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March 28, 2010 14 comments

Right after Team Obama got their “historic” healthcare legislation,the media, went back to their stock “the GOP and the Tea Party is racist” thing again.  Though they have not produced a single piece of hard evidence that anyone used racial epithets at the Washington protest last weekend, they are playing the “it has been said” game to plant the idea in the heads of the less observant.  We believe this is a tactic to divert attention from the fact that even Democratic voters are angry about how this went down.  But this time, we are ready for them.

After the Scott Brown victory, many people thought that the healthcare reform issue was over.  The incompatibility of the Senate and House bills made reconciliation seem unlikely to work to many.  But with the unscrupulous use of the Slaughter rule, and the Stupak block taking the payoff for a yes vote, we have this lousy bill.  So before people can learn more about what is being done to their personal realities by this garbage, we are getting hear say stories of threats, insults, and ethnic slurs from the conservative opposition.  Though they have not been able to prove that this has been prevalent, it is enough to give hate mongers like Keith Olbermann enough to go on.  He said that racial hatred is a strand part of the Tea Party movement. 

But still no evidence to that.  Not one piece.

But we have evidence of their racial animus.  Howard Dean called the GOP “the white party”, and said that the only black people at the Republican national convention were members of the wait staff.  However, the 2008 Republican presidential primary had just as many black people in it as the Democratic one.  And Alan Keyes was a person with TWO black parents, not to say there is anything wrong with only having one or  none.  The point is the case he  was making against the Republicans about not having black people in their committee was false.  Michael Steele and Ken Blackwell candidacies for RNC chair also contradict Dean’s idiocy.

John Lewis, one of the black Democratic leaders who claims that racial attacks were made once did a commercial referring to the prospect of Southern Republican victories as “crosses burning all over again”.  So his credibility on this issue is shot.

Reverend Wright demonstrates the real source of this notion that the GOP is against black people.  When asked abut the anger toward the  legislation, he said that it “was all about the hate in this country for people of color and poor people”. 

Wait a minute.  How do people of color automatically become just like poor people?  There are not any rich black people who would like lower taxes and a government that doesn’t punish success?  Oh that’s right, if some white person calls a black person a name then that makes him or her a victim of this nasty, evil bigoted nation.  Even if he or she  wealthy, successful, intelligent strong and happy.    How convenient.   You get to have the edginess” of being disadvantaged and the resources of the people you accusing of being the oppressor.

Jeremiah “broke down George Jefferson” has it all figured out.

I went to his church July 17, 2008, and the pastor Rena Wright (his sister?), made several backhanded stabs at Obama for abandoning Wright.  But the church was this beautiful multi-million dollar building in the middle of this very poor run down neighborhood.  If the GOP had taken cameras and discussed the community around 95 and State where this church is, Obama probably would not have won.

But they didn’t. 

The Greyfalcon encourages the GOP to challenge the Democrats to name five policy initiatives, laws, or Congressional actions that have earned them 85-95% of the black vote in presidential elections. 

We can’t name one.  Maybe it is the stigma, smearing, and GOP lack of aggressiveness in confronting these charges.

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March 23, 2010 2 comments

Fox new analyst Marc Lamont Hill,  MSNBC hosts Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, Congressman Sheldon Whitehouse, and many others specifically accused the Tea Party and town hall protests of being racially and ethnically motivated.  Nancy Pelosi cried saying that the citizenship participation movement reminded her of the “anger” she saw in the past.  Jeanine Garofalo called th Tea Parties a manifestation of the “white power movement” and “about hating a black man in the Whitehouse”.  And how many called Rush Limbaugh a racsist for saying that he wanted Obama to fail?  For almost a year, this was the primary mode of attack against the grassroots effort.  But now, Al Sharpton, one of the original race mercenaries for the Democratic Party, is now admitting that Obama is a socialist.

On Geraldo Rivera last night, Sharpton gave Obama and Pelosi credit for the passage of the House bill.  He lauded it with “I think that this is the, began the transforming of the country to the way the president had promised, this is what he ran on.”  Geraldo interjected “some would argue to socialism”.  Sharpton responded:

well first of all, you would have to say the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they voted for Barack Obama.  Let’s not act as though the president didn’t tell the American people, the president promised the American people health reform, when he ran he was overwhelmingly elected, and he has delivered what he promised.” 


But did he?  Sharpton continues “I don’t understand Republicans who say this is against the will of the American people, this is not some concept that the president introduced after he won.”  Actually it is. Even though he did say he wanted universal healthcare in his  primary debates against Hillary Clinton . .  he said that he opposed fining people for not having health insurance. 

Maybe Al should used some of that money he gets for the National Action Network to hire someone to do some internet research.

