The Democratic National Committee strategists have resigned themselves to the practice of identity politics, stigmatizing the conservatives as racist, backward, and anti-woman.  They have recently stated that we have a “woman problem”, suggesting that our movement does not offer a place for women.  However, this short-sighted claim has been vividly contradicted on the national front by the efforts of Palin, Coulter, Malkin, Bachman, Blackburn, and Ingraham. 

And this grave misconception as also been shattered by the women involved in the St. Louis scene of common sense conservatism. 

Dana Loesch has been a tireless activist fighting for the core values of faith, freedom, and family.  She the host of her political radio show on 97.1 on Sunday Night from 8-10, and weeknights at from 7-8pm.  Her Sunday show is the highest rated for that time slot.  She is also a chief organizer of the St. Louis Tea Party Movement, and along with Bill Hennessy they have brought together many dedicated and talented people to shake the foundation of the American political universe.

Dana, along with Dr. Gina Louden, conducted a wildly successful boycott for Whole Foods in Town and Country.  Dana also has Hall Pass on That, the Dump Dede campaign, and Justice for Kenneth Gladney among her many accomplishments for the St. Louis conservative movement.

Michelle Moore was interviewed on Fox, where she challenged the president’s right to impose a political message on students without the parents review.  Moore’s clearly defined her objection to Obama’s maneuver, providing one of the best cases for the often misunderstood issue.  She is also involved in Smart Girl Politics, a forum for women’s advancement of  the conservative cause.  Her internet show “Moore From the Right” is an exciting program that features a unique perspective on the movement. 

Annette Read’s organization “I Heard the People Say” is an invaluable resource for conservatives to stay plugged in.  Her web site “Iheardthe peoplesay.org”  offers up to date information on the issues of the day.  She is also a member of “My Conservative Group”, an organization that is involved in the St. Louis Tea Party, candidate development, education, and research. 

Stephanie Ruben is the architect of the Million Med March held in Clayton, Missouri last November.  This event assembled several doctors and medical professionals, who provided an expert perspective on the Tea Party opposition to the Health Care Reform Act.  Her speech at the November 28 gathering  exposed the myths behind the push for socialized medicine.  She is also a member of Move-On-Up.org, and website for black conservatives.

The Greyfalcon would also like to recognize the efforts of Le Combat, a conservative blogger from Austin Texas.  Le Combat has been a tremendous asset to us on twitter, as well as with her WordPress blog.   Her piece on “Liberal Colonialism”, was an enlightening essay on how the Democratic party have  indoctrinated Hispanics.  Le Combat’s personal insight on this matter is absolutely effective in challenging the Left’s use of identity politics to control women and minorities.

So when the progressive authoritarians discuss a “woman problem”, they’re actually talking about the problem that our women are giving them.

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