America is rejecting the Health Care Reform Act with increasing intensity.  But after the Senate voted to close debate on the issue during the middle of the night, Obama had the audacity to call it “A victory for the American people” .  Unless he is far less intelligent than his followers claim he is (which is very well possible), he must know that this issue is a major source of his and his parties standing.  Today Rasmussen had Obama’s approval rating at 44%, with his 21% more people strong disapproving him then approving him. 

However, instead of changing course to represent the nation he is serving, he promises to sign whatever they given him, even though it does not do what he was asking for.  Why? Because he intends to use bill as a pretense to impose government control on the free market system.  He has no intension of staying within the legislation’s parameters.

He is basically saying, “I have power over you, and the liberal Democratic Congressional majority allows me ignore your will.” 

In due time he will be proved wrong, because he is wrong.  But the relevant issue is that a “black” president is using the power of his office to force his will on the nation.  But according to the liberal ideology that guides his supports, this should not have been possible.

Why is being black considered not just a physical description?  Why is race so widely accepted as an essential part of a person’s identity, and for many  black leaders, the core of one’s identity?

The reason most of us black kids were given growing up was that white people had power over us, and that their was natural societal disadvantage to being black.  We were also told that if we had white friends, they probably were racially denigrating us when we weren’t around. And this coming from many of the professional, educated blacks who would hang out with white people in the office and after work. 

Yet Barrack Obama, a freshman Senator from one of the most corrupt and crime ridden cities in the nation, was elected president with the aid of the media, the pop-culture, the universities, and the unions.  He was backed by dozens of extremely wealth people, several of them billionaires.  These included Mark Cuban, Oprah Winfrey, and George Soros.  

So society was not working against him.  In fact it was skewed in his favor.

A big part of defeating an opponent in a presidential campaign is how well one can aggressively attack him, but McCain, the primetime milieu, and even most of the conservative commentators treated him less roughly than they did John Kerry.  And any hint of an escalated level of  deprecation was immediately regarded by the media as a racially motivated.

Just like the town hall protests and Tea Parties were supposed to be racially motivated. 

And now, in the seat of power, Obama prolifically demonstrates his capacity to do others what his mentors claimed only whites could do blacks.  During is first year in office he has done the following:

Taken mining licenses from those who had valid contracts to operate.

Besmirched the police department because they arrested his friend, another black man who agitated the officers.  Gates himself is a race monger,who used references to the color of his skin to affront those who were arresting him.

Declared that Thompson Illinois would house terrorists in their community, without even a say from the residents.

Attempted to bring the Olympic games to Chicago, a city in financial disarray, even though it would have cost the city tens of billions it did not have.  But it would have made millions for those who helped him attain the presidency.

Decided to allow his Attorney General Eric Holder to have a criminal trial for KSM and other 9/11 terrorists in New York City, even though there is no legal or historical basis to do this.  And then he and Holder said that they would definitely be found guilty, even though in a criminal case this would taint the trial.

Imposed salary restrictions on the CEO’s of financial institutions that received  TARP money, even though much of that money came from the Bush period TARP program.

Told his supporters to “get in the face of, and punch back twice as hard” against those who opposed the Health Care Reform Act.

Push a Cap and Trade bill that would cost industry hundreds of billions a year, restrict production, but would also put generate massive profits for GE.  GE owns NBC, which gave Obama thousands of hours in free positive campaign advocacy.  And the CEO Jeffery Immelt sits on his economic advisory board.

Threatens to have people arrested if they do not purchase health insurance.  He claims those people are gaming the system, yet he gives away millions of dollars to people in Detroit.

Implement a TARP plan that allows him to break up any company he deems “dangerous” to the over public state of affairs.  Lenin had a similar mandate.

Do the people bearing  the brunt of these measures believe that black people do not have the power to control.  It doesn’t matter what color you are, when you abuse power like this you become a villain, and your efforts spiral into self-justification and self-delusion.  Obama is still giving himself for a recovery that does not exist.

We are no longer divided by black and white.  Now the issue is are you a Statist, or are you a lover of freedom.

Obama is a Statist, we are lovers are freedom.

We are not in the same race anymore.

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