 I thought socialism was a code word for “black” and was racist to use. So it’s OK for the race mongers to use it when they get what they want.  When Erik Rush identified Reverend Wright a Marxist, these people said that it didn’t reflect Obama’s views, and that making a connection between them ideologically was unfair.  Everything they said about the Tea Party opposing Obama because he was black was a premeditated rouse to defend an undefendable agenda. 

Those of you in the media who called the Tea Protesters racially motivated when you had no proof, YOU ARE COWARDS.  If you had said that you thought Obama was a socialist in April of 2009, then there would have been no grounds to demonize the grassroots movement. 

You who were in a position report on this great gathering of concerned citizen fairly, but choose to play into the Reverend Wright? Al Sharpton racial narrative, YOU HAVE DISHONORED YOUR NATION, AND WE WILL NOT FORGET THIS!

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March 20, 2010 6 comments

“We can’t have people gaming the system”, claims Obama when asked about the health care bills requirement that everyone purchase insurance.  The fine and possible imprisonment for tax evasion is one of the many odious features of this draconian policy being imposed on this great nation’s people.  But it was Hillary Clinton, not  Barack Obama who promised to do this during the election. In fact, he was able to convince many voters that he was the more centrist candidate by opposing Clinton’s demand that everyone be mandatory enrolled.  Yet this statement has yet to be brought up during this healthcare controversy.

This debate occurred after John Edwards had fissled out,  and it was their “sitdown ” event where they spent much time discussing healthcare reform.  Hillary Clinton had actually been the candidate that had been pushing for the windfall profits tax, stating “I would take those profits and use them for creating green energy jobs”. 

Even though Obama favored heavy taxes on energy companies as well, the focus was on Clinton who made it an early staple of her campaign.  Even though her original 2001 appeal was stronger among of the traditional centrist  demographic, she seemed determined to outdo Obama on the hard left front as well.  This was a dreadful mistake, as the polarizing comments by her husband (though not really racist) and the media’s embracing of Obama made her the establishment candidate, and therefore not cool.  Even Fox news was often siding with Obama when it appeared that Hillary was in control of the contest.  Sean Hannity railed against Clinton for trying to change the rules in the “beauty contest” primaries in order to get those delegates seated for her.  Glenn Beck called him “a nice guy” frequently during the beginning of his run.  “I don’t know much about him, but I like him”, and “can we get out of this pattern of Bush Clinton Bush Clinton” showed that even Beck was a little soft on him early on. 

During the Clinton Obama debate, Clinton asked Obama why his plan would leave off 15 million people.  Obama responded by saying that he wanted to make sure that every child was enrolled, because children did not have a choice in the matter.  That was actually a fairly reasonable and interesting point, and most of us preferred this position to hers.  She countered with “If you don’t go in to it going for universal coverage, than you’ll get nickeled and dimed to death on the bill”. 

Here Obama snapped back “What do you want me to do, fine them?”  We agreed with him, it was absurd to make people buy health insurance.  Many of the people who voted for him said things like “Obama is right, you can’t make people buy health insurance.”  One Obama supporter who watched the debate said “Look at those lines in Britain to see a doctor, we don’t want that here.” 

How did people forget this?  Well, the Republican leadership, instead of trying to prove their edginess to the Tea Party by saying dopey things like “this will break him” and yelling “you lie”, could have done a little research on things like and built a media savy case on this debate.  How could his backers defend healthcare mandates based on ethnic or moral grounds when their beloved  Obama spoke against it? 

Oh we know, “the media is protecting Obama, the media would ignore it”.  Those excuses are tired.  They had enough media exposure to get elected, they should have found a way.  We don’t elect conservatives to play the victim!

The reason may have been that they were more into the dramatic effect of framing of  Obama as a socialist, something that though makes sense, is hard to really nail him on to those who are on the fence.  Instead of looking for soundbites on talk shows, maybe a little elbow grease on this stuff would have dislodged some of the moderate support for the bill.  Much of the support for this monstrous policy is for based in the people’s liking Obama and the idea of him succeeding, not the policy itself.

The Tea Party and town halls handled the energy, emotion, and organization, the senators and congressman need t be creative, constuctive and PROFRESSIONAL.  They are not talk show hosts.  Their job is to govern and lead.

In order to beat Hillary Clinton, Obama said that he would not fine people for being without health-insurance. Now that he is the president, he is benefitting from collective national amnesia.

Here is the Febuary 26, 2008 debate in question. .


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March 14, 2010 2 comments

There has been some buzz about the national movement called “The Coffee Party”.  Some in the national media who dislike the Tea Party movement framed it as a direct challenge to grassroots phenomenon.   Many in the Tea Party felt assured that they were gearing up to attack conservatives, and with Truth Squads and White House snitch sites we had reason to be weary.  But one person who attended the meeting at Mokabe’s Coffee in St. Louis has a different take on the group.  Mark insists that The Coffee Party is not intending to oppose the Tea Party, but to simply provide another means to achieve some of the same goals in a somewhat different way.  He and I discussed many assumptions and concerns that people had about both sides of the political spectrum.

