Former Virginia governor Tim Kaine, the DNC chairman,  has on several occasions claimed that the Tea Party movement is causing a split in the Republican Party.  He even thinks that this will bode well for the Democrats in 2010.  Whether by intent or lack of insight, Kaine is way off base.  The reality is that both parties are going to be affected by this movement.  

Kaine’s mistake reflects the basic problem with politicians today.  He speaks of the “savaging” of the Republican Party as if we owe them something.  The Tea Party conservative almost to a person are absolutely disillusioned with the Republican performance over the last 8 years.  And although many of us voted for George Bush, we tend to agree that he definitely strayed from the conservative program we hoped he would implement.  

And if the bozo’s who malign us actually did thorough research on the subject, they would notice that most of the protesters also objected to Bush’s spending and expansion of government.  

Or maybe they notice and just don’t want to report this.  Many foolish slights against us are of the “look what Bush did to this country” variety, as if the Tea Parties are a post term defense of the past president.

Tying the Tea Parties to the Republican party is important for those who denounce us, because the Republican Party’s political stock is so low.

But this is a simplistic view of a much more involved issue.  To understand this we must explore the difference between being a Republican, a conservative, and a member of the Tea Party/Town  Hall fellowship.

The Democratic and Republican Parties are organizations, with agendas defined by their respective National Committees.  The committees put out mission statements every year, but you really don’t get a lot out of those.  Anyone can have any view and be a member of either party.

The decision of which party a candidate chooses often is based on the tendencies of the community.  A conservative may pick the Democratic Party if the district tends to go Democrat, even if he is pro-life, pro-gun, and tough on government spending.

Recently the parties have behaved almost like baseball teams.  I was waiting to hear “We the RNC, trade Spector for a liberal to be named later (NY-23).”

Some people say, “look at all the conservatives in the Republican Party.  If you’re conservative Democrat you’re really a Republican.”  Not so.

Think of a baseball team that is known for having power-hitters.  If a player is on that team, he can be a base-stealer defensive specialist without much power, but he is still on the team.  Being a member of the 1927 Yankees doesn’t mean that have to be a 50HR a year hitter.

The goal of these national committees is to get money and get their people elected.  For them principles and values are just a means to an end.

The difference between conservative and liberal is a matter of political philosophy.  The conservative identity is built on a committment to freedom, national strength. We tend to be for reduced government, strong defense, the right to bear arms and the rights of the unborn.

Though some conservatives have differing views on a few of these issues, we tend to be unified in the notion that these beliefs are extensions of our belief in the greatness and the virtue of the USA, and we tend to see this nation as rooted in a Judao-Christian foundation.

Liberals tend to be assembled more in looser political coalitions focusing on bringing some institutional change for the betterment of blacks, women, illegal immigrants, abortion services, and anti-religious activists.  They tend to see America as having more to apologize for than to be proud of.  They usually want those who have “more” to be taxed to provide for those who have  “less”.

And liberals object to being called liberals, while conservatives call themselves conservatives.

The difference between conservatives and liberals is a qualitative and essential difference in values and beliefs.  The difference between Democrats and Republicans is more an external structural issue.  

These structural differences are driven by the preponderance of either conservatives or liberals in the parties.  But the last eight years show that just because you have Republicans in office doesn’t mean that they will execute conservative principles.

Likewise, with the help of Democrats like “Scoop” Jackson and Jean Kirkpatrick, Ronald Reagan was able to affect conservative change even though he didn’t have a Republican majority the Congress.

And that’s where the Tea Parties and town halls have been the salvation of our democracy.  Most of the people at the early town hall meetings  rejecting Health Care Reform were not registered Republicans or even conservatives.  They were just Americans who realized that they were being disenfranchised, and they decided to act.  It wasn’t about they party or the ideology,  It was about the legislation.

The Tea Parties are about the very bills that threaten out freedom, not whether or not our freedom is being threatened by liberal Democrats or moderate Republicans.  We don’t care who votes against these draconian measures, we just want them defeated.  

This is not to say that there is not a difference in the parties.  The Republican Party unanimously voted against HC3962, and that means something.

And The Greyfalcon doesn’t care why they voted against the bills;  whether it was brokering or fear or wanting us to think they are cool.  

Michelle Malkin identified the Cap and Traitors, the eight Republican Senators who voted for that anti-capitalist bill.  We will continue to hold accountable those who vote against the will of the American people.

Tim Kaine, just like Obama, we see right through you.  This talk about “savaging” the party assumes we don’t pay attention to how these people vote.

What we are going to see in 2010 isn’t a superficial change in the number of Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate.  Instead we will elect Republicans represent the common sense conservative base.

This includes conservatives, independents, moderate Democrats, and even liberals who have had enough “Hope and Change”.

And many of the Democrats who are voting for this nightmare agenda may be defeated by Democratic and Independents who believe in this nation and will adhere to the Constitution.

So Mr. Kaine , you’re greatest fear will come true in November 2010.  On that Tuesday, we will not vote as Republicans or Democrats.

On that Tuesday, Mr. Kaine, we will vote as Americans.

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