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December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Sarah Palin bailed out the floundering McCain presidential campaign.   Then she became the media phenomenon and is now running at a higher approval rate than the embattled Barrack Obama.  Yet some “conservative” media figures have taken it up themselves to promote the same unfounded charges against her that are typically levied by the Left’s smear merchants.

A Republican woman, a strategists on the Leon Charney show actually said that she was a drag on the McCain ticket.  If you do not like Sarah Palin or do not think she is ready to be president, that is one thing, but to observe that campaign and suggest that McCain would have come closer to winning without her defies good sense.  He would have done better than 47% with Romney?  Even with Hutchinson?  Making such a claim brings ones own powers of perception into question, thought a suspect the young lady was more a victim of what she wishes were the truth.  She also criticized the Republicans for not going along with the Presidents massive budget request, though now it turns out that is one of the sources of the Party’s higher approval rating.

Haven’t heard from her lately.  Oh well.

Then there’s David Brooks.  He said of Sarah Palin “She’s a joke.  The president has got two wars to fight,” and that he didn’t have time to worry about her.  Yet in that time his approval rate has plummeted even further, and he hasn’t exactly engaged the Afghanistan War with vigor and resolve.  But when Brooks makes this kind of statement, he shows that it is he who is the joke.  Either he is insulting the intelligence of those who support her, or her is somehow unaware of this m movement’s embrace of Palin.  If he insults our intelligence, then he is a fool. 

Recent polls show  the Tea Party has moved ahead of the Democrat and Republican Party.  And if he was so good and gauging the landscape he would know that Palin extremely popular with this movement, gaining approval from many would say they may not vote for any other Republicans.

And if he doesn’t understand the depth of her appeal with us, then he obviously isn’t very good at what he does.  I get same questions from members of the St. Louis School.  “What’s he ever done?”  and “Like he is relevant?”.  So Mr. Brooks, it is you who are now irrelevant.  You have made the mistake of putting your “record” against a Sarah Palin who actually did something economically viable in Alaska with the oil company renegotiation. 

David Brooks, you have marginalized yourself.  It is we who do not have time for “conservatives” like you.

We have a nation to save.