Upon arriving to Mokabe’s, one could see a sign in the window announcing the meeting.   Once  inside, though the meeting was already over,  there was a residual debate gong on between a man and a couple.  This was a friendly but spirited conversation.   The topic was what causes inflation, the man said government spending, the young couple held that it was because, “corporations are pocketing too much money”.  He continued, “we are so focused on growth and getting bigger, the scale of everything is more, that is why things are more expensive.”  The young lady added “As for government spending, defense spending is a lot too.” 

A good start.

Mark, who was enjoying a speciality drink began to discuss what the meeting was about.  At this point he did not know the Greyfalcon was conservative or involved in the St. Louis Tea Party.  Overhearing questions about the Coffee Party Mark said, “I was there, and it was not about bashing the Tea Party.  It was about getting government to be more responsive, that government was not all bad, but certainly was not  representing  the people well enough.”  Mark continued, “The idea was to bring consideration and civility make to political discourse.  When someone was introduced as a Tea Party member, the people clapped.”

At the Todd Aiken town hall Wednesday, the 2200 plus clapped for the person who identified themselves as a Democrat.  Mark was pleased to hear that.  When asked if they thought that the Tea Party was seen to be uncivil he said, “Those are the ones we see on TV.”   

Then, we discussed the statements made by Barack Obama about “Don’t do a lot of talking and get a mop”, and “you have people here (In St. Louis) waving tea bags around”, as well as Obama’s bitter response to John McCain at the health care summit.  Mark said he had never heard about any of that, and that he Obama “usually does not do that”. 

This is an obvious source of dissention between the political camps.  We are well aware of Obama’s unprofessional and threatening posture toward the private sector and conservatives, but many of them do not notice it.  But that is likely based on the sources for their information.  MSNBC, CNN, the major networks and print media have been careful not to show Obama in a way that would make him look bad.  But those remarks he made and many others cannot be put in a positive context.

Mark also reported that the term “teabagger” was discouraged, and that he had advised the one woman who used the term not to do so, and she agreed, as well as the others.  Mark was not even sure that the group was clearly left leaning, explaining “I would have assumed that, but except for a couple of speakers who were clearly liberal,” there was not a lot of specific pro-left posturing.  He admits “I originally thought you where left-leaning, to be honest, because of the place we are in, and I hate to say it,partly because you are black”.

As far as blacks being left leaning, the media and the political establishment has done a lot to make the rule, so that mistake is understandable.  And Mokabee’s is known as the “alternative gay and lesbian” establishment, although obviously it is not exclusively so.  And from living in South City for 12 years, one cannot help but the notice the anti-Bush pro-Obama slant of the that area. 

But one of the women working behind the counter was a Republican.  She said she voted for Bush both times then voted for Obama.  We have heard that many times.   When asked if the group was looking for provide balance he said “not against the Tea Party, but they did want to offer another avenue to get people involved politically.  We broke into groups of about six and the “facilitators” had us make a list of things that we thought were major problems in the nation.”

Facilitator.  A significant difference between the two operations for sure. 

Mark also added “The leader Dan Lear said he was a homeschooler, and that he did not want the Coffee Party to be co-opted by the Democratic Party.  Dan thinks that th Republican Party is trying to co-opt the Tea Party.”

The man who was talking to the young couple joined our conversation.  He was definitely a free market guy, but he was also at the Coffee Party meeting.  On his debate on inflation, I agreed with him, adding the going of the gold standard helped blow up the money supply.  He replied “that was under Nixon.” 

There are certain commentator(s) who insist that the road to the deficit and financial crisis was paved by “Progressive presidents”, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and Bush family.  But absent from this repeatedly bashed historical figures list is Richard Nixon, who instituted some anti-free market  executive authoritarianism of his own.  These include price and wage freezes, pulling the nation off the goal standard, and applying the “Philadelphia Plan”, which established quotas for racial hiring.

We was a Republican.  And he threatened people he didn’t like as well.  Obama should be weary of going down this road.

Mark did not give of the vibe of someone who hated conservatives, and made a concerted attempt to make sure that the Coffee Party was not deemed a challenge to the conservative movement.  That, regardless of how one feels about this stance, speaks volumes about the credibility that the Tea Party has.  Even when the Team Obama advocates in the media hype the group up as the answer to the conservatives, those involved do not want the job. 

According to the release put out on their Facebook site, they claim to have had 65 people, the press said 40. 

In any event we thank Mark for giving us the scoop.

