirited conversation.   The topic was what causes inflation, the man said government spending, the young couple held that it was because, “corporations are pocketing too much money”.  He continued, “we are so focused on growth and getting bigger, the scale of everything is more, that is why things are more expensive.”  The young lady added “As for government spending, defense spending is a lot too.” 

A good start.

Mark, who was enjoying a speciality drink began to discuss what the meeting was about.  At this point he did not know the Greyfalcon was conservative or involved in the St. Louis Tea Party.  Overhearing questions about the Coffee Party Mark said, “I was there, and it was not about bashing the Tea Party.  It was about getting government to be more responsive, that government was not all bad, but certainly was not  representing  the people well enough.”  Mark continued, “The idea was to bring consideration and civility make to political discourse.  When someone was introduced as a Tea Party member, the people clapped.”

At the Todd Aiken town hall Wednesday, the 2200 plus clapped for the person who identified themselves as a Democrat.  Mark was pleased to hear that.  When asked if they thought that the Tea Party was seen to be uncivil he said, “Those are the ones we see on TV.”   

Then, we discussed the statements made by Barack Obama about “Don’t do a lot of talking and get a mop”, and “you have people here (In St. Louis) waving tea bags around”, as well as Obama’s bitter response to John McCain at the health care summit.  Mark said he had never heard about any of that, and that he Obama “usually does not do that”. 

This is an obvious source of dissention between the political camps.  We are well aware of Obama’s unprofessional and threatening posture toward the private sector and conservatives, but many of them do not notice it.  But that is likely based on the sources for their information.  MSNBC, CNN, the major networks and print media have been careful not to show Obama in a way that would make him look bad.  But those remarks he made and many others cannot be put in a positive context.

Mark also reported that the term “teabagger” was discouraged, and that he had advised the one woman who used the term not to do so, and she agreed, as well as the others.  Mark was not even sure that the group was clearly left leaning, explaining “I would have assumed that, but except for a couple of speakers who were clearly liberal,” there was not a lot of specific pro-left posturing.  He admits “I originally thought you where left-leaning, to be honest, because of the place we are in, and I hate to say it,partly because you are black”.

As far as blacks being left leaning, the media and the political establishment has done a lot to make the rule, so that mistake is understandable.  And Mokabee’s is known as the “alternative gay and lesbian” establishment, although obviously it is not exclusively so.  And from living in South City for 12 years, one cannot help but the notice the anti-Bush pro-Obama slant of the that area. 

But one of the women working behind the counter was a Republican.  She said she voted for Bush both times then voted for Obama.  We have heard that many times.   When asked if the group was looking for provide balance he said “not against the Tea Party, but they did want to offer another avenue to get people involved politically.  We broke into groups of about six and the “facilitators” had us make a list of things that we thought were major problems in the nation.”

Facilitator.  A significant difference between the two operations for sure. 

Mark also added “The leader Dan Lear said he was a homeschooler, and that he did not want the Coffee Party to be co-opted by the Democratic Party.  Dan thinks that th Republican Party is trying to co-opt the Tea Party.”

The man who was talking to the young couple joined our conversation.  He was definitely a free market guy, but he was also at the Coffee Party meeting.  On his debate on inflation, I agreed with him, adding the going of the gold standard helped blow up the money supply.  He replied “that was under Nixon.” 

There are certain commentator(s) who insist that the road to the deficit and financial crisis was paved by “Progressive presidents”, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and Bush family.  But absent from this repeatedly bashed historical figures list is Richard Nixon, who instituted some anti-free market  executive authoritarianism of his own.  These include price and wage freezes, pulling the nation off the goal standard, and applying the “Philadelphia Plan”, which established quotas for racial hiring.

We was a Republican.  And he threatened people he didn’t like as well.  Obama should be weary of going down this road.

Mark did not give of the vibe of someone who hated conservatives, and made a concerted attempt to make sure that the Coffee Party was not deemed a challenge to the conservative movement.  That, regardless of how one feels about this stance, speaks volumes about the credibility that the Tea Party has.  Even when the Team Obama advocates in the media hype the group up as the answer to the conservatives, those involved do not want the job. 

According to the release put out on their Facebook site, they claim to have had 65 people, the press said 40. 

In any event we thank Mark for giving us the scoop.

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