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December 12, 2009 Leave a comment

President Barrack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in Copenhagen was much more about war than peace.  Obama addressed the apparent contradiction posed by being a recipient of this award even though he is commander and chief of a nation fighting two wars.  In his initial remarks, he refered to the fact that “there is evil the world” and that “non-violent movements would not have defeated Hitler or gotten Al Qaeda to lay down its  arms.”

Many observers, including a number of conservative commentators, gave him credit for finally acknowledging that America has the right to combat aggression.   However, this was not consistent with his overall message.

The last year has seen the America reject not only his economic agenda but his foreign policy as well.  Obama’s cascading popularity tends to be primarily attributed the national reaction to his disastrous fiscal policies.  But one of his most significant losses in popular support came when he was lambasted for his contradictory and political reversal on his campaign promise to actively pursue the Afghanistan War.

So it is not surprising that he would throw out a few lines about America strength, because we have been punishing him for projecting weakness.  The American Awakening has been challenging the administration’s foreign policy as well as it’s domestic policy.

In November The St. Louis Tea Party called for a commander-in-chief that “backs its troops and tries to win wars it is engaged in”.  It also called for the Obama to “stop prosecuting our military people and intelligence operatives for doing their job”.

At another tea party, a black marine told the audience that he had to explain to his daughter that they were not leaving America because “We don’t surrender, I’m a marine.”

The Greyfalcon sees Obama’s apparent new position on American military virtue as an exercise in political survival.

With George Bush’s approval rating nearly pulling even with his, he cannot afford any more hits to his already severely tarnished image. 

Without that he doesn’t have much left.