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March 14, 2010 1 comment

We all remember those people who thought that heavy metal fans were stupid and uneducated.  Well, after Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister destroyed Tipper Gore and her power abusing hen pecked husband (I think his name was Al), the world had to face the fact that headbangers could think and speak as well as anyone.  In fact, sometimes metal bands actually replaced the traditional educational apparatus when it failed.  Such was the case with me, a socialist high school history teacher, and Iron Maiden. 

Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden had band names that sent shivers down the spines of parents, as well as some kids.  For me, Black Sabbath was the force that confronted evil and injustice with an organic pulsating dark sound.  Judas Priest was the catchy and slightly poppier declaration of metal solidarity.  And Iron Madien was the fast, over the top playing of a band that really liked world history.

And that worked out great for me because as an advanced student at University City High School, I was getting a lousy social sciences education.  Actually, the math and English departments were quite solid.  But other than Mr. Coaker, the U. City history and current events teachers were unhappy women pushing personal agendas.  I believe Mr. Coaker was a conservative, but I never had his class.  The women I had throughout my four years at that laboratory for applied Statism were more interested in make statements against those who they were threatened by. 

Maiden’s “The Trooper” was one of the metal anthems of the day.  The song is about the English commander Lord Raglan’s doomed and fool hardy cavalry charge against the Russians during the Crimean War.   Also on that album Piece of Mind is a song about the old fable “Flight of Icarus”, as well as a number about the lead character in the movie Dune.  I remember looking up the history behind the lyrics on those Maiden albums, which is far more than these self-serving, self-righteous “teachers” I had encouraged me to do.  

My junior year history teacher was a light-skinned black woman named Donna Rogers.  She orignally taught at our 80% black public middle school, and though she was a very suburban woman who send her son to a private school, she tried very hard to be “down”.    During the early 80’s there was a big issue in the “black community” (there really is not such a thing) about dark black and light skin blacks.  She made sure that she was in the “all the way black club”.  She even took me to see Louis Farrakhan in 1984, (when I was 12), and defended he and Jessie Jackson’s anti-semitic remarks.

One of Maiden’s staples is “Run to the Hills”, recounting the Indians struggle against the European occupation. Balancing that is the track “Invaders” which depicts the Vikings overrunning of the Europeans.  Dickenson recounts the English and Franks victimization at the hands of “the mighty Norsemen.”  These songs were on the same album, and they taught me something that most public school social studies teachers don’t have the guts or integrity to teach students.  The Europeans got invaded and enslaved, just like everybody else. I also, upon following up on this, discovered that the Islamic Saracens occupied Europe and subjugated whites. 

During one of Mrs. Rogers lectures on how black violence was actually white society’s fault, I mentioned what I had learned years earlier from my Maiden history forum.   She basically said I needed to play ball.  I was never very good at playing their kind of ball.  She once said that any salary over $50,000 was made at the expense of Latin America.  When she was saying that blacks are naturally victims based on skin color, I pointed out that in many Latin American countries her and I would not be in the same race, because I was much darker than her. 

She agreed, but then went on to talk about how white racism binds all blacks.    I saw black and white as artificial constructs, ranges which had no defined parameters.  Then I countered with my high school conservative activist idealism:

Black and white are not based on intrinsic uniformities.   The idea of associating appropriet social behavior or poltical party identification to black and white people is illogical, because physical characteristcs do not have constaining implications on social character.  The impact of appearance comes from how people react, and those choices are not controlled be the traits that constitute us as  black or white.

 Instead of backing her objection to this  with facts, she looked around to the class until they bailed her out with laughter and commotion.  And she was paid over $50,000 a year to fail us.  

The Iron Madien albumns cost me about $4 a pop used. 

Eventually I told her about how Alexander the Great destroyed the Persians army with a much smaller force, and she was offended that I identified with him over the  Persians.  The Madien song of the same name ended with “he paved the way for Christianity”.  When I discuused how his role in advancing Western Civilization made him much closer to me than Darius, she obviously didn’t know what i was talking about and said something about the fact that black people were victims of capitalism.  Somehow, my talking about Alexander the Great got her to admit she was a socialist. 

Donna Rogers is a perfect example of why spending more moneyon public education is a complete waste.  I was getting more out of  the sylabus created by the hard rock band from England than from the “sista girl” who was supposed to be the key to helping the “people” catch up to the man. 

What a joke.

On there 2003 release, Madien had a track called Passchendaele, an epic and grooving metal masterpiece about the World War I battle that saw horrendous carnage for both the English and the Germans.  The British General Haig’s Ypres campaign to capture  PasschendaeleRidge cost him 300,000 dead and wounded, and the Germans suffered 260,000 casualties.  This song got back into studying World War I, the war that many historians disregard.  But that conflict, and the politics that led to it still shape modern events today. 

