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December 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Recently Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid compared proponents of HC3962 to those who fought for the abolish of slavery.  Obviously, Reid didn’t think this through very well.  I hope he didn’t anyway.  Through this gratuitous use of the nation’s greatest crime and contradiction progressive authoritarian committment to the politics of victimization, attempting to garner support from blacks and those sympathetic to their historical suffering.  But his bland delivery (he read it from his notes), and the statements awkward placement reveal his absolute disconnect with this nation’s true character.

And it also reveals him to be a racist.  Whenever someone on the far left is losing a debate with conservatives, they pull out the old, “what about the plight of African-Americans” play (actually we’re black Americans, or just Americans but that’s another issue). 

When Sean Hannity was refuting two UC Cal Berkley students who were advocating socialism, he got them to admit that they would have to confiscate people’s wealth to achieve that goal.  One of the women said “you tax them, there is no reason why anyone should make more than $500,000.”   (By the way, Berkley Cal grad students, if you have a cap you don’t need a tax!)   The other student said, capitalism is not working, ask the African-Americans here in Pittsburgh who are out of work.  Last I checked there were white people and Hispanics out of work too.

While we’re at it, Sean was instrumental in the vindication of the Haditha marines, who John Murtha tried to strip of their freedom. 

Here, our nation’s “best and brightest”, resort to a racial appeal to defend an indefensible position.  Whenever that neo-socialists get into a bind they claim they are doing it to save the poor, hapless black people who cannot compete in this evil free-market economy.  

The fact is, black Americans have emerged as one of the most prosperous groups in the world.  Would one argue that the people of Liberia, Iraq, Bosnia, Mexico, Burma, or Iceland generally have it better than black people in this nation?

And as for actual African-Americans, immigrants who become citizens, between 43-48% of them get college degrees, and as a group earn at least 100% of the national income average within two generations.  By the way, many of them are descendants of the people who sold our ancestors to the Europeans, so maybe Malik Shabaz should be trying to get reparations from them!

Prince Harry is trying to appeal to his “subjects” sense of inferiority and weakness.  He knows that the driving force behind the dwindling popular support for this bill is the idea that it will help the less fortunate.  He and his Statist cabal are trying to suggest that the town hall protesters  and Tea Party movements are trying to disenfranchise minorities because they cannot handle the physiological impact of having a half-black man in the White House.

But it is this very Statist cabal that is trying to disenfranchise us!  Everything in this bill is designed to restrict choice and redistribute health care to those who need it less.  The plan forces everyone to get insurance, pay a fine, or go to prison.  It cuts half a trillion dollars from Medicare, which will reduce access to seniors who worked in a time where handouts were not so plentiful.  And they beat the Nazis, so they deserve better than this. 

It imposes payroll taxes on small businesses that are not involved in the public plan, and through underhanded and unconstitutional methods drives the top marginal rate up to 45%.  This at time when the unemployment rate stands at 10%

Reid fashions President Barrack Obama as the Great Emancipator.  I see him more as the Great Subordinator.

St. Louis Citizenship Movement Plays Major Role in National Politics

December 5, 2009 Leave a comment

The St. Louis Chapter of the American Awakening has been in the national mix since the beginning of this story.  The St. Louis School of common sense conservatism has emerged as at least as formidable as the Chicago Political Machine.  

During the summer town hall meetings, Kenneth Gladney, a black vendor was viciously attacked by SEIU union thugs who called him the N word.  The two men who assaulted him were black, and explicitly citied his being a black person opposed to Obama as being the reason why they attacked him.  

Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingham, Glenn Beck, and Bill O’Reilly all featured the incident on their programs.  This helped bring to light the questionable relationship between SEIU, ACCORN, and Barrack Obama.

When Obama leapt at the chance to defend his buddy Professor Gates, a black man who had wrongly accused the police of racism, he exposed a clear bias against the Gladney case.  He had often cited SEIU as his allies, even stating that they would be part of shaping the nations transformation.

Ernst Rohm and the Brownshirts were also promised a part of shaping Germany’s future in the 1930’s

The unwillingness of local district attorneys to prosecute the case, as well as the case of Kelly Owens, demonstrates this administration’s selective attention.  Attorney General Eric Holder is eager to prosecute our intelligence operatives, but has put no pressure on this situation.


Also, the Whole Foods Buycott, a commercial support of the company’s CEO for opposing the Health Care Reform, resulted in a $50,000 profit for the company. Dana Loesch and Gina Louden did more to save the nation’s economy in one day than this congress and this president has done in an entire year.

Dana has also spearheaded the “Dump Dede”  campaign, which helped save us from another Republican advocate of this Statist agenda.  And the resounding support for Doug Hoffman, a relative unknown, suggested possibilities that color the vision for a groundbreaking 2010 election.

On MSNBC, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine unsuccessfully tried to diminish the gains of the national grassroots movement.  He claimed that the Tea Party Awakening was “savaging” the Republican Party, and that it was actually going to benefit the Democrats in 2010.  He insisted that the movement had “sacked the Republican nominee” in New York-23.

This shows his ignorance and fear.  Politicians like Kaine act as though we don’t know what these candidates stand for.  What’s the point in voting for a Republican that is going to vote for things we don’t want.  As if we will feel good about giving our freedom away as long as it’s being supervised by a few Republicans.

Hey Tim, sometimes when you pretend that some else is dumb, it makes you look stupid.