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A Year Later

November 4, 2009 Leave a comment

The Greyfalcon would like congratulate Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie, and Doug Hoffman for their ground breaking performances in the November 3 elections.  Bob McDonnell won the Virginia gubernatorial race in a landside, defeating the incumbant Creigh Deeds by 20 points.   Chirs Christie triumphed in the New Jersey race, besting  govenor Jon Corzine.  And most impressively, Conservative  Party candidate Doug Hoffman forced liberal compromise Republican Dede Scozzafava out of contention, and nearly won the NY-23 election against the highly funded,  establishment backed Democrat Bill Owens.

McDonnells’ victory was the most decisive, receiving 1.1 million votes.  Last year Barrack Obama became the first Democrat to win this state since 1964.  But McDonnell’s positive, issue backed campaign overcame Deeds, the DNC, and an “always got time for a good fund-raiser” Obama.   The administration claims that this was not a reflection on his performance, and that it was not that big of a deal.  Then what was Obama doing there in the first place?

This is actually an example on the administration’s chronic unwillingness to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong.  If Deeds won, don’t you think that they would have taken credit for his success?   Of course they would.  They’re always good for that. 

Chris Christie’s race was the most colorful in terms of the actual content.  Corzine spent $30 million in one the most negative, ugly, and irreverent campaigns in recent history.  He even resorted to making references to Christie’s weight, comments which he deflected using his media savvy and great sense of humor.  Christie simply outclassed Corzine, identifying the  state’s high taxes and outrageous state expenditures as the sitting governors’ primary weaknesses.  In his acceptance speech, he summed up the Democratic governors’ derisive tactics with the phrase “Enough is Enough”.

Late in the race Obama abandoned Deeds to focus on backing Corzine, seeing that as the more winnable and consequential contest.  It didn’t work. 

Again Obama supporter’s insisted that this was no statement on his agenda.  How does Deed’s or Corzine’s agenda differ from Obama’s, and why did Obama back him?  Was he bored?  I guess he didn’t have anything better to do.

The New Jersey race also demonstrated an important contrast between our movement and theirs.  This new citizenship awaking is driven by politically engaged people who are arguing from an intellectual and historical framework.   Their campaigns are based on name calling, grandious rhetoric, and an association with a pop-culture icon president who is no longer en vogue.   Conservatives have taken the mantle of idealism away from the Left.

Finally, Doug Hoffman’s run in the infamous NY-23 battle is one for the ages.  After entering the race as a concerned citizen to oppose Owens and the GOP pick Dede Scozzafava, he became the hero of principled conservatism.  The Republican old gaurd claimed that Scozzafava had the best chance to win beat Owens, even though she was pro-choice, pro cap and tax, and pro card check.  The district conservatives rejected this notion, embracing the independent Hoffman. 

Scozzafava pulled out, but in a bad faith scorched earth move she threw her “support” to Owens, who in many polls was trailing Hoffman.   This is after the GOP gave her a million dollars.  A million dollars wasted on one of the weakest liberal republican congressional candidates of all time. 

In spite of this double-cross Hoffman persevered, receiving endorsements from Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.  On Tuesday night he lost to Owens by  four points. 

Geraldine Ferraro and others call this a repudiation of the “far right” and claims it shows that NY-23 are moderate Republicans.   This absurd position actual shows that their movement is politically and morally bankrupt.

Hoffman, just another guy, actually ran against both parties at the same time and almost won.  They are claiming victory over someone who didn’t have any national party support and almost beat their Obama backed Democrat.  

And they needed the Republicans’s  help to beat him.  If this is their idea of victory then they are in serious trouble.

St. Louis Citizenship Movement

October 19, 2009 1 comment

The Greyfalcon is a current events and political blog.   The focus will be on advancing the conservation on how freedom is being impacted by this  federal government’s agenda.  The goal is to develop a fellowship amongst conservatives, independents, and everyone  else who may be  concerned about the current state of affairs in America today.   The Greyfalcon advocates a common sense coalition, not limited to alignment or identification.  Though  written from a conservative perspective,  the ultimate cause is the phenomenon that has evolved into this generation’s most energized citizenship movement.  This movement was spearheaded by some conservatives, but now has grown to include millions of independents, moderate Democrats, and even many liberals who are disaffected by the overbearing directives coming from this government.                                        

In this case we make a distinction between liberals and progressive authoritarians.  Liberals are basically those who seek to use government policy to achieve what they perceive to fairness and balance, for the sake of improving the lot of the less fortunate.  A true liberal wants to raise taxes on the wealthy to help those in need based on a genuine sense of altruism.  Dennis Kusinich and Kendrick Meeks are liberals in this respect.  Progressive authoritarians differ from liberals in that they openly forsake the interests of the “poor” for the sake of achieving control and punishing those citizens they find threatening.   Massive inflationary spending, the cigarette and soda taxes, and the proposed looting of medicare are all measures that hurt low income families.  These and other such measures are designed to subordinate individual behavior to the public sector.   At best, they believe that individuals are unable to make the best decisions for themselves, and at worst they simply see themselves as having the right to dictate terms because they are in the government.  Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Barbra Boxer, Dick Durbin, and Barrack Obama are all progressive authoritarians. 

This clear distinction between liberals and progressive authoritarians is vitally important to the growing citizenship movement.  Historically, true liberals opposed giving the government  too much power, and were defined by their desire  for freedom.  But this new cabal in power today are losing the confidence of  these very liberals, as they are obviously not lovers of individual freedom.  So even though The Greyfalcon is certainly a conservative blog,  it invites betrayed liberals to join in this populist campaign to restore the vitality of the greatest nation on earth.  And we encourage Democrats to retake their party from the dogmatic usurpers who have turned it into a front for big money identity politics and media manipulation.   And we call on those around the world voice their belief in America and the universal truth that freedom and strength are always better that socialism and surrender.