That’s why I used to refer to Iron Madien as “History Channel Metal”.

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 Barack Obama wants to spend $4.4 billion on schools and communities that have high school graduation rates under 60 percent.  Though this may sound like a noble gesture, when one considers Obama’s denigration of “the rich”, it reveals the Statist Cabal’s plans to punish success and reward failure.  His  use of TARP and  funds for job stimulus and  car company purchases, one can expect he will also use this spending to advance the Green Jobs for Cons program.  While Obama looks to implement Van Jones and Elaine Johnson’s vision to give jobs to people who want to rob us, others are taking measures to protect themselves from these very people.

The Greyfalcon does not believe that people in the “inner city” are naturally any less moral or any more prone to crime than anyone else.  Most of the people in these communities are hard-working people who are annoyed by lack of government responsiveness just like we are.  Every town has bad apples and outlaws and unruly people.  Up until recently, most places  would ultimately reject those who constitute the lowest common denominator.  But, in many of  these “low achievement” zones that Obama wants to subsidize, instead of  demonizing the thugs and criminals, their peers and  the Statists defend them as victims of America’s “unfairness”.

Basic gun licensing, as well as conceal carry and open carry are one of the few areas in our society where upstanding citizens still have the upper hand over the creeps.  In most high crime areas, the criminals are often glorified and socially rewarded for their behavior.  But, they still cannot get guns legally.  And when you see a middle aged woman exercising her second amendment rights through open carry, then we know she is one of the good guys.  They don’t give open carry permits to people with criminal records. 

But according to some of the proposals floated by the administration, the “high school revamp” spending will also be used to train ex-cons for “Green Jobs Training”.   All ex-cons are not dangerous, but the practice of giving money to them based on being ex-cons is contrasted by the gun licensing  board’s excluding of these people of the right to open carry or conceal carry.  And those with the most basic gun licenses necessarily have better background records than the thugs.

So Obama’s subsidies are actively working against the good sense reflected by the  gun license qualifications.  If it is so important to equalize everything, should we also give these ex-cons the same gun rights?  Off course not, and those who are planning to commit a gun offense have no intentions of going through legal channels to obtain a weapon. 

Michael Moore and others claim that America has the most violent crime of any industrialized nation, and that legal access to guns is the reason for high crime rates.  But this is not the case.   Jon Dougherty of the WorldNet reports:

The International Crime Victims Survey, conducted by Leiden University in Holland, found that England and Wales ranked second overall in violent crime among industrialized nations.Twenty-six percent of English citizens — roughly one-quarter of the population — have been victimized by violent crime. Australia led the list with more than 30 percent of its population victimized.

England, the nation that has so many young people on THE DOLE, has the one of the highest rates of violent crime.  Our friend Katie, a grant writer for various North St. Louis, describes her experience and understanding of the English way. 

The young people in England are proud to be on the Dole.  The Dole is the government subsides they get for being unemployed.  It’ is their version of our welfare system, but the English do not even try to get them off of it.  And the squatters have more rights than the building owners.  It is illegal for the property owners to through them out, they have to apply for permission to do so, and that can take several months or more.  Also, they cannot turn off the utilities or they will be punished.  Once the squatters are there they must be taken care of by the owners.  And there was no shame in the people who were receiving The Dole.  They felt they were entitled.”

The Holland study showed the United States to have a victimization rate of about 21%.  England’s was higher, and as Katie pointed out, they have a welfare state that rewards the youth’s laziness.  Team Obama calls this new spending “jobs training” but we have personally witnessed how these blanket government boondoggles end up as just paychecks for “the experts”.   The justification for the spending is based on the idea that recipients people are “disadvantaged”.  So the program directors job security based on things staying bad for a long time. 

This is the story of massive government entitlement culture.

And remember, the $4.4 billion goes from the cities to other government contractors who have a stake in the economics of failure as well.  Along with these contractors, many anti-gun activists say the answer to reducing crime is giving the people who would be committing them more of the tax-payers money as a means of placating them.

A local version of appeasement. How did that work out in the past?

And the English ban on guns, combined with their state backed stealing of private property (under the guise of  squatter rights)  results in a higher crime rate.  And since Australia’s 2000 ban on guns their violent crime rate has skyrocketed.  This includes and 45% increase in armed robberies and a 300 percent increase in the rate of gun homicides in the Austrian state of Victoria. They also have seen a major increase in attacks on the elderly. 

 Wonder if they would embrace open carry right about now.

In the last year crime has gone down noticeably.  According to the FBI, their preliminary analysis indicated that overall violent crime dropped 4.4% in the first six months of 2009, with property crime dropping 6.1%.  While discussing this, some of those we talked to said “It is because Obama is giving poor people hope.” 

