When the April 15 Tax Tea Parties mobilized millions of citizens to a by-partisan challenge to government excess, the media and the administration dismissed them as marginal and divisive.  Today, nearly eight months later, the movement is at the forefront of this nation’s political debate.  

The Far Left has been diminished by it.

The moderate Democrats have been disciplined by it.

The Republicans have been reformed by it.

The Statists have been stymied by it.

And now the administration has been corrected by it.  Today at his Pennsylvania job summit President Obama actually said “Their simply are not enough government dollars to fix the economy by itself, jobs are created by the private sector.”  

Is he tapping out or just reaching for the ropes?

Funny we were saying that at our St. Louis Tea Party last Saturday, while he and the progressive authoritarian cabal were trying to jam HC3962 and a recently exposed Cap and Trade bill down our throats.  

In fact they were saying that in Dallas, New Jersey, New York (23), Virginia, Louisiana, and everywhere else for the last eight months!

So it takes finally losing a block of the left over the sending of 30,000 troops to war for Obama to seek counsel with us.  Aw, isn’t that precious?

Remember when he was “we-wed” up, when he told us to “grab a broom and start mopping“, when he told them to “get in their face”, and when he told his supporters to “punch back twice as hard“.

And remember when he came to Missouri talking about us “waving tea bags around”.   

Now, he speaks the language of the movement.  Does that mean he intends to act on it?  Probably not.  He is still drinking the Kool Aid.

But what is important is that he has had change his dialog not because he wants too, but because he has too.  His coalition has fallen apart, and he has to go back to pretending that he is a conservative-friendly by-partisan politician.

There is no more swagger in his step, he has lost his mojo.  He now tends to reciting prepared, contrived statements in a mechanical, pedantic mode.

This is because every time he tried to speak “off the cuff“, he got burned because we actually research the facts.  Every time he tried to mix it up with the people, he reveals himself to be unprofessional and thin-skinned.

He assumed that the messianic image that his handlers created would mesmerize us, or at least move his followers to silence us.  That has failed.

Obama claims that they have saved 1.6 million jobs, and that this was the best jobs report since 2007.  He is actually patting himself on the back for ten percent unemployment, an increase of 7.8 since he took office.  Yet he also said that the private sector creates jobs.

He is used to getting away with doing that, but the gig is up Jeeves. We’re on to you buddy!

They still incessantly blame the Bush Administration for the current unemployment. But do they bear any responsibility for anything that goes wrong?  Ever.

We understand that Obama’s number one contribution to the high unemployment is the uncertainty caused by his promise to sign on for these tax raising measures.  This include the hidden taxes in the Health Care Reform Bill, Cap and Trade, and his promise to let the Bush Tax Cuts expire.  Small business owners have already clearly stated that this discourages them from hiring.  Fox News business analysis Paul Gigot agrees “uncertainity has the greatest impact, it affects the confidence of employers.”

But that hasn’t stopped this administration from hiring thousands of government workers, and HC3962 would require 100,000 bureaucrats to administer the rationing and the manipulation of this nations health care.  

Those are 100,00 jobs we don’t need. Let’s work on replacing jobs that fulfill genuine demand and generate wealth.

And it remains to be seen if the slight dip in unemployment claims will hold up, as well as whether if it is due to benefits running out, people “giving up”, or people who have determined that this government will reward them more for being out of work.

St. Louis has yet to get a piece of  “Obama’s Stash”.  Nor do we want or need Obama’s Stash.

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