Before we could respond a man overheard this and said, “Nope, it is because the bad guys know we’ve got more guns, and they see us carrying them.”

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March 10, 2010 2 comments

On March 10, over 2200 concerned citizens gathered at St. Charles Convention Center to participate in Todd Aiken’s  Washington health care town hall.  Aiken was broadcasting from Washington D. C., and he had Congressional guests including Mike Pence.  Lt. Governor Peter Kinder and state representative Cynthia Davis were part of the panel at St. Charles.  We were organizing to respond to Barack Obama’s events in St. Charles, an appearance at St. Charles West High School and  a $500 a person fund-raiser for Clair McCaskill and Robin Carnahan.  The energy and devotion of those at Aiken’s town hall should give Team Obama pause about proceeding with the Statist Cabal agenda.

Peter Kinder was very clear that he opposed the half a billion dollars that the health care reform mandates would impose on the state of Missouri.  He was one of  several conservative legislators at the event who embraced the Jane Cunningham sponsored Healthcare Freedom Act, a bill  that would protect Missourians from the inimical effects of the federate mandates.  Peter Kinder welcomed Obama to Missouri, but then asked  of him Nancy Pelosi, Senator McCaskill and Congressman Russ Carnahan “what part of no, don’t you understand!” 

Jane Cunningham herself  spoke on the measure, declaring that the Healthcare Freedom Act had passed the Missouri House.  She pointed out that Obama speaks about his committment to job creation, but then “with his other hand sweeps away” job creation with his policies. 

Cynthia Davis spoke right to the heart the movement’s challenge to this egregious example of federal overreach.  She identified the Obama Administration and Pelosi as ‘bullies” and that the only way to stop bullies is to confront them.  Davis told a story about how as a seventh grader a girl in her class used to trip her everyday.  Her mother told her that the only way to deal with this girl was to stand up to her.  Davis said that the next time the girl tripped her she defended herself, recalling “I don’t remember much of happened, everything was a blur”. Davis also mentioned that after she got called to the principle’s office, her mother told her she was proud of her.

Cynthia Davis’s childhood fight against a girl who picked on her has more relevance to this situation than Missouri rejecting the health care reform.  The process that allowed for the Obama program to reach this level of control is rooted in a generation of intimidation and coercive conditioning that we will explore in future articles.

Right now, The Greyfalcon thanks Cynthia and her mother for doing the right thing, then and now.

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The Statist Cabal has gotten off the a stellar start in the month of March.  Charlie Rangel’s is still a major leak in the Pelosi’s Good Ship Lollypop, and now Congressman Massa is telling the world that he is being forced out of office because he was cooperating  with their health control scheme.  But Reverend Jeremiah “broke down George Jefferson” Wright still thinks things are going great for his team.  Friday he gave himself, Louis Farrakhan, and Father Michael Flagger Living Legend Awards for their race baiting promotion of victim politics.   And last Sunday Dan Rather questioned Barack Obama’s ability to sell watermelons.  Once again, this faction that so often attacks conservatives for being racist shows that they are ones with the problem.
Dan Rather is  liberal former anchor of CBS news.  Is is reflecting the fact that a lot of people on the  left are angry at Obama because they are not getting what they want. Rather was an anti-George Bush guy, and that is why this comment is relevant. He made millions of dollars in a field that focuses on what words mean to people, so many don’t buy that this was just a slip up. And he said it on Chris Matthew’s show, and Matthews constantly accuses  conservatives of being racist because they oppose Obama.
On Matthews Sunday morning program he said Obama was a “nice and articulate guy” but that “he couldn’t sell watermelons”.  This sounds really bad.  But as with the Reid comment, The Greyfalcon sees the coverage of this statement as more troubling than the statement itself.   Actually, it is entirely possible that Rather simply made an unfortunate choice, or maybe he had watermelon at his country club.  We are not advocates of political correctness, and we cannot read Rather’s mind.  People make mistakes.
The problem even goes beyond the obvious, “what if a conservative had said this”.  We have already been down that road thousands of times.  The problem is that the ENTIRE media establishment somehow has been directed to sweep this under the rug.  Rush Limbaugh said the Rather statement ended with “if highway patrolmen were flagging down cars.”  But it is difficult to check that because as of now the comment is not up anywhere the way it would have been if Rush himself would have made the remark.  How do they get EVERYONE to ignore this? 
We honestly don’t care that much about the comment itself, he made a bad joke.  Big deal.  But Rather was also someone who fabricated the George Bush draft controversey, and he made this gaffe on a show with a commentator that says that our opposition to Obama is racial motivated.  So there margin for error should be much lower for Rather here.
The practitioners of the Vile Politic kicked off last weekend with a gala event Friday night, where Reverend Wright declared himself Farrakhan and Flagger living legends.  For what?    They are not known for the community service they always bring up when someone objects to their vitriolic dogma.  No one cares about his ministry for ex convicts or Farrakhan helping between get off of drugs.  If they did that fine, but that didn’t make them famous.  And Flagger is just their hype man, ( that guy that repeats the every fourth word that the main rapper says, you know like Flava Flav).  His major philanthropy was hinding illegal immigrants, and then bragging about it. 
They are not known for their good deeds, they are known for being anti-American bigots.  Reverend Wright gave this sophomoric speech at the press club in 2008 about how Jans Hales Benson taught him that black kids are genetically prone to climb on their desks and misbehave in school.   He also said that black music naturally starts on the second and third beats.  Guess he never heard James Brown. (Hey (one beat accent) I’ m black and I’m proud).  Bernie Goldberg said “this speech shows his intellectual cowardess”.  We believe Bernie was a being a little generous.
 Did the mainstream media jump on him for this idiocy. NO! but the bloggers did.  And then after the bloggers and conservative media drove him on his garbage, Obama finally decided that “after hearing these comments” he could no longer be associated with Wright. 
AFTER THESE COMMENTS. AFTER THESE COMMENTS.  Guess saying GD America and the 9/11 attacks were our fault, are not really grounds for dissociating oneself from the guy.    If the print media that Chuck Todd recently defended had just done it’s jump, it might have been a major turning point in the election.  But instead, they made sure that they stayed on Obama and the “black leadership’s” good side, while the people in these communities who have to bar their windows still wait for someone to expose these creeps. 
You see, when we did our jump, people came back to us.  We didn’t cheat, we just did your job for you.
Louis Farrakhan is just your run of the mill anti-Semite Hitler loving low achievement embracing hatemonger.(  Nothing special to speak as of late.  Though a few years ago he said that rich white people are all going to hell, except for a few that agreed with him.  And he also said that America was no good.  But if you go to his website, he is selling everything from buttons to coffee mugs.  Guess the fortune he made on his little movement was not enough to make him like the nation he denigrates.  
And just so you know, we don’t like anti-Semites who oppse Obama either, you know who you are.
But where is the  print media or major network coverage of this hatefest.  Bill O’Reilly asked a black woman magazine writer why the Chicago media was not covering it.  She said that it was not unusual for the Chicago press to ignore black events, and that you have to put the three men “in context”.
This “in context” cop-out is what many use to keep these proponents of pathology in power.  But we heard the “in context” thing before, with George Wallace.
George Wallace was known as the southern segregationists who “stood in the doorway” to block integration.  But during the 1964 presidential campaign, he changed his tune somewhat.  He spoke more about anti-communism and states rights, and even said that he did not oppose Wisconsin or any other state  integrating, as long as it was the state’s choice.  Wallace also reached out to Polish immigrants and tried to make his anti civil rights creed a matter of protecting individuals and states from an overbearing government. 
When people said that he was a bigot, his supporters retorted, “he’s not a bigot, you have to put him in context.”
But today’s print media does not even advance the discussion.  They simply go along with the program and ignore a story that would bring them more readership.
So Chuck, it is not us that is killing your precious liberal media, it is you and yours.  We are just replacing it with something better. 
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March 7, 2010 1 comment

Saturday, March 6, Senator Jim Talent spoke at Pillar in the Valley in Chesterfield Missouri.  Jim Talent served as United States senator from 2002-2006.  Talent’s speech was on the importance of maintaining America’s strong military posture.  He covered a variety of different issues regarding nation defense, and he answered a number of questions from those in attendance.  Senator Talent addressed this very important issue at a time when the current political focus is on health care and the economy.  Revisiting these concerns is vital for the conservative movement to maintain the balance it needs to provide a comprehensive and functional agenda for the nation in the November elections.

Talent started his presentation by emphasizing that according to the  Constitution, the federal government is required to provide the nation’s defense.  He pointed out roles such as regulating interstate commerce was a voluntary power, but that national defense is a mandated power.   This is very important, as in past elections presidents have been campaigning on economic policy, which is not really a primary executive function.  Presidents do not write economic bills, they only declare that they will veto or sign them.  The president’s role as executive makes him the enforcer of those laws once passed, but he is supposed to do so not based on his personal views but on his role as executive. 

But, as Talent explains, the president is specifically identified as the commander-in-chief.  When the choice came down between Barack Obama and John McCain,  the debate was primarily about the economy.  

The Greyfalcon believed this was a mistake.  The reason why we choose John McCain over Barack Obama was McCain would be a far better commander-in-chief.   That was the overwhelming consideration, because it is the most important power that the president has. 

As we have seen this past year, the president’s power over the economy has once again been over stated.  And his campaign promise to have the troops out by the end of 2009 was also not kept. 

Talent advocated maintaining our previous policy of coercive interrogation asking “how many people would oppose it if they knew it would stop an attack against America”.  He also addressed a question on why we cannot do anything about the money coming from Saudi Arabia to supply the jihadists.  Talent tied this funding in to the problem that our new enemies are not tied to nations, but to complicated networks.  He added that if we had spent a third of the money from the stimulus package on upgrading the nation defense and intelligence capacities, we could have been able to eliminate many of the threatens that are  looming today. 

Senator Talent also questioned Obama’s removing missile defense systems from Europe, and warned that China’s intention to project power in the region was a major problem for the future.  Quoting Reagan observation that “America has never gotten into a war because it was too strong”, he exhorted the administration to reconsider its apology and disarmament rhetoric.

The Greyfalcon also sees the problem as one of defining the enemy.  The War against Terror was the mantra of the Bush years, and even that was not specific enough.  Serge Trifkovic writes “If during WWII we had declared war against blitzkrieg, then Germany would have won that war.”   

This is not a war against generally angry terrorists, but a concerted effort on the part of our enemies for a very clear purpose.  This enemy is a stable coordinated operation by a very real entity.  This entity is The Union of the Caliphate.   Both Osama Bin Laden and the Muslim Brotherhood have been very clear on what they want.    Former Brotherhood member Al-Zawari, the number two-man in al-Qaeda, joined Bin Laden to form al-Qaeda.  al-Qaeda, or “the base”, was formed for the expressed purpose of ridding the Middle East of the political governments in nations like Saudi Arabi, Egypt, and Turkey, so that they can unify the region under a singular Wahabi Islamic regime with strict sharia law. 

Al-Quaeda sees the United States as the main force that is keeping these  nations in power.  Talent explained that it is not practical to demobilize around the world and not expect to  be attacked.  He contented “In the end, they will still see us as a obsticle to they ends.”

If we begin to identify The Union of the Caliphate more directly, we can more clearly confront them at the source.  But the politcal and ideological persuasions that Team Obama enjoy will make that very difficult at this time.

Jim Talent understands that the need for change in 2010 is not just on the economic front, but in the foreign policy realm as well.  And the movement must embrace this understanding if it hopes to effect real change this fall.

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March 7, 2010 2 comments

On May 17, 2005, Zakk Wylde did something that I had never seen anyone do before; he defended George Bush.  During his band Black Label Society’s concert in Souget just outside of St. Louis, Zakk stopped after one of his blistering numbers to address the Iraq War.   He called Michael Moore a liar, rejected Farenheit 9/11 as garbage, and commended George Bush as a good commander-in-chief.  This was during the height of the anti-Bush hysteria of the mid-2000’s, and the fever had even taken over the normally independent psyche of the hard rock scene.  But Zakk Wylde was having none of that! 

Zakk Wylde took over as Ozzy Osbourne’s guitar player in 1987.  He was on his release No Rest for the Wicked in 1988, and has been playing with Ozzy for the better part of two decades.  He also started a project called Pride and Glory in 1995 which evolved into Black Label Society in 1998.  BLS is a brilliant blend of heavy metal music and an American frontier feel.  Zakk guitar playing is legendary not only for his technical proficiency but for his distinctive sound and sense of song.  And his vocals have a rough country feel, reminding some of the late Ronnie Van Zant.

Zakk Wylde is a devout Christian, but he also has little tolerance for religious fanatics.  With songs like “Suicide Messiah”, “Black Mass Reverends”, and “Doomsday Jesus”, Zakk explores the inimical consequences of blind devotion to demagogues.  Zakk is a firm supporter of the military, but also recognizes that some world leaders are warmongers.  “Destruction Override” is another driving number about how things can get out of hand.  “Machine Gun Man” is a tribute to our nation’s veterans.

On this night, Zakk was very clear on how he stood on the nation’s mission in Iraq.  On the enemy he said “you are down with the Devil, well that’s great because we are down with God, and we will kick your ass!”   The crowd responded with a roar of approval, which might surprise many of the people who think headbangers don’t get into that sort of thing. 

We do.

Many would say “keep politics out of music”.  But you have to understand, there were soooooo many bands that were jumping on the anti-Bush, anti-American bandwagon that Wylde’s statements were a justified and balancing response.  What he did was right.  Barack Obama did not win on the strength of his ability to explain policy, he won one his ability to galvanize demographics that were very much influenced by popular culture.

I would not say that Black Label Society is conventional popular culture, but as Ozzy Osbourne’s longest running guitar player and one of the best in the world, his voice rings as loud as any.  And he made a stand when it was easy and cool to go with the bash your nation trend.

Zakk, we thank you not just for the great music, but for having your nation’s back.  You are